The Absolute Best College Football Teams in 2012

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College football season is already underway and all is right with the world. Rankings are out on a weekly basis, upsets have been made, and overrated teams such as Michigan and USC have fallen by the wayside. Most of all, we get to watch ESPN’s College GameDay and Lee Corso entertain the hell out of us with his antics each week. This is the only sport that doesn’t have a playoff system and relies on computers, coaches and burned out sportswriters to decide who gets ranked where, and who plays in the national championship (for lack of a better term). Top 5 thinks they’re all full of crap and goes out on a limb and rank the Top 5 College Football Teams of 2012. Throwing out conventional wisdom and showing Top 5 actually pays attention to college football!

5 Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish are back, baby! No one on God’s green Earth would like anything more than to see Notre Dame play for the BCS championship than the NCAA and NBC, which televises Fighting Irish games. Simply because Notre Dame travels well and always gets big ratings whenever it plays on TV, and that translates into big dollars for everyone involved. Oh, and the Irish are also very good and better than they’ve been in recent years.

4 Kansas State

Two teams in the Top 5 from the same conference that’s not in the SEC? How could you? Easily. Kansas State is one of those teams that very few (but me) pays attention too and ends up knocking off some of the big boys, as it did against former number six ranked Oklahoma 24-19 on Sept. 22. The Wildcats have one of the tougher schedules just in its own conference against ranked teams West Virginia, Texas Christian and Baylor, but it’s safe to say that by the end, and more than likely by the end of the season, one or two of these teams will have been knocked off by someone else. Coach Bill Snyder somehow pulls a rabbit out his hat every other year and this one of those years.

3 Alabama

Who are we kidding? So far the defending BCS champion looks better than it did last year after dismantling and LSU team that many were calling the best ever in last season’s championship game. Nick Saban showed that he’s a lousy NFL coach, but he can coach the hell out of a college team. The only downside is thatthe Tide’s schedule is very favorable as the only real threat is LSU before the SEC Championship game.

2 Oregon

Now that Stanford once again pushed USC aside and exposed them for being the overrated fraud that they are, things have settled down and order has been restored in the Pac-12. The Ducks have a rough road to a possible title run this season as it has games at USC, and home against Stanford and The Civil War against Oregon State before the Pac-12 Championship, which will more than likely be against the Trojans. Oregon’s explosive offense and mediocre defense may just be enough to get them back to the championship game for the second time in three years.

1 West Virginia

I know what you’re saying. “Who!?” You’re kidding, right? They don’t play in the Southeastern Conference!” True, which is one more reason to like the Mountaineers. Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana State are all going to beat up on each other in conference play, and it’s not likely that those of us north of the Mason/Dixie line and west of the Mississippi River will have to suffer through another “championship game” with two from the same conference. West Virginia is out of that God-awful Big East Conference and is now in the Big 12 (which, ironically has only 10 teams). The Mountaineers are loaded and will be make life miserable for such conference stalwarts as Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas State. When all is said and done and those stupid Bowl Championship Series (BCS) computers spit out all their stats, look for West Virginia to come out on top. Besides,why stick the usual easy picks and instead go out on a limb and pick a team that doesn’t play in a conference in the south where school is spelled with a K.
Honorable Mention


Don’t count the Trojans out. Quarterback Matt Barkley said he wanted to return for his senior season because he had some unfinished business left. I don’t think he meant kicking UCLA’s ass one more time.

Florida State

The post Bobby Bowden Seminoles could produce a champion for third year Coach Jimbo Fisher. Unlike Bowden, Fisher probably won’t get screwed by another lame ass kicker going wide left or wide right with the game and the season on the line.

South Carolina

Wouldn’t it be great to see two failed NFL coaches, Old Ball Coach Steve Spurrier and Alabama’s Saban in the title game? The winner (or loser) goes back to the NFL and coach the Buffalo Bills.

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