a fab life’s top 5 fashion trends for summer

Creating a lifestyle for glam girls everywhere is what Leah Ashley and Mary Darling aim to do on a daily basis. Their website, A Fab Life, focuses on helping women from all around stay glamorous and fabulous with any sized wallet. Whether it is showing women the latest fashion trends, giving helpful workout tips or talking about the do’s and don’ts of being a party hostess, A Fab Life has women covered. Here are the aesthetically pleasing progressions they see happening in the world of fashion this summer.

5 Overalls

“œYour favorite outfit from your childhood is leaving the playground and headed straight for your wardrobe! And we couldn’t be happier about it! Overalls are the go to choice for casual summer outfit options! Brought back from the 80’s and 90’s, overalls are not only stylish but they are also super comfy! You can wear this trend many ways opting for either full length overalls, short overalls, or even skirted overalls! Make sure when rocking this look you don’t pair it with plaid (nobody wants to look like a farmer), instead pair your pair with a more sophisticated option like blouses, and stripped T-shirts.”

4 Leather

“œLeather is not only for fall and Winter anymore! Mix leather pieces with lighter summer fabrics to give your summertime look an edge! Try leather pieces in unexpected shapes like shorts, high-waisted pants, or a mini. Also, look for colors other than black or brown. Try a nude, a flirty hue, or a metallic finish for a lighter look and feel. You can pair your leather piece with lace, silks or sheers to get that chic juxtaposition in your ensemble. A fab place to find fun leather is your local thrift store or consignment shop.”

3 Black and White

“œLess is more this season and the color combo of black and white couldn’t be a better fit for this trend. Simple and chic is where it’s at for summer and you can achieve this look by mixing black and white in your ensemble! Bold, a little bit mod, and always sophisticated, the black-and-white trend is a winner, whether you’re rocking simple stripes or a cool, color-blocked look. Just remember, this season”¦ Contrast is COOL.”

2 Printed Shorts

“œShorts are an obvious choice for the summer months. But since you are going to wear them all summer anyway so why not buy them in fun colors and prints! Nothing is off limits here. Think bold, think bright, think fun, think FABULOUS! Pair with a neutral top and let your shorts (and your fabulous legs) be your statement! Also, play with lengths. This season, all lengths of shorts are in. Just make sure that they are flattering for your body type and appropriate for the occasion.”

1 Palm Print

“œWhen you think about palm trees you think tropical vacation! Well, how appropriate then that our favorite foliage is one of the season’s hottest prints. You can find it on everything from accessories, to shoes, to bathing suits and clothing. This bold print is inspired by the Martinique wallpaper that has been hanging at the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel for years, and now it can be had by the masses. Make sure that your wardrobe is feeling “beachy” this summer!”

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