5 Best Anti-Theft Travel Purses in 2019

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#1 Pacsafe CitySafe CS100 Anti-Theft Travel Handbag

For shoulder bag lovers, this PacSafe shoulder bag will protect you from thieves with the top anti-theft technology while holding all of the belongings you need.

  • Padded iPad or tablet sleeve
  • RFID blocking and Slash guard protection
  • Extremely lightweight material
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Editor's Choice
Our Rating5/5 Rating

#2 Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

For the traveler that wants the perfect option in a spacious messenger bag built to hold whatever you need for the road and keep it away from thieves.

  • RFID and Slash protection
  • Water bottle compartment
  • Removable LED light
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#3 Baggalini Everywhere Lightweight Crossbody Bag

Baggalini’s ultimate anti-theft crossbody that is lightweight you won’t even know its there.

  • Water-Resistant material to keep your belongings safe
  • Long, adjustable strap
  • Quick accessible phone pocket
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#4 Travel Anti-Theft Classic Light Convertible Crossbody and Waistpack

For the minimalist traveler who wants versatility and top anti-theft protection.

  • Convertible bag can be worn in two ways
  • All pockets are RFID blocked
  • Lockable zippers
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#5 Travelon Anti-Theft Tailored Slim Crossbody Bag

Style, versatility and protection all in a beautifully designed anti-theft travel purse.

  • Tailored and available in 6 colors
  • Slash proof straps and body panel
  • Rear zip pocket for easy access
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One of the biggest concerns for a traveler is their personal safety and the safety of their belongings. Many of the top destinations around the world have high pickpocketing and theft rates, and the numbers aren’t going down anytime soon. While we can’t control other people, we can take the steps to protect ourselves and our things. Anti-theft travel purses are a great investment for city dwellers and frequent travelers.

What is an anti-theft purse?

Anti-theft travel purses are bags designed with special technology to deter thieves and pickpockets. There are several top brands like Travelon and Pacsafe that make several types of travel with strategically placed pockets, RFID blocking technology and slash-proof straps to keep your things safe and thieves out. Carrying an anti-theft travel bag takes the stress out of traveling and sightseeing and lets you enjoy your time exploring a new place.

If you’re not sure where to start or are looking for the best travel purse to buy for an upcoming trip, we’ve reviewed five of the top anti-theft purses below. All of the bags are created with the top anti-theft technology, are functional and are stylish choices for any type of traveler.

Editors Choice: Travelon Anti-Theft Tailored Slim Cross Body Bag

travelon slim crossbody travel purse

Our top choice for the best travel purse is your all around the anti-theft bag to take on your next trip. This slim crossbody from the top brand Travelon merges everything you need in a travel purse: protection, space and classic style.

Travelon Tailored Slim Cross Body Pros

  • Slash-resistant body and straps
  • RFID protected passport slots
  • Available in 4 stylish colors

Travelon Tailored Slim Cross Body Cons

  • Straps may be too long for petite bodies
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Best Small Size: Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Light Convertible Crossbody and Waist Pack

travel small crossbody best travel purse

Kill two birds with one stone with The Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody and Waist Pack. This bag is perfect for those travelers who don’t need tons of space and prefer to travel with only their essentials such as a phone, credit cards, and documentation. This bag is versatile because it can also be worn as a waist pack if you get tired of the crossbody.

Travelon Convertible Crossbody Pros

  • Can be worn as both a small crossbody and a waist pack
  • Pockets are RFID and multipurpose
  • Lightweight and easy to carry essentials

Travelon Convertible Crossbody Cons

  • Could be a tight fit for larger smartphones
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Best Crossbody Style: Baggallini Everywhere Lightweight Crossbody Bag

baggalini best travel purse

Baggallini has long been creating great bags for travelers and people on the go. This Everywhere Lightweight is the best travel purse crossbody out there. The lightweight material won’t weigh you down while you’re out and about. Baggallini also makes bags with all of the anti-theft features you need, plus plenty of storage space.

Baggallini Everywhere Crossbody Pros

  • Made of lightweight, water-resistant material
  • RFID technology in some pockets
  • Crossbody with plenty of space inside

Baggallini Everywhere Crossbody Cons

  • Some pockets are not RFID blocked
  • No zip locks for zippers
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Best Messenger Style: Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

travelon anti theft messenger best travel purse

Travelon is back with a classy, spacious messenger bag for all of your travels. Need to store books, an iPad, and some snacks for your international trip? This classic messenger bag has all of the anti-theft technology you need while also being small enough to fit under your plane seat.

Travelon Classic Messenger Pros

  • Handy water bottle compartment on the side
  • Can double as both a shoulder bag and messenger bag
  • Slash proof straps to keep your things safe and secure

Travelon Classic Messenger Cons

  • The strap can be uncomfortable on the shoulder
  • Lining may come undone with carrying things repeatedly
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Best Shoulder Style: Pacsafe CitySafe CS100 Anti-Theft Travel Handbag

Citysafe best travel purse

Pacsafe, a top travel purse brand, brings you the CitySafe shoulder bag that is both stylish and a thief repeller. With slash guard technology and plenty of space for your favorite things, like an iPad or an eReader, the CitySafe shoulder bag is a top choice.

