60 Pics of Devilish Children That Will Make You Grateful They’re Not Yours

If kids are being quiet, there’s usually a reason and it’s usually not good.

Whether you love kids or hate them, you can agree on one thing: they can be little devils. They’re needy, whiny and they don’t always realize the consequences of their actions (which, to be honest, can be pretty funny).

Take a look at these bad kids below and you’ll be grateful they don’t belong to you!

1.) Peanut Butter Spa Day

Exfoliation is great for the skin, especially in the winter. We hope this loving sister used crunchy peanut butter when she covered her brother in it!

What a mess!

2.) So Much For Monday Night Football

Bad Kids

This is why parents shouldn’t let their kids play baseball, whiffle ball, or any other sort of sport where objects are thrown.

Although, based on the intensive crack in this screen, the kid has a pretty good arm, so maybe there’s a potential sports career in his future!