Going Vegan? Expect These 5 Surprising Things To Happen

The number of eaters on this earth is increasing year by year. Whether people are going vegan for ethical, health or environmental reasons, a plant-based diet has a massive effect on your life, and it’s important to know what side effects you should expect!

When I went vegan the first time, it happened rather unexpectedly and without a lot of thought. Being tired of my constant health issues, skin breakouts and sluggishness after every meal, I decided to detox for a month and completely cut out animal-derived foods.

Yes, a vegan diet excludes any calorie source that was living and breathing at one point or that involved animals in the making. That’s a big “no” to cheese, eggs, milk, honey and all theother delicatessen favorites we grew up believing to be of vital importance to our health.

A couple of weeks into my new diet, I noticed a few changes in my health as well as my behavior and social life, that I so did not expect but simply couldn’t ignore.

Needless to say, it was my first and last time going vegan, because I’ve only just celebrated my fifth “veggie-versary” and am looking back at years of rocking a cruelty-free diet while maintaining fantastic health and living a life on the road between Berlin, New York and Bali. I’ve even started to blog about my journey!

Now that you know my vegan backstory, make your own! Here are reasons you should think twice before saying no to going vegan!

5.) You’ll Make a Lot More Trips To The Bathroom

Going Vegan

And, yes, that’s a good thing! A balanced vegan diet – and, no, we are not talking about a doughnut in each hand – is naturally high in fiber. Our body needs fiber, as it speeds up food’s transit through the intestines and removes waste and toxins from our body.

Fiber can be found in whole grains and starchy vegetables, which are quite common in a vegan diet. Eating these regularly will naturally improve your digestive system. Omnivores often don’t have enough fiber in their diet.

In addition, the body digests animal protein much more slowly, which results in digestive issues, bloating and irregular bowel movements. So going vegan can be very advantageous in this respect.