60 Pics of Devilish Children That Will Make You Grateful They’re Not Yours

If kids are being quiet, there’s usually a reason and it’s usually not good.

Whether you love kids or hate them, you can agree on one thing: they can be little devils. They’re needy, whiny and they don’t always realize the consequences of their actions (which, to be honest, can be pretty funny).

Take a look at these bad kids below and you’ll be grateful they don’t belong to you!

1.) Future Beauty Guru

bad kids

This little girl has a future in the beauty industry. We wonder if she will create her own Youtube channel or her own makeup line.

Markers are cheaper than makeup.

2.) So Much For Monday Night Football

Bad Kids

This is why parents shouldn’t let their kids play baseball, whiffle ball, or any other sort of sport where objects are thrown.

Although, based on the intensive crack in this screen, the kid has a pretty good arm, so maybe there’s a potential sports career in his future!

3.) Warning: Don’t Fall Asleep While Babysitting

Bad Kids

This dad learned the hard way to never leave kids unsupervised, particularly when markers and other fun arts and crafts are around!

We hope for this dad’s sake it’s a washable marker and not permanent… If that latter, that will be a massive pain to wash off!

4.) Did You Want to Watch Something?

Bad Kids

Even though this bad kid just destroyed the television, we commend him for his cleanliness and ability to stay in the lines.

If you look closely, he did a pretty good job of keeping the white putty (or paint) inside the frame of the TV and not getting it all over the place. And it is kind of art nouveau.

5.) Another Little Picasso

Bad Kids

As if parents needed another reason to put markers on the top shelf: kids will color on anything and every surface, whether white walls or their baby sister.

That poor baby. We hope she gets revenge on her big sister when she gets older.

6.) It Was The Dog – Really!

Bad Kids

We hope the dog started it because we don’t know what would possess kids to tear apart couch cushions!

Although we don’t know what would possess these bads kids to do have the stuff they do, so we guess destroying livingroom furniture is just par for the course.

7.) Didn’t You Say You Wanted to Redecorate?

Bad Kids

White surfaces and markers are just too much temptation for kids.

This little girl looks like she was in there for quite some time, based on the extensive design. And we bet she was quiet while doing it. Reminder: if kids are quiet, something is wrong and investigate immediately.

8.) Multitasking

Bad Kids

This little artist in training left no surface uncovered!

We feel for his mom – that looks like a sharpie! And sharpies do not wash off easily. Looks like someone will be repainting the bathroom soon.

9.) Blank Canvas

Bad Kids

This is too cute. We love kids and dogs and pics of sleeping dogs, so we won’t judge this bad kid too harshly for taking advantage of a white canvas and passed out pooch!

Plus, it looks like he’s using Crayola markers, which are washable, so this poor pup won’t be orange and blue for too long.

10.) They Were Only Trying to Help

Bad Kids

And we bet the dog loved it!

In truth, these bad kids aren’t as devilish as the others. They had good intentions and it’s an easy cleanup job. Just let the dog (and perhaps the neighbors’ dogs) in and they’ll have everything sparkling clean in no time.

11.) Happy Father’s Day

Bad Kids

Happy Father’s Day, also known as “the worst Father’s Day of all time.”

At least the intention was sweet, but this will not just wash off. This poor dad will have to have his car repainted as his Father’s Day gift! We bet he’d have preferred a tie.

12.) Oh, Were You Trying to Work?

Bad Kids

This bad kid just wanted his mom to get off the computer and play with him.

We’re assuming the plan worked because using this computer would be a mega pain now that the screen is covered in black ink!

13.) He Prefers Highlights Magazines

Bad Kids

Which is why he tried to flush all this “crap” down the toilet!

At least he was making an effort to clean up and isn’t one of the bad kids who makes a total mess like some of the others.

14.) Redecorating

Bad Kids

Warning to all parents, babysitters, or anyone near children: never under any circumstances leave buckets of paint within their reach!

Whether you know you have bad kids or think they’re angels, they all have a bit of devil in them and do not realize the consequences of their actions. We don’t even know how we would begin to clean up this mess!

15.) #Boymom Problems

We’d like to say little boys are worse than little girls, but in reality, they’re all bad kids.

Watch how calm this mom remains as her kids explain to her why they created their “masterpiece.” Kudos to her for handling it this way!

16.) Scrub a Dub Dub

Bad Kids

Similar to some of the other bad kids, these little ones had good intentions!

Bubbles are just so much fun, and it’s hard to know how many you’ll actually get because they always seem to melt so fast. Plus, this looks like a jacuzzi tub, which always makes even more bubbles than regular tubs do.

17.) When You Gotta Go…

Bad Kids

This poor dad has no idea what’s going on behind him. We wonder if someone told him?

To the kid’s credit though, she probably told him she needed to use the bathroom and he made her wait just a bit too long. That, or she’s just a really bad kid.

18.) Diaper Cream Disaster

bad kids

We don’t know what’s worse: the peanut butter exfoliation, or the diaper cream moisturizer. At least this one is better than the paint can explosions!

We also bet this kid’s skin stayed silky smooth for weeks.

19.) Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate Syrup?

Bad Kids

Parents don’t love chocolate syrup, that’s who…

Sure, it’s fine when it’s mixed with milk or on top of ice cream, but not when it’s covering your child! Additionally, what kid thinks it’s okay to cover the floor with chocolate syrup? He should be eating it as much as he can, not wasting it!

20.) Make it Rain

Bad Kids

This is what happens when your kids gets into the shredded paper bin – they make it rain! Or, snow seems a better description.

What a mess to clean up, but we’d still prefer this to food, paint, or lipstick.

21.) No Shame

kids destroy home with flour

These bad kids just wanted to have a winter wonderland inside their living room!

