Top 5 Reasons For Cutting Out Dairy Today

Is dairy bad for you or good? It’s a controversial issue we are about to dip into! We’re taking a close look to help you decide if cutting out dairy is worth it!

To drink milk, eat cheese and enjoy dairy yogurt is quite a convenient choice. We are tricked into believing that those are the best ways to get calcium. It’s inexpensive and delicious. We might even believe that it could help us to lose weight. And most likely we don’t have the knowledge that there are other options, or are simply too lazy to consider them and change our diet.

How did we get here? The answer is shocking: The American National Dairy Council alone, spent more than $190 million on their Got Milk campaign, trying to convince you of the fact that you need that daily glass of milk to stay fit and healthy. This brainwashing has been going on for decades.

Are you ready to hear the truth? Here are the Top 5 reasons to cut out dairy today!

5.) Reason For Cutting Out Dairy: Drop Those Extra Pounds 

cutting out dairySurprise, surprise. Vegans are, on average, up to 10kg slimmer than meat-eaters. There are many possible explanations for this, one of them being that dairy products contain a varying amount of lactose, which slows down weight loss. To add to that effect, part of the protein in milk generates an insulin response, which has similar effects.

Unlike unhealthy fad diets, cutting out dairy is a healthy and sustainable way to say goodbye to excess fat. The way it is consumed makes dairy dangerous to our slim waistlines. Cheesy pizza, thick sandwiches, pasta drowned in cheese.  Cutting out dairy can promote weight loss if you’re not overeating other things to compensate for it.