The Ultimate Guide to Going Vegan

So, what’s the deal with going vegan? Everyone seems to be doing it and it’s becoming increasingly more popular to see vegan-only restaurants, cafes and hotels. So what’s all the fuss about vegan lifestyle and is it really worth giving up your favorite cheese? The truth is, the percentage of people going vegan has steadily risen so much over the past few decades that its clear that it isn’t just a fad anymore. Going vegan is about more than just vegan food, but also vegan skin care and more. But how to go vegan?

Veganism has attracted many people worldwide, but especially in the Western world for a number of reasons.

Why Are More People Going Vegan?

how to go vegan

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Millennials have become known for their outspoken consciousness in many areas of life. Socially, politically and even health and wellness wise. More and more people are concerned with what they put in their body and how it affects them. With the popularity of viral documentaries like What The Health and viral social media movements, eating a plant-based diet seems to be many people’s the pathway to a healthy, long life and a way to lessen their impact on animal cruelty in the world.

Being a vegan is about mindfulness and intentionality when it comes to what we allow to nourish our bodies. Opting out of a meat-based diet has been proven to help lower high cholesterol and cutting out things like dairy and choosing more natural ways to get calcium is a healthier and sustainable choice.

A vegan diet is a diet that is free of not only meat but any animal product at all. The difference between a vegetarian and a vegan is that it focuses on obtaining the best properties from the earth’s natural, non-animal based ingredients. That means you are cutting out common animal products like yogurt, eggs and other dairy products.

The benefits of going vegan can positively impact not only your body but also the environment and can help make strides in the fight for animal rights. Overall, going vegan is a huge decision that will take time and diligence, but it proves to be extremely rewarding.