The 5 Best Kettlebells for Home Use in 2019

How can one of the best kettlebells help you meet your fitness goals?

Whether you’re a first-timer looking to add an at-home fitness routine to your life or a fitness pro looking to shake things up a bit, kettlebells can help.

A kettlebell is a workout tool that looks like someone took an extra large bowling ball or cannonball and added an iron handle.

Kettlebells were first created in Russia in the 1700s. They’ve even been called some of the best workout tools for women! They are perfect for any weight lifting routine and can help with squats, lifts, throws, and the infamous kettlebell swing.

Kettlebells can help you get in shape, burn calories and body fat, and build muscle.

If you’ve never tried kettlebells, we’ll show why you should incorporate them into your fitness routine and how to get the best one for your needs.

Not sure what kettlebell to get? Here are the top 5 best kettlebells we’ve come across. 

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#1 Onnit Kettlebell

Onnitt kettlebells are made of cast iron and have a chip-resistant coating that makes them incredibly durable. They feature an “enhanced grip” which prevents them from slipping in your hand. Features include:

  • Flat bottom ideal for floor exercises
  • No-chip and no-rust coating
  • Smooth grip can be used with or without chalk
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#2 Yes4All Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells Combo

The Yes4All Combo set of six kettlebells is perfect for beginners. This set contains different weights so you can increase your weight as you continue to increase your kettlebell training. Features include:

  • 6 kettlebells with different weights
  • Cast iron and vinyl coating
  • Flat bottoms
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#3 CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell

The CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell features a wide handle and is coated with an industrial powder that allows for maximum grip without giving you blisters. Features include:

  • Industrial powder coating
  • Solid cast-iron material
  • Wide handle that makes two-handed movements simple
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#4 Dragon Door RKC Russian Kettlebell

The Dragon Door RKC Kettlebells are made of cast iron and have a smooth finish, as well as a smooth, easy-to-grip handle. They’re perfect for people with small hands. Features include:

  • Rust-free coating
  • Smooth enamel finish
  • Varying handle size varies depending on weight
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#5 SPRI® Kettlebell

SPRI® Kettlebells come in a variety of weights, feature a wide grip, and are encased in a soft, durable vinyl coating that helps protect your floors. Features include:

  • Affordable price
  • Cast iron and durable vinyl casing materials
  • Variety of available weights from 5-50 lbs.
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Editors' Choice: Onnit Kettlebell

Woman using kettlebell


Looking for a great kettlebell? The ONNIT kettlebell is our favorite kettlebell on the market.

It’s a basic cast iron kettlebell that features a chip-resistant coating that protects your skin and enhances your grip. If you want to use chalk, the grip is amenable to that, but it doesn’t need it.

Onnit Kettlebell Pros

  • Comfortable grip: The smooth and secure grip on this tool makes it so you can use the weight with or without chalk.
  • Flat bottom: The flat bottom is perfect for stable floor exercises like pushups.
  • Quality coating: Features a no-chip and no-rust coating

Onnit Kettlebell Cons

  • Potentially damaging material: While the coating features a no-chip finish, it can still damage floors if you are not careful.
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Best Value: SPRI® Kettlebell

SPRI kettlebells are great for beginners


If you’re new to the market of kettlebells and want to test before you invest, you probably want an affordable kettlebell. That’s where the SPRI ® Kettlebell comes in.

These kettlebells come in a variety of weights, feature a wide grip, and have a soft, durable vinyl coating that helps protect your floors.

 SPRI® Kettlebell Pros

  • Affordable price: While these kettlebells are top quality, they’re low in price.
  • Durable material: These kettlebells are cast iron and coated with a durable vinyl casing that will protect your floors.
  • Weight variety: You can get a kettlebell in a variety of weights ranging from 5-50 lbs.

 SPRI® Kettlebell Cons

  • Small handles: These are great for women with small to average sized hands. However, if you have large hands, the grip may be too small for you. You may not be able to hold the kettlebell with two hands.
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Best for Beginners: Yes4All Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells Combo

This set is one of our favorite for newbies


If you’re serious about getting into a kettlebell fitness routine, we recommend this Yes4All combo set of six kettlebells.

This set of kettlebells comes with 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, and 25 lb weights. You can increase the weight as you continue your kettlebell training and become stronger.

