5 Dating App Success Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

Datingapps have completely revolutionized what it means to date in the 21st century. We've got five feel-good stories of couples who swiped right and found their soulmates.

It’s 2018 and by now, “we met on Tinder” shouldn’t be an embarrassing thing to say. Besides the confused looks you may get from your grandparents, meeting online is pretty common and should be met with curiosity and excitement. Why? Because taking a leap and actually meeting someone from online and hitting it off with them makes a great story. Even then, dating apps do come with their fair share of anxiety and uncertainty, especially with the amount of dating app fails and horror stories that we hear. Nevertheless, there is a reason why dating apps remain popular, and no, it’s not only for free dinner and drinks or casual hookups.

Swiping right has proved to work for many people and its always refreshing to hear a heartwarming story or two that will restore your faith in love.  Once you filter out the cringeworthy opening lines, many users meet their partners, spouses and even lifelong friends on apps like Tinder and Bumble. If you’ve been on the fence about downloading that app, then check out some of these success stories that are sure to make you smile and start swiping.


5.) We Do Business Online, We Shop Online, Why Not Date Online?

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“I’m Tina Lensing, Mindset & Business Coach and I just married my husband who I met online six years ago. Six years ago, my now-husband and I met on the dating site, Plenty of Fish. I had been online dating on and off for about a year and I was his first ever online date. We only interacted briefly online and then were able to meet up for a drink to see one another in person. We actually learned that we had mutual friends and were both in the same volleyball circle. The online platform helped us to seek out a partner who was aligned with one another’s values and hobbies. We just got married this month, April 7th and committed to one another on a whole new level. I run an online business. We do business online, we shop online, we connect online, so why not begin the dating process online, too?” 


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4.) When They Aren’t What You Expected, But it Works

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“They say that in big cities you’re always looking for a job, a boyfriend, or an apartment. Let’s talk about boyfriend part.

There’s a variety of dating apps literally in every single rainbow color. When I moved to a new city this served as a fascinating way to meet new people and, feel less lonely, so to speak.

My heart wanted to experiment; my brain didn’t want to waste time on things or people I didn’t agree with, didn’t believe in or didn’t want to deal with. 

I was never religiously preaching perfection, but everything I was unintentionally searching for had to feel that way to inner ” me.” So I went on searching in a sea of swipe ” right or a left ” world. 

 I was massively weeding out everything and everybody who didn’t look like they could live up to my expectations. The ever-changing ideas I pinned to my dream board were frequently replaced by newer and fresher experiences I had. 

What’s Next? Where’s Next? Who’s Next? 

This got me thinking about the way so many of us live.

We screen, we filter. We exclude what doesn’t fit into our lives. Be it this sweet guy that likes you, or that girl at work that you’ll never be friends with yet went for a fifteen-minute coffee date. People come, and you let them go.

Because if things don’t get delivered in a packaging you ordered, you don’t claim it yours. Because if it isn’t a flavor you asked for you say it tastes funny.

Same goes for love.  If love doesn’t show up wrapped in all fancy, we fail to recognize it. 

And then you meet a guy on Tinder who’s funny, friendly and has personality to die for. You can’t stop laughing at his jokes. His energy is infectious. Being around him leaves you magnetic. Your heart is overflowing with joy. Your instinct will even tell you may have found a soulmate without believing that such a thing exists. You feel adventurous, energized. You feel like you are sent to seventh heaven. 

Except…he isn’t as hot as you would like him to be. He never went to university, and despite working hard on his startup, he hasn’t made his first million by the time he met you. Besides that, you’re too shy to share with the world that you’ve met him on the app. 

Hmmm well, that’s too bad you think. Your family/friends are not going to be impressed. After all, you were looking for an intellectual match because you worked hard for your great education. You won’t be taking too many spontaneous trips to the tropical lands because he’s always working. You’re clearly not going to move to the penthouse suite with a panoramic view anytime soon. 

Apart From That… You Feel The Way You Always Wanted To Feel. Being Around Him Lights You On Fire. Your Entire Body Is Vibrating In A Feel-Good Mode. There’s Love, Passion, And Butterflies. Everything You Always Wanted.

That guy from Tinder maybe wasn’t the best looking. Perhaps he was holding a beer bottle and showing off his naked torso – doing all that you hate. And yet, you swiped right. You don’t know why. You just followed your wild curiosity and had no idea what a single swipe can do to your life. 

 I used to be so focused on what I wanted that I was blindsided towards how I wanted to feel in the presence of the guy.

You can’t plan everything. Life’s pretty random. Not everything is meant to work out the way you think you want it. 

Meaning, life may not roll out red carpet under your perfectly pedicured toes. You may not meet someone on the night out when you’re all dolled up. In fact, most likely this will happen in the place you least expect ( if you need a visual, you’re wearing a hoodie while secretly swiping right on a hangover Sunday morning. )

This isn’t about settling less for what you damn well deserve. 

