Hair Everywhere? 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean With Pets

Keeping a pet is a blissful experience for most of us, but pets do make messes. Learn how to keep your house clean with pets.

Keeping a pet is a blissful experience for most of us. Pets steal our heart with those cute eyes and playful spirits. But, it can also cause you discomfort inside the house. They make a mess and, before you know it, your home starts to smell like a farm. If you don’t know how to keep your house clean with pets, you might have a miserable experience.

However, it does not have to be that way. If you follow some rules and stick to a routine, you can easily fight off the smell. Keeping your house fresh is entirely in your hands.

Here are five methods for keeping your house clean.

5. Get the Right Fabric for Your Couch

get the right couch fabric

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Some fabrics are prone to dirt. It is hard to clean them, and waste tends to stick around. As a result, you should choose a material that is easy to clean.

It will keep your house fresh without the extra hassle. If possible, you should also buy a fabric color that blends with your pet. This way, the waste does not become visible right away.

4. Get Rid of the Fur

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Your pet will shed skin and hair at every opportunity. As a result, you have to be careful when dealing with fur. This is especially the case if you have a baby because this could prove to be a health hazard.

Sweep, Mop, and Vacuum Your House Regularly

Well, as simple as it may sound, this is a vital trio that sometimes gets overlooked. You should sweep, mop, and vacuum your house regularly. It keeps your home dirt-free and fresh. A lot of the smell in your house comes when you let the dirt sit inside for too long.

If you don’t have a lot of time to vacuum, consider a robot vacuum. Some robot vacuums are even designed to take care of pet hair. A steam mop can also help you get your house as clean as possible. See our list of the best steam mops to help you decide which to get.

Brush and Groom Your Pet on Time

You should brush your pet regularly to make sure it does not shed inside the house.

Take your pet outside the house and brush it from tip to toe. It not only keeps them clean, but it also allows your pet to relax. So, comb and brush your pet at the right time. You can also provide a haircut occasionally.

3. Spot Clean Messes ASAP

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The more time you spend not dealing with the smell, the worse it will get. So, you should clean the mess as soon as you can. Follow these tricks on how to keep your house clean.

Instantly Clean the Waste — Don’t Keep It Waiting

If your pet makes a mess inside the house, clean it immediately. DO NOT let it sit around for too long. It will become harder to remove later, and the pet might even rub the mess into, say, the carpet. Clean the mess with a mop or vacuum as soon as you spot it.

Use Floor Cleaner With Fragrance in It

Cleaning the floor and the carpets after regular intervals is essential. Get a cleaner that has a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance. It will automatically help you to get rid of the smell.

Choose a mild fragrance that is not overpowering, but one that will last longer and keep the freshness going.

Use a Homemade Remedy for the Smell

Use a homemade remedy to get rid of the smell. You can decorate your house with fresh smelling herbs and flowers to overlap the bad smell. Bay leaves, mint trees, and orchids are a great choice. You can also use homemade essence in your floor cleaner to fight the odor.

Get the Right Equipment for Fast and Easy Cleaning

Cleaning can be demanding, and you need a lot of time and energy to do it. But, it doesn’t have to be like this. Try finding the right type of vacuum cleaner to meet your needs.

Compare the best vacuum cleaners on the market to decide which one is best for you.

2. Wash Your Pet Frequently

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A lot of the stink from your pet comes from his or her fur. If you leave them unwashed for too long, they will end up stinking like a sewer worker. Here’s the direct way to tackle fur smell.

Schedule Baths and Stick to the Schedule

You should make a bath schedule for your pet. Your pet will stink if you do not arrange a bath for them now and then. Depending on the season and the breed type, create a specific bathing schedule and try to stick with the plan.

Use pet-friendly grooming kits for the bath.

Wash Pet Toys

If your pets have chew toys, clean them regularly. Not only are they smelly, but they also contain a lot of bacteria. Wash your pet toys, cage, and beds frequently to keep the smell away. Your pet will be healthier if you keep these clean.

1. Change the Litter Box Often

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You don’t want the smell of animal waste lurking around your house. Here are quick and easy ways to deal with the litter box.

Potty Train Your Pet Early

The first and foremost thing you can do to fight the odor is to train your pets. Train your pet not to poop where they shouldn’t. Your pet will work up a signal to tell you they need to go out. This will help you to deal with the smell inside your house.

Change the Litter Box in Time

Do not leave the litter box uncleaned for a long time. Clean the litter box before it’s too full. Keeping the litter box filthy for too long will emit a smell that’s hard to eradicate. Plus, your pet will avoid the litter box if you do not clean it regularly.

Choose a litter box that fights with the smell even if you clean it regularly.

Opt for Purifier That Tackles the Smell

You can also install an air purifier that can fight the smell. Determine the size of the room, and then buy the air purifier accordingly. It will not only help you to fight the odor, but it also will keep your whole house fresh. The air pollution rate will drop significantly along with the smell.

Bonus Tips on How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets

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These extra tips will help you further in your journey to fight odor. You have to be careful when you are dealing with odor because bacteria mostly causes the problem. With that said, here are some bonus tips for you.

Ensure Good Air Circulation

You should keep the windows open occasionally. It provides air circulation inside your home. Plus, an ample amount of sunlight is also necessary.

Consult a Veterinarian About the Smell

You should visit your local vet if you feel like the smell is unnatural. The vet might put your pet on special medication that helps fight against the stench. Plus, sometimes the smell can be an early symptom for disease.


Taking care of your pet and house simultaneously is a tough job. But, a little discipline – along with these tips and tricks – will help you out. Use these tips to keep your house clean and fresh.

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5 easy ways to keep your house clean with pets