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Best Background Check Websites in 2018

Last updated November 30, 2018
Editor's Choice

BeenVerified is an online background check that specializes in compiling public record reports for their users.

  • More than four different search options available
  • Mobile app available
  • Over 100,000 loyal customers

Truthfinder is a popular online background check service that searches through billions of public records to generate a comprehensive report.

  • Dark web scan
  • Informative blog to answer all questions
  • Over five types of searches

Instant Checkmate is public records search engine that specializes in producing instant background checks.

  • Mobile app available
  • Unlimited searches
  • Simple, comprehensive reports

An affordable, easy-to-use background check service that delivers results in minutes.

  • Unlimited searches
  • Affordable monthly prices
  • Comprehensive, fast results

CheckPeople is a background check website that specializes in compiling criminal history, arrest records and other personal information.

  • Searches over one billion public records
  • Gives access to all public, criminal and arrest records in three easy steps
  • Easy-to-understand format

Top 5 Background Check Websites

Chances are you’ve probably had to request a background check before. It could have been you requesting one of someone else or someone requesting one on you. Getting a background check on yourself is a pretty common process that many people have to go through. Before you dive into the top five background check reviews, here is some key information to note.

There are many different types of background checks and many different reasons to request one. Perhaps you’re trying to look into the criminal history of someone else. In any case, finding the right company to pull information for you is a key part of the background check process.

What is a background check?

Essentially, a background check is a routine process that compiles the criminal, work and/or financial history of a person. Background checks can be requested by anyone who wants to find out information on another person. These are usually done by third-party companies that conduct the search by compiling all of the information for you.

What you need to know about criminal background checks

Most people looking to run a criminal background check are usually in the stages of hiring a new employee, but in this case, your company would go through a Free Credit Report Act (FCRA)-regulated bureau with the person’s consent (the company cannot use the five sites we’ve reviewed for these purposes).

Interestingly enough, a person’s criminal history is open, public information. The easiest way to find this data is through background check websites like CheckPeople and ID True.

What can you expect to see on a criminal background check? The collection could include arrest records, sex offender records, driving records and other forms of criminal history when you run a criminal background check.

Background check reviews can also show information like social media profiles, deep web searches, personal data and any other public information that will give you insight into the person.

How you can run a background check

There are three ways to run a background check, and each depends on the purpose. If you are a company looking to hire someone, then you would have to go through an FCRA-accredited agency to retrieve the data with written consent.

Another way to search for information is through a free, online search of public records. This method, although complimentary, is time-consuming and requires a lot of legwork. Most usually opt for a third-party service to compile a comprehensive background check for them.

When it comes to using third-party websites like CheckPeople, ID True, and Truthfinder, you have to remember that each website is a little bit different. While all websites generally give out the same information, some sites specialize in certain features that set them apart from the rest.

Some sites specialize in one-time reports, and others are good for bulk reports. Some third-party sites specialize in deep web or social media reports, while others put an emphasis on criminal or court records. You can check out our background check reviews to figure out exactly what features would best suit you.

How long will a background check take?

When requesting a background check for anything other than hiring, you can retrieve the information in no more than a few minutes. Most third-party websites can compile a detailed report in no more than five minutes.

Readers, please note: Users cannot use ANY of the listed top five background check sites for purposes of employment.

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