Yes4All Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells Combo Pros

  • Flat bottoms: These kettlebells feature flat bottoms, making them perfect for pushups and other exercises requiring a stable base.
  • High-quality material: These kettlebells are cast iron and coated with vinyl to protect your hands and floors.
  • Weight variety: Six kettlebells come in this set, making it easy to increase or decrease your weight load.

Yes4All Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells Combo Cons

  • High price: Buying a set of kettlebells is more expensive than single kettlebells. If budget is a concern, these may not be the right kettlebells for you.
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Best for Small Hands: Dragon Door RKC Russian Kettlebell

RKC Kettlebell is perfect for people with small hands


Most women have smaller hands than men. Thus, kettlebells that work for men may not work for all women.

If you have small hands, you may not feel comfortable using a kettlebell with a large grip. That’s where the Dragon Door RKC Kettlebells come in.

These kettlebells are cast iron and have a smooth finish, as well as an easy-to-grip handle that measures slightly larger than 33mm.

Dragon Door RKC Russian Kettlebell Pros

  • Grip handle: The handle is easy to grip, thanks to a smooth enamel finish.
  • Rust-free finish: The rust-free coating ensures these kettlebells will last.
  • Handle size: The handle size varies depending on weight. If you want a wider handle, pick a heavier option.

Dragon Door RKC Russian Kettlebell Cons

  • Insufficient coating: These kettlebells don’t have a rubber or vinyl coating to protect floors.
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Best for Cardio Workout: Cap Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell

CAP makes a high-quality, affordable kettlebell


Kettlebells are great for strength training. They’re excellent for toning your arms and your core, but they’re great for overall cardio too.

If you’re seeking kettlebells for cardio, check out the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell.

It features a wider handle, solid cast iron (no weld and no seam) material, and an industrial powder coating that allows for maximum grip without giving you blisters. You can use chalk if you want, but it’s not necessarily.

Cap Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Pros

  • Powder coating: The kettlebell has an industrial powder coating, so it is easy to grip without getting too slippery.
  • Strong material: This kettlebell is one solid piece of cast iron. There are no seams, and you won’t have to worry about the handle becoming loose.
  • Wide handle: The wider handle makes doing two-handed movements a breeze.

Cap Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Cons

  • Lack of rubber coating: While the cast iron is perfect for fitness, you need to be careful when you place it on the floor or near other equipment.
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Kettlebells Buyer’s Guide

photo of three kettlebells

Dubajjo / Pixabay

Like any fitness gear from elliptical machines to yoga mats, kettlebells aren’t a one-size-fits-all item.

Kettlebells come in different weights, shapes, coatings, and grip types. When searching for a kettlebell to meet your fitness needs, you need to evaluate the kind of equipment you need.

Our kettlebell buyer’s guide will help you pick the best tool for you.

Types of Kettlebells

kettlebell workout

Kzenon / Shutterstock

As kettlebells have increased in popularity, so have the number of manufacturers and brands of kettlebells.

Nowadays, there are multiple different types of kettlebells on the market. The two most common are competition kettlebells and cast iron kettlebells.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron kettlebells are made of molten iron and range in size depending on how much they weigh.

These kettlebells have a curved handle that is typically wider than the bell itself. The handle diameters and widths can vary, and cast iron kettlebells usually have small bases rather than broad, flat bases like competition kettlebells.

If you’ve never used a kettlebell before, these are usually the best to start with because of the customizability of both the size and the handles.

Competition (Girevoy)

Competition kettlebells are steel. They can also be called Girevoy kettlebells because athletes use them in Girevoy Sport, which can also be called GS or even kettlebell sport.

Girevoy focuses on two lifts: the clean and the jerk and snatch.

These kettlebells are all the same size, regardless of weight. A universal color-coding system is used to identify how much the kettlebell weighs.

The handles are identical on every kettlebell too. This type of equipment has a smaller diameter than cast iron kettlebells, and the window is more rectangular shaped.

The handles are also more porous than cast iron kettlebells, which enables them to absorb chalk. This design helps avoid grip fatigue and absorb more chalk, all of which is essential for high-rep exercises and as well as athletes involved in the competitive kettlebell circuit.

If you’re the type of person to use a fitness tracker, drink protein powders, or do dedicated workouts on your exercise bike, you might prefer a competition kettlebell.

Materials Used

cast iron kettlebells

Dorianrochowski / Pixabay

Most kettlebells are steel, cast iron, or plastic.

