Going Vegan? Expect These 5 Surprising Things To Happen

The number of-eaters on this earth is increasing year by year. Whether people are going vegan for ethical, health or environmental reasons, a plant-based diet has a massive effect on your life. We explain what side effects you should expect!

The world’s population increases year by year, and so does the number of people who adopt a vegan lifestyle. This dietary shift is driven by ethical, health, and environmental concerns, and its effects are significant.

I remember my first attempt at going vegan was sudden and unplanned. Tired of my recurring health issues, breakouts, and overall sluggishness after every meal, I underwent a one-month detox and eliminate animal-derived products from my diet. This meant goodbye to cheese, eggs, milk, and honey – essentials I once believed were vital to my wellbeing.

The first few weeks brought about unexpected changes in my health, behavior, and social life that I couldn’t ignore. Despite this, I persisted, and now, after five years of living a cruelty-free life and transitioning between locations in Berlin, New York, and Bali, I’ve been blogging about my journey the whole way through.

If you’re curious about veganism, it’s worth considering the positive impact it can have on your life and the environment. While excluding animal products completely from your diet may seem daunting, the benefits of healthy, plant-based meals are undeniable. So, why not explore the possibilities?

5. You’ll Make a Lot More Trips To The Bathroom

Going Vegan

A vegan diet, and no, not one with a doughnut in each hand, is naturally high in fiber, which is essential to our body. Through its ability to speed up digestion and removal of waste and toxins, fiber improves our digestive system.

Luckily, whole grains and starchy vegetables – common in a vegan diet – are rich in fiber, making it easy to incorporate. Omnivores rarely consume enough fiber, making digestive issues, bloating, and irregular bowel movements likely.

Moreover, animal protein is digested slowly, causing further digestive concerns. By going vegan, these issues can be addressed. So, cheers to a well-functioning digestive system through wholesome veganism!

4. Social Gatherings Will Become Awkward (For a Bit)

As you embrace your new way of eating, brace yourself for the curious questions and inevitable skeptics. While some folks may be genuinely curious, others may make assumptions that vegan meals are tasteless or gross. Stay encouraged! Impress them with the delicious vegan creations in your repertoire. Whether cooking for your close circle or hosting a party, don’t count on others to provide vegan options. Bring your tantalizing vegan snacks and show them an entirely new world of flavor!

3.) In Going Vegan, You’ll Learn To Read Between the Lines

Going Vegan

Transition to a vegan diet may surprise you with the number of animal products seemingly every food item contains. Essentials like beer, bread, pasta, pesto, potato chips, even peanuts can have hidden non-vegan ingredients. Thus, grocery shopping for vegans can be quite the challenge, requiring a keen eye and attention to detail.

While dining out, you may encounter a similar surprise, as it seems chicken is a staple ingredient in practically every dish. This mandates a savvy approach to ordering, learning to charm and negotiate your way to a meal that meets your dietary preferences. Though it may appear daunting, adjusting to a vegan lifestyle can open up a world of opportunities for culinary innovation and culinary discoveries.

After a while, you’ll figure out which restaurant have great vegan options, and things will become easier. You’ll learn to use smart apps such as HappyCow and VanillaBean to your advantage and to do your research before heading out for dinner with friends. As a bonus, you’ll also develop master chef skills and take on every challenge to “veganize” meals. I once spent an entire day in the kitchen to fabricate a vegan meatloaf made with chickpeas.

We all know that feeling when Sunday morning hits us like a brick wall, and we crave pancakes or French toast. With a few solid vegan recipes in mind, you’ll get over it really soon, I promise.

Looking for inspiration? These mouthwatering delicious vegan dessert recipes will convert anyone!

2. You Might Have To Buy New Clothes

Going Vegan

It’s common to experience changes in weight when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. The calorie content of plant-based protein sources is lower than meat, which could lead to weight loss. Additionally, mindless snacking on-the-go may no longer be an easy option, but whether your go-to jeans still fit you well depends mainly on your eating habits.

It’s worth noting, however, that going vegan isn’t always synonymous with healthy eating. It’s possible to continue consuming processed foods that are high in carbs, sugar, and fat, effectively maintaining a junk food diet. Fun fact: Oreos are vegan, too! To see favourable results, it’s vital to make balanced, healthy choices. If your previous diet was high in saturated fats and processed foods, the switch to a vegan diet could lead to weight loss.

1. Your Taste Buds and Cravings Are Going To Evolve

Going Vegan

Cutting out meat and cheese from your diet for a few weeks may just transform your taste buds for the better. Certain foods that never interested you will suddenly become a source of pleasure. But that’s just the beginning. Embracing a vegan diet can also make you feel a whole lot better.

I recall my hard-to-curb sweet tooth vanishing, which was surprising. But the first few days may not be a breeze as you adjust to the detox process. Some people may experience negative effects initially, but hang in there, as it’ll be worthwhile in the end.

Going completely cold turkey like I did isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but gradually easing into it could help you out. Find a pace that works best for you and don’t berate yourself for mistakes along the way. Remember that what works for one might not work for all. And if something feels off, be sure to consult a doctor.

Have you ever considered going vegan before? Feel free to share your feats and hurdles with us!