Holy Moly! 20 Hot Older Celebrities We Can’t Believe Look This Good Today

Hot older celebrities are in a class of their own. They made us daydream when they were younger but can still make our jaws drop when appearing in a new movie or interview.

For an industry that relies greatly on looks and charisma, here are the 20 celebs in 2018 that won in the looks lottery! You try to guess their age…we’re starting with the oldest.

20.) Clint Eastwood

hot older celebrities clinteastwood

Clint Eastwood and his girlfriend Christina Sandera the the 2015 Oscars

Age: 88

Holy moly! We have a hunch that Clint Eastwood has the secret to a long healthy happy life: a fulfilling career, healthy life choices including healthy eating, regular exercise and Transcendental Meditation.

And as if one Eastwood wasn’t enough, younger fans will be extremely delighted to know that his son, Scott Eastwood, is as striking as his father. It runs in the genes!