Little Sisters of the Poor: The Best College Football Teams of 2010

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The 2010 college football season saw a one-hit wonder for the Southeastern Conference win it all. With a first year coach and a team that was loaded with talent, Auburn University ran the table with a former Tim Tebow backup quarterback in Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, but it wasn’t without plenty of drama off the field.

Newton may have been one of the most scrutinized Heisman Trophy winners since Reggie Bush as he and his family were accused of taking money for his services from other schools. Game after game everyone wondered if the powers that be at the NCAA were going find something on Newton and Auburn and pull the rug from under them. All Newton did was keep his cool and put together an undefeated season.

Meanwhile, Auburn’s opponent in the BCS title game, the Oregon Ducks also put together a fine season and started a dynasty in the now Pac-12 by showing that another team besides USC could play for the national championship. The NCAA and the BCS also avoided a potential disaster with the possibility of having as many as five teams going undefeated creating more outcry for a playoff. Even worse, a few of those teams came from non-BCS conferences. Fortunately,order was restored and besides Auburn, only one other team, Texas Christian University went undefeated and humiliated another one of the big boys in its bowl game. Here is a list of the Top 5 College Football teams for 2010.

5 Oregon (12-1)

What can you say about Oregon? The Ducks spent the entire regular season undefeated for the first time in the football program’s 117-year history, and was ranked number one in the BCS poll for the first time ever in October. Coach Chip Kelly was awarded the Eddie Robinson and Associated Press awards for national Coach of the Year. Running back LaMichael James was third in the Heisman Trophy ballot and won the Doak Walker Award. The high-flying Ducks were averaging more than 50 points a game until it ran into Auburn in the championship game. The 19 points scored in the defeat were the lowest of the season.

4 Stanford (12-1)

The Cardinal sendoff to Coach Jim Harbaugh’s exit to the NFL was a 40-12 rout of Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl for the school’s first ever BCS bowl win. The only one in the way of the Cardinal possibly playing Auburn instead of Oregon was a 52-31 loss at Oregon. The Cardinals were led by Heisman Trophy runner-up Andrew Luck, who played like he didn’t need much of it at all as one of the most talented players in the nation. Virginia Tech showed why teams like Boise State and TCU have a chip on their shoulders. Take a look at Virginia Tech and the rest of the Atlantic Coast Conference’s record in BCS games. And this is a conference that gets an automatic bid?

3 Boise State (11-1)

The powers that be from the BCS figuredthat since TCU was already playing in a BCS game, taking another “Little Sister of the Poor” would be sacrilege. Playing in a nobody conference like the Western Athletic, the top 10 ranked Broncos were sentenced to the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl where it pounded a pretty good Utah team 26-3. Boise State’s only loss was missed field goal in a 34-31 overtime heartbreaker to Nevada. Boise State got the message and bolted for the Mountain West Conference for the 2011 season and eventually the Big East Conference where they are expected to kill everyone from a conference known only for basketball. The Broncos finished the season ranked tenth in the final BCS poll.

2 Texas Christian (13-0)

This is what happens when some dumbass from one of the “big” conferences makes such a stupid remark, it only makes the competition angry and more determined to kick someone’s ass. Ohio State president Gorden Gee from the Big Ten Conference said that teams like Texas Christian and Boise State weren’t worthy of playing for the BCS title, because schools like Ohio State don’t play the “Little Sisters of the Poor.” All TCU did was go to the Rose Bowl and slap around a previously 11-1 and top 10 ranked Wisconsin from the Little 10 Conference 21-19. With his tail between his legs, Gee later apologized, but not until someone from TCU, which played in the Mountain West Conference, took out 20 electronic billboards around Columbus, Ohio that read, “Congratulations to TCU for their BCS Rose Bowl Victory. From the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

1 Auburn (14-0)

14-0 is pretty damned impressive and deserving of a national championship.When you have that and the Heisman Trophy winner as quarterback, it’s pretty tough to lose. The Tigers and undefeated Oregon Ducks played a beauty of a game with the Auburn edging the Ducks on a last second field goal 22-19 for its first championship since 1957.Besides the title game, Auburn’s other signature win came with a 28-27 win against arch rival and defending BCS champion Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa in the Iron Bowl in front of 101,821 on Nov. 26. But with Newton and defensive tackle Nick Fairley taken in the first round, the shoe will come off of this Cinderella and the Tigers will find themselves where they rightly belong — back to being Alabama’s bitches.
Honorable Mention

Nevada (13-1)
Another one of the “Little Sisters of the Poor” checks in. The Wolfpackout of the Western Athletic Conference put together a pretty impressive season losing only to Hawaii, and dashing the slim national championship hopes of Boise State. For all of its efforts, the only bowl seemed fitting for this team was something called the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco. Nevada went in and defeated another worthless ACC team in Boston College 20-13.

Oklahoma (12-2)
Another underachieving year for Bob Stoops and the Sooners, which ended on a good note with a 48-20 rout against Connecticut from the Big East in the Fiesta Bowl.There are always high expectations for the Sooners to win it all, and had Oklahoma lost to some upstart from the Big East that’s better known for its basketball team, Stoops would have found himself out at Oklahoma and probably sentenced to coaching somewhere like UCLA.

Ohio State (12-1)
Wonder if Gee saw this coming. After the Buckeyes defeated Arkansas 31-26 in the Sugar Bowl all hell broke loose. There were scandals-a-plenty which led to that title being stripped, suspensions, the coach fired and probation for a year or two. Other than that, it was a pretty good season for one of the “Big Sisters of the Rich.” Top 5 gives the Buckeyes the nod because it’s going to be the last time anyone ranks them for a long time.

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