Cast Iron

You can often find cast iron kettlebells in fitness centers and home gyms. They usually have a rubber coating, which protects floors. These kettlebells also typically feature a chrome handle.

Cast iron kettlebells are less durable than steel kettlebells.


Some kettlebells are plastic. While they’re not as durable as cast iron or iron, they are significantly cheaper and will not rust over time.

Plastic kettlebells are an excellent choice for home gyms and people starting their kettlebell journey.

Because this material is not as durable, these kettlebells are not in our roundup of the best kettlebells.


A steel kettlebell is the most durable type of kettlebell you can get.

Competition kettlebells are always steel.

Coating Quality

two kettlebells coated with green

Anneileino / Pixabay

Kettles usually have a coating, but what the coating is can vary.

Common types of coating include:

  • Rubber
  • Powder
  • Military-grade e-coating

These options vary in terms of both durability and feel, but they protect the kettlebell from premature aging and the surrounding fitness equipment from damage.

Military-Grade E-Coating

This type of coating is a hybrid of plating and paint.

To coat a kettlebell in e-coating, the manufacturer will dip the kettlebell in a water-based solution filled with paint emulsion. The manufacturer then shocks the kettlebell with an electric volt so that the emulsion hardens.


Some kettlebells have a powder coating, which is one of the most durable coverings on the market.

The powder helps improve grip and prevent corrosion and chipping. This material also helps absorb chalk, which is another benefit for people who enjoy kettlebell sports.


Rubber-coated kettlebells have a chrome handle and a coated body.

The rubber isn’t for fitness purposes. It is to protect your floor and other workout equipment.


Some kettlebells have a vinyl coating that covers both the weight and the handle. This material makes a kettlebell easier to grip.

Handle Grip

woman lifting kettlebell

Tacofleur / Pixabay

If you buy a competition kettlebell, you won’t have to think about the handle or grip. Competition kettlebells have the same dimensions, regardless of the weight.

If you decide to go with another variety of kettlebells, you’ll have to choose what size handle you want for your sport activities.

Look at the handle width, diameter, and finishing.


You need to be able to grip the handle with two hands comfortably. Many kettlebell exercises need both hands.

The equipment should be able to sit in the racket position of your forearm comfortably.


The width will depend on whether it is a standard kettlebell:

  • Standard competition kettlebells: 35mm
  • Non-competition kettlebells: 33mm or 35mm

If you decide to get a non-competition kettlebell, test it out before you buy it.  Can you wrap your fingers around the handle? If so, it’s the correct size. If not, size down.


Most kettlebell exercises use ballistic movement: the clean, the swing, and the snatch are prime examples.

When doing these movements, the handle of the kettlebell rotates in your hand and creates friction. When you do many reps, you need a smooth handle so that you don’t get blisters.

Ensure that your kettlebell’s handle:

  • Isn’t too smooth, otherwise it may twist in your hand and cause blisters
  • Isn’t too rough, otherwise it will chafe your skin.

You want to find a mix of smooth and rough. Look for enamel finishing or another coating that will protect your hands.


kettlebell with chalk on handle

CorrieMiracle / Pixabay

If you are new to kettlebells, you likely have questions about what weight to choose.

The ideal weight varies based upon your gender, age, and level of fitness.


  • If you are older or getting back into shape: Start with a kettlebell that weights 26 lbs (12 kg).
  • If you are in average or good shape: You can go up to 35 lbs (16 kgs).
  • If you are in excellent shape and have experience with weight lifting: You can start at 44lbs (20 kgs).


  • If you are older or getting back in shape: Start with a kettlebell that weighs 15 lbs (6 kg).
  • If you are in average or good shape: You can move up to 18 lbs (8 kgs).
  • If you are in excellent shape and have experience with weight lifting: You can start at 26lbs (12 kgs).

Overall, do what feels right for you, but don’t overdo it your first time.

If you have doubts, start with lower weights and move up when you feel comfortable with your kettlebell training.


group of kettlebells

5132824 / Pixabay

While you’re unlikely to carry your kettlebell around in your gym bag, you still want your equipment to last a long time.

Good kettlebells are built to last. Competition kettlebells are the most durable because they are steel, which is more durable than cast iron. Plastic kettlebells are the least durable.

best kettlebells

Tacofleur / Pixabay

When you use kettlebells, you can enhance your workout and get healthier.

Use this guide to help you find the best option for you, and then get started with the five best kettlebell exercises for beginners.

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