Pacsafe CitySafe HandBag Pros

  • Hidden slash guard strap technology
  • Adjustable strap to fit any body size
  • Padded iPad or tablet sleeve

Pacsafe CitySafe Handbag Cons

  • Zipper clasps can be difficult to open
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Types of Travel Purses

best travel purses woman on phone

Travel purses come in all shapes and sizes and the best one is simply down to each person’s individual style preference. Are you a minimalist? Do you like to carry books, tablets, and cameras? Luckily, the world of anti-theft travel purses doesn’t limit itself to just one style. Depending on your personal and travel style, there are plenty of choices out there for you to look good and deter pickpocketers.

Cross Body

Crossbody bags have long been thought of as the safest bag to travel with. The position of the straps is generally comfortable for the person wearing it because you don’t have to carry it with your hands. Crossbodies are probably the most convenient choice for most travelers because of their effortless style and easy to access bodies.

When you need something you can simply reach down and grab it without taking it off of your shoulder. They also tend to be smaller bags so they are easy to take to a variety of settings. Crossbodies are great for accessing all of your essentials while traveling, great for going sightseeing at your destination, and can even be worn out at night.

The only downside to traveling with a crossbody may be the size of it, but there are plenty of bags out there with adjustable straps to convert into a crossbody if size is an issue.


Messenger bags are the best travel purse options for people who are prioritizing space when on their travels. A good anti-theft messenger would be a great alternative to a backpack or a carry on bag. If you can fit all of your travel essentials plus a few items you can’t live without in your messenger bag then it can count as your personal item on board. Messenger’s tend to have ample space with several pockets and compartments to store your items.

Most messenger bags can fit the average 13-inch laptop, perfect for someone who needs to do work while on the go. The amount of compartment also makes it more difficult for thieves to steal things like credit cards and passports.

Messenger bags also tend to have longer, adjustable straps, meaning they can be worn on the shoulder or even as a crossbody. With a good messenger bag, you get both space and versatility while you travel.


A classic style of purses that have been around for ages is the shoulder bag. In the world of travel purses, a shoulder bag is a great option for someone who wants enough space to store all of their things while keeping everything as close as possible to them. Shoulder bags tend to have a short strap which makes the bag sit directly under your armpit. This bag style offers peace of mind to many travelers because the short strap makes it more difficult to slash or steal.

Shoulder bags are also a great choice for their size. Most styles of shoulder bags come with ample space inside for items fitting up to the size of an iPad. In addition to the main space, you can find most shoulder bags with front and outside pockets for easy access to things like phones or passports.

5 Things to Look for in a Good Travel Purse

best travel purses woman traveling


If you’re not familiar with the world of anti-theft travel purses then you may not know all of the special features that these bags come with. Anti-theft technology has evolved over the years with the increase in pickpocketing and identity theft. There are several features that you can find in a good anti-theft travel bag.

Slash-resistant body and straps

Thieves have gotten more and more creative over the years with their methods. It is extremely common for a thief to cut your strap and steal it or slash the bag and make off with what’s inside while you’re not paying attention. Many anti-theft travel brands like Travelon and Pacsafe have developed a type of mesh body panel that is anti-slash. The material is usually in between the outer body material so it isn’t noticeable and won’t interfere with the style of the bag.

For the straps, you should look for slash proof straps which are some sort of stainless steel or chain that runs through the straps. This makes it impossible for a thief to cut and run off with it.

RFID Blocking Technology

Perhaps one of the most advanced types of thief technology is the RFID readers which can steal your credit card information by simply scanning your bag. Most thieves know that your credit cards and passports are sitting in your purses while you’re out and about. A simple swipe of your bag will give them access to all of your personal information in seconds.

Top travel purse brands have plenty of options with RFID blocking technology on the outer pockets. Look for a travel bag that is RFID certified and has the technology on the specific pockets that you know you’ll be using for your credit cards and passports.


The amount of space you may need all depends on personal preference. Some people go for an ample amount of space while others prefer a size that is big enough for all of their essentials. Choose your travel bag size by first deciding what you plan to carry in it. If you’re just going for enough space for your phone, passport and a few essentials, then a small crossbody may be for. However, if you plan to carry more items like books, magazines or tablets, then choosing a bag that is a messenger or even a tote bag would probably be ideal.


An anti-theft travel purse may serve multiple purposes, but it’s still an accessory that is an extension of your personal style. Unfortunately, many travel purses can be not so exciting in the style department. The perfect travel bag merges comfort, style, and security all in one. Many of top travel bag brands Pacsafe’s bags and Travelon are available in tons of colors and styles to choose from.


The best travel purse has all of the space you need for everything. But it can be frustrating when a purse has too much space and not enough pockets for your smaller items. Instead of searching through piles of your items in the bottom of your bag, choose a bag with pockets that are easily accessible.

There are several types of pockets that are common in anti-theft travel bags. Outer pockets are great options for quick to grab items like your phone, lipstick or even a transport card. If you’re choosing a bag with an outer pocket, make sure it comes with sturdy zippers that are lockable or hard to open for thieves. The best place for an outer pocket to be is in the back or the part of the bag that is facing your body.


Travel is unpredictable and amazing trips can happen in rain or shine. But your belongings shouldn’t be affected by the weather too. Choosing a bag that has weather resistant or waterproof body panel is essential. Even if you aren’t traveling to a rainy place, spills always happen on planes, buses and in cars. All of our top picks for best travel purses have water resistant bodies that are easily cleaned. You can also be sure that the items inside of your bag are safe in case of a spill.

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