These Teams Dominated the 2009-2010 NHL Season

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Give the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans credit. They hadn’t won the cup in 49 years and during that time they and their fans weren’t nearly as bad as those in Boston. Beantownfans whined endlessly for 86 years until theRed Sox won a World Series in 2004, and there was no telling when the Bruins would win another cup. There was no whining in Chicago. They were patient and knew their time would eventually come. But unfortunately, Chicago Blackhawks fans did what fans from any other red blooded American city does after they win a championship in sports— they rioted!Fans went into the streets and turned over cars and trucks, sets some fires and looted. Let’s not overlook the fact that the majority of these imbeciles weren’t even alive the last time the Blackhawks won the cup.

Putting all that aside, the Blackhawks captured their first Stanley Cup since the Kennedy administration against the hapless Philadelphia Flyers in six games. Hapless, because the Flyers have lost their last six Stanley Cup finals appearances. The Blackhawks went into the playoffs as the second seeded team in the Western Conference after winning the Central Division. To no one’s surprise, the Blackhawks advanced to the finals by sweeping the San Jose Sharks, which won the Pacific Division and had the best record in the Western Conference. The Blackhawks were so good and so balanced as a team that hardly anyone ranked in the top 5 in the major scoring categories. Goalie AnttiNiemi was fourth in the league with a 2.25 Goals Against Average, and tied for third in shutouts with seven.
Here are the Top 5 NHL Teams of 2009-10.

5 Vancouver Canucks (49-28-5) 103 Points

Two teams from Canada in the Top 5? Well, the Canucks did win the Northwest Division and got to the second round of the playoffs before losing to the Blackhawks.

4 New Jersey Devils (48-27-7) 103 Points

Sure the Devils won the Atlantic Division again and went out in the first round of the playoffs 4-1 to the Flyers. But Devils goalie Martin Brodeur is as old as time and still is one of the best in the league. Brodeur was a beast leading the league in games played (77), wins (45), shutouts (9), minutes (4,499) and was third in goals against average (2.24). He keeps this team relevant year after year.

3 Montreal Candiens (39-33-10) 88 Points

Oh those Canadiens! Another great run by an eighth seed. So determined to bring the happiness back to Canada by winning the cup that used to make its home in Montreal. At this rate, the Montreal Expos will win the World Series before the Canadiens or any team from Canada wins the cup. Oh, wait a minute! The Expos play in Washington D.C. now. Never mind.

2 San Jose Sharks (50-20-11) 113 Points

Give the Sharks credit. They nearly escaped being the choke artists that we’ve come to love. They came close and reached the Western Conference finals. The only team north of Los Angeles and south of Canada on the Pacific could make people in the bay area talk about hockey the way they talk about earthquakes, iPhones and video games if they could just seal the deal and win a cup or two.

1 Chicago Blackhawks (52-22-8) 112 Points

Conn Smythe Trophy winner Jonathan Toews, James Norris Memorial Trophy winner Duncan Keith and short-handed goals leader, Marian Hossa (Marian? Must be a Canadian) saved us from having to hear about another team taking forever to winanother title. But somewhere in the north side of Chicago and Wrigley Field, Cubs fans don’t give a damn.

Philadelphia Flyers (41-35-6) 88 Points
Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Or at least since the 1974-75 season when they last won the cup.

Detroit Red Wings (44-24-14) 102 Points
Second place in the Central Division to the Blackhawks isn’t too shabby. But the 4-1 loss to the San Jose Sharks in the second round was.

Washington Capitals (54-15-13) 121 Points
The Capitals won the President’s Cup for most points and the best record and go out in the first round with one of the best players in the league. Who does this team thinks it is? The San Jose Sharks?

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