Two Teams with Perfect Seasons Topped Our List of the Best College Football Teams of 2009

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Nick Saban must have been breathing a sigh of relief after he screwed over the Miami Dolphins and ran back to coach college football, after he discovered that the NFL was not college football. After winning a title at Louisiana State, Sabanshowed that college football was indeed where he belonged. The Crimson Tide went on and completed an undefeated season capped off with the BCS championship.

There were two other teams with spotless records playing in BCS games, but the winner only stood a snowball’s chance in hell of winning at least a share of the title. Undefeated teams Boise State and Texas Christian faced each other in the Fiesta Bowl. Two Texas teams would lose in BCS games proving that you can indeed mess with Texas and get away with it.

This would also be Florida quarterback Tim Tebow’s last season as he would take his act and “TebowTime” to the Denver Broncos, creating a cultural phenomenon. 2009 would also see the end of another Florida legend, Coach Bobby Bowden of Florida State. The good old folks at Florida State ran him out on a rail. All he did was win 304 games and a couple of national championships. His final 2009 team wasn’t good enough to make the Top 5, but it is worth mentioning. Here’s a look at the teams that did make the Top 5 College Football Teams of 2009.

5 Texas (13-1)

Texaswas the number two team in the BCS polls and looked poised to win its second national title of the decade.The Longhorns defeated a bunch of nobodies such as nationally ranked Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game to “advance” or be selected to play in for the national championship against Alabama. Things were looking good as the Longhorns were making a second trip to Pasadena to play for all the marbles. That is until it faced an Alabama team and a coach that had plenty NFL coaching experience, and was out to show these college kids what coaching in the NFL was like.

4 Ohio State (11-2)

Nice season for the Buckeyes and an even nicer 26-17 win against the OregonDucks in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State also won the Big 10 (the conference with 11 teams) with a 7-1 record. With the Rose Bowl win, the Buckeyes became the only team in history to defeat five teams with ten wins or more in the same season (Navy, Wisconsin, Penn State, Iowa and Oregon). Too bad everything would fall apart for this program 12 months later. The Buckeyes had the book thrown at them for numerous NCAA violations that included selling team merchandise and getting free tattoos. It cost one of the best coaches in the game his job and his legacy for hiding it and not reporting the violations. Top 5 wonders what might have been if the Buckeyes had just come clean from the very start. Instead, the Buckeyes will be looking up at the likes of Indiana and Northwestern.

3 Florida (13-1)

After the Gators lost a tough 31-30 game to Mississippi in 2008, Tebow swore that he would never lose another football game while he was the quarterback at Florida. Connections with God seem to help as he and the Gators came close to defending their national championship, but had to settle for a 54-21 win against previously unbeaten Cincinnati out of the Big (L)East Conference.Tebow became a household name due mainly to his tenacity to win football games with a so-so throwing arm, and for his faith, which played well in the south and Midwest, but had atheists everywhere rooting for someone else. It would also be Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer’s last season as he stepped down for “family reasons.” That family would be at Ohio State.

2 Boise State (14-0)

Alabama wasn’t the only team in the nation that could roll off 14 straight in a single season. The Broncos out of the Western Athletic Conference crashed another BCS party by getting into the Fiesta Bowl.The Broncos faced fellow gate crasher and previously undefeated Texas Christian out of the Mountain West Conference. Somebody had to lose, right? Well, Boise State came out on top17-10, but the chances of the Broncos getting a share of the national championship were about as slim as Saban returning to the NFL. Would the Broncos have been able to match up against the Alabama and give them a run for their money instead of Texas? Maybe not, but we won’t find out for about five years when the semifinal “playoff” format is instituted.

1 Alabama (14-0)

Whether we like it or not, chances are that if you can run the table in the hated Southeastern Conference, then chances are that there’s a national championship trophy with your school’s name on it. Led by Heisman Trophy winning running back Mark Ingram, the first in Alabama history, the Tide was definitely rolling becoming the first Alabama team to win 14 games in a single season. The Crimson Tide took out previously undefeated Texas 37-21 at the Rose Bowl for the title.Saban brought the Crimson Tide back to national prominence by winning the school’s first national championship since 1992, eighth in school history and the ninth perfect season since 1925. And somewhere in South Florida, the Miami Dolphins just don’t care.
Honorable Mention

Texas Christian (12-1)

No one had heard from TCU since it played in the once powerful and always corrupt Southwestern Conference years ago. Now playing in the Mountain West Conference, the Horned Frogs started putting together what would be a top-notch program for years to come with a decent showing in a loss to Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.TCU was ranked as high as third at the end of the regular season, and a loss by Alabama or Texas and it could have been TCU crashing the BCS party and playing for the championship. But it was not to be the Horned Frogs finished the season by winning the Mountain West Conference and finished sixth in the BCS standings.

Iowa (11-2)

The Hawkeyes had a solid season and was impressive its 24-14 in against ninth ranked Georgia Tech in the BCS Orange Bowl game. Too bad the Hawkeyes had to play their bowl game against some slob from the lousy Atlantic Coast Conference. Had it been against a team not from a basketball conference and someone more worthy, the Hawkeyes could have been ranked higher. That and the two consecutive regular season losses to Northwestern and Ohio State pretty much did them in.

Cincinnati (12-1)

The Bearcats were just great! Before taking off for greener pastures to coach at Notre Dame, Brian Kelly had this team undefeated and ready to make some noise on the national scene. It was the best season in the team’s 125-year history. Cincinnati finished the regular season with an all-time high BCS ranking of fourth. But Tebow and the Florida Gators quieted them down and reminded Kelly and Cincinnati that they too played in a basketball conference in the Big East and not a football conference. The Bearcats just couldn’t stop Florida and “Tebow Time” in a 51-24 rout in the Sugar Bowl.

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