We love how even when caught, they just keep on going as though they don’t have a care in the world, and don’t realize they’re in trouble. Although, why should they care? They’re not the ones having to clean up this mess!

22.) Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

bad kids

Some kids really want snow to come…

They were so excited that they destroyed their stuff animal.

23.) How Did This Happen?

bad kids

Best buddies do everything together.

We want to know how this girl got taped up here. Did she have help from her best friend, the duck? Or did her older sibling want to keep her from bothering them?

24.) Potty Training Disaster

bad kids

Potty training can be difficult, but we didn’t know it would be this hard!

This was probably her worst fear, but hopefully she was successful!

25.) Well Then

bad kids

Tell us how you really feel!

We are wondering if this baby is already over his parents. At least they are honest!

26.) Sweet Message Gone Wrong

bad kids

The parents are happy that they are loved, but I don’t think they want their car destroyed.

Their children must have had a long time out after this stunt!

27.) Double Trouble

bad kids

The dad’s face is priceless because that is how we would react.

Now the big question: How was the clean up?

28.) Uh Oh

bad kids

Imagine: You are at a fancy dinner and then a newborn baby decides to throw up on you!

Hopefully, she had an extra change of clothes.

29.) Challenge Accomplished

bad kids

This little guy looks accomplished that he broke the cell phone in half!

Good thing smartphones are popular now!

30.) Desperate For Water

bad kids

Swimming with the fishes has a whole new meaning.

We hope this water is clean!

31.) Trying To Help

bad kids

He is trying to organize the shirts by colors, but he is not putting them on the table.

The store employees were not too happy about this.

32.) Let’s Go To The Beach

bad kids

These kids wanted to enjoy the beach, but it’s definitely the wrong way.

Their parents did not enjoy cleaning up the fake sand. They deserve a real vacation.

33.) It’s Peanut Butter Time

bad kids

This kid must really like peanut butter. It’s delicious, but it’s messy.

Did he think the kitchen was a sandwich?

34.) Peanut Butter Spa Day

sister covers baby brother in peanut butter

Exfoliation is great for the skin, especially in the winter. We hope this loving sister used crunchy peanut butter when she covered her brother in it!

What a mess!

35.) Mirror Mirror

bad kids

This kid wanted to see himself in the mirror.

Thankfully, no one was driving.

36.) Bathroom Blues

bad kids

Did this kid want to create a new artwork?

I think we found the next Picasso.

37.) A Future Interior Designer

bad kids

This little guy wanted to make the couch prettier!

Hopefully, the markers are washable.

38.) Incoming!

bad kids

This reminds us of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

We hope his kid raised a lot of money!

39.) Barney 2.0

bad kids
Purple must be his favorite color because it’s everywhere.

This kid was so tired from all the fun, he fell asleep!

40.) Show Off Your Creative Side

bad kids

This won’t be fun to clean up!

The parents are wondering how this kid got into the paint and then back into their crib.

41.) Oops

bad kids

It’s like solving a puzzle.

Hopefully, this is an old laptop!

42.) Potty Training

bad kids toilet paper

Potty training can be a nightmare for parents.

This kid was trying to make it easy for his parents, but it looks like he made it worse.

43.) Jelly Time

bad kids makers

She was so excited to eat peanut butter and jelly that she put jelly all over her face.

Her face is probably sticky. Hopefully the jelly came off easy!

44.) Love Chocolate Syrup

bad kids messy

He loves chocolate so much that he decided to make a mess all over the kitchen.

This will be a messy clean up.

45.) Sandbox

bad kids sandcastle

Do you want to go on vacation?

Well, this kid is looking forwarded to go to vacation! He couldn’t wait so he decided to bring the beach inside his house.

46.) Crackin’ Eggs

bad kids eggs

Do you ever want breakfast in bed?

We don’t think these parents will ask their son for scrambled eggs again.

47.) No Pants Mess

bad kids couch

Is that glitter on the couch?

When these kids are in high school, they will still be finding the glitter everywhere.

48.) Baking Gone Wrong

bad kids kitchen

It’s the thought that counts.

Maybe they will make the cake later.

49.) Toilet Paper Mess

bad kids toilet paper roll

This kid looks like he is having so much fun!

He wouldn’t do this once he is potty trained.

50.) Fridge Thief

bad kids fridge

Caught in the act!

This baby seemed really hungry so he decided to do something about it.

51.) Throwback

bad kids cassette

Who remembers cassette tapes?

All of the audio on this destroyed. RIP.

52.) Bread Is Amazing

bad kids bread

Is she trying to hide that she is eating carbs?

Girl, bread is delicious, don’t feel ashamed.

53.) Got Milk?

bad kids diaper

He looks so guilty!

Did he  shower with the milk? This was a bad idea.

54.) Future Career

bad kids computer

Hopefully, the computer didn’t have anything important saved on it.

We wonder if he will be a future IT guy!

55.) Lettuce Eat More

bad kids lettuce

Dieting is rough.

We wonder how if this baby loves lettuce!

56.) Hanging in There

bad kids hanging in there

We have a lot of questions. The first one is how?

The second question is why?

57.)Devilish Smile

bad kids no wall

Half naked and ripping down wallpaper.

Does this kid have some sort of superpower that we don’t know about?

58.) Does That Taste Good?

bad kids mud

Oh no. How did this happen?

Mud tastes bad, and we are hoping this little girl got cleaned up right away.

59.) Going Bald

bad kids shaving cream

Is he planning on shaving his whole head?

Hopefully the parents were able to wash this off before it got too out of hand.

60.) Drinking Water Gone Wrong

bad kids water

This is going to end poorly!

There was definitely an injury and lots of tears after this picture was taken!

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