This isn’t about compromise. If anything, this is about the expanding. Opening yourself to endless possibilities of love, adventure, and fun that’s beyond your wildest imagination. Don’t think of what you’re loosing. Think of what you’re gaining. Love. Passion. Butterflies. Future.”

Kristina Razinska of Thought Catalog

3.) When the Match Maker Finds Their Match

“Tinder was my main go-to for dating apps when I was single (spoiler alert: I met my current live-in boyfriend on Tinder a year ago), but I also dabbled a little with e-Harmony and Bumble.
I’m currently a dating & seduction specialist, helping women attract amazing men who are inspired to treat them like a goddess, and I HIGHLY recommend Tinder to all of my clients who are looking for a long-term commitment.
Since I was about 24 years old (I’m 32 now), I had an off-and-on relationship with Tinder and about 98% of the time had extremely positive experiences with the men I met…True story, I NEVER received any dick pics, not even ONE!
At 24, I was unemployed and not really interested in a real relationship so I was mostly excited about all the free drinks and dinner I’d get from interested matches. Most of my relationships were fleeting, but always interesting. From each one of the men, I either learned something about myself, what I wanted or what I did not want.
As I matured (haha) and decided I was ready for a “real relationship”, I up-leveled my profile and got more picky about who I went on dates with. That’s when the magic started happening. I went on date after date and one month after we’d met and really hit it off, he told me he was being transferred to a new city or state for his job. I took a giant leap of faith (or was a crazy person) and decided to go with him. Not only did we stay together for the last year, but he’s been supporting me while I build my business. Soulmates!”
Stacey Blunt of The Seductress Society



2.) The Right Place at The Right Time

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Alexandra Wood

Alexandra’s story is proof that you never know just when you’re going to meet that person. Many apps like Tinder allow you to set a specific mile radius so that you can control how far away you want your matches to be. For a busy person, the closer the mile radius, the better for you.
“I’m super busy running my own business and had divorced from my first husband and decided it was time to meet someone new. 
I read about the app in a newspaper and thought it sounded more straight forward and easier than other online dating sites.
I set my destination max to a 3 mile radius as I couldn’t go very far with two young children or do a long distance relationship. My now husband just so happened to be near where I lived, for work that day and went on the app. Typically he was from Norfolk, which is an hour and a half drive from me. I hadn’t anticipated someone logging in when they’re in my area…
We decided to meet shortly after chatting and the rest was history. He moved in with me and my two girls and him with his son and we got married two years ago and have been together for 4 years now and it’s all been amazing! We both said that we probably would neither have gone up to each other in a bar, as we were both afraid the other was better looking and we’d be rejected. The joys of Tinder!”

Alexandra Wood



1.) Last But Not Least

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Dating apps are not only great for finding love, they are also a great way to make friends in a new city. That’s exactly what happened when Breannah moved to Atlanta and matched with Clay.

“Prior to meeting Clay Id used Tinder and absolutely hated it. When I lived in Atlanta and Grand Rapids I would get approached by a lot of men who wanted to “try being with a black girl” and had hostile experiences with men of color who hated my particular politics. I had low expectations for the platform because I had always been a person who preferred in person dialogue rather than virtual dialogue.
Oddly enough, when I met Clay I had just returned to the platform and he was one of the first people I matched with. I was looking to meet new people and make friends when I connected with Clay.

Our dialogue within the app was really engaging and focused on issues that interested us on a personal and professional level. It was the least sexual conversation I had with a man that I found physically attractive in a long time.

So our first meeting (because we weren’t looking to date) was suppose to be at a race conversation I was facilitating in the city but he was unable to make it because of a last minute conflict. We wound up meeting at a bar at about 6pm mid week. I was running late from a meeting and it was hot as hell outside and I was wearing a suit. I walk in a see him sitting at a table looking absolutely breathtaking, but in a really relaxed way. I sat down ordereda water as he was drinking a beer. He will be the first to tell you that when I ordered a water he thought I wasn’t feeling him, but I just wasn’t feeling the situation. We wound up walking almost 4 miles around the city just chatting.We wound up going on an actual date before he returned to Spain. And I was absolutely enamored by him after about 4 weeks of knowing him.

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However, I never expected us to continue talking when he went back to Spain and I definitely didn’t think I’d ever see him again.

I think what made our particular match so successful is because we were honest with one another from start to finish. We weren’t always sure what we were doing but we were sure that we wanted the other person in our lives in some way. We kept in touch with a 6 hour time difference via facebook messenger. We didn’t Skype at all and we had voice conversations through the messenger app. Haha, in hindsight I have no idea how we survived but I do believe that because of the type of people we are, building our relationship a sea away was the best thing that could’ve happened to us.

Clay eventually decided to return to the states, but when we were building our relationship it was never contingent on his return. We just went with the flow of things and hoped for the best. Now we have twins – hahaha, and we still love each other even more now than we did then (and thats with sleep deprivation).”

-Breannah R. Alexander, East Lansing, Michigan

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