Relevant & Insightful Tips For Brides and Grooms for Beach Weddings

We have spoken to couples who have lived through the experience. This is a post to give you some relevant and tips, so you can expect and avoid anything that bothers you before you make your plans.

It is not uncommon for a couple to want to have a beach wedding. It is an obvious theme, beautiful backdrop. Wedding vendors know this and use it to their advantage. However, there are things about having your wedding at the beach that can be unexpected,

We have spoken to couples who have lived through the experience. This is a post to give you some relevant and tips, so you can expect and avoid anything that bothers you before you make your plans.

beach bride

You are the bride, but mother-nature is the boss!

If you want a perfect wedding where there is no chance that your hair will come out of place, your guests may need extra help to their chairs, and a flower could blow out to sea, then plan a wedding with an indoor  march beach-chapel (many hotels offer wedding venues) with a beautiful view of the sea directly behind you. But if you want the fun and unexpected, and want to enjoy the natural experience, by all means, go for it.

Shop around

There are companies that come and lay a portable aisle for the bride to march down, They also have portable flooring so they can place guest chairs in either side. If you are planning on service during a rainy service, have a parachute tent erected above. It will block too much sun and light rain.

Tie ribbon to the chairs on the edge of the aisle

It is difficult to keep flowers in place, but satin ribbon in your wedding colors is a great addition.

Keep it real with the shoes

If you are going to have the aisle assembled, heels are fine. But after the wedding, let people wear sandals or go barefoot.

Joining of the sand

Have a lovely glass jar at the front. Have the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom walk to the jar and pour their colored sand into the jar. The bride’s mother will use baby pink ad the mother of the groom will pour baby blue. When they return to their seats, the bride and groom will pour their sands in at the same time to represent unity. (If there are children in the family, they can participate. The bride’s color is darker pink, as in a girl that is now a woman. The groom will use darker blue representing the boy has become a man. Some people order a beautiful label for the bottle that reads with the name and date that these people became one.

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Beach gowns

Selecting a bridal gown and bridesmaids gowns for a beach wedding is tricky. Be sure to tell your dress vendor where you are going. Some bridal gown shops have great experience in beach wedding dresses and destination bridal gowns (gowns that travel well and perform in seaside condition)

The popularity of beach weddings are one of the reasons for the bridal and bridesmaids dresses being made to hug the body, yet having a lace or sheer material overlay. Brides look stunning when the ocean breeze blows the lace in the ocean breeze, with no fear of becoming too revealing.



Due to the beach temperatures being so warm and to save money, couples are selecting their weddings to begin a couple of hours before sunset. Instead of a buffet, they set up a bar or two and serve foods that are quickly eaten and easy to keep covered. Finger sandwiches, fruit towers, ad cheese, and meat trays. Have a small crew to set up a few gathering sports set up. Plush chairs, around a lovely table, with each seating up to 6. Set the areas up apart from each other. This allows guests to linger and visit. Set up torches around the area. But when the sun goes down thank your remaining guests and as the crews began to take down the bars and load up the furniture. Be sure to speak directly to each one and thank them for coming. This is a chic way of saying goodnight.


The promise

There is one small tradition that is just for the bride and groom. Each of you takes a flower from the bouquet. You share a private kiss and toss the two flowers into the sea. This is a promise to each of you, that no matter where the world takes you, the two of you will one day return to this spot together again. In life, you will face storms that seem impossible. The waves of life will crash against you. They will take you up, and then allow you to crash. The sun will warm you on time, and burn you at others. But if you hold on to your promise. Your love will grow and you will return to the spot on which you are standing.