Top 5 Ideas for a Romantic Dinner at Home

From formal dinners to indoor picnics, we've put together our top ideas for a romantic dinner at home. Use these ideas to ignite some passion on date night.

If you are unable to get out for a date night if funds are tight or you can’t find a babysitter, have you thought about having a romantic dinner at home? Dinner dates at home can be as romantic and fun as eating out. Staying in and cooking a romantic meal for two is an excellent alternative to a restaurant. Preparing dinner for a loved one or even cooking together is a beautiful way to make precious memories together. If this sounds fun to you, read our ideas for a romantic dinner at home.

Planning Ideas for a Romantic Dinner at Home

ideas for a romantic dinner at home

So, where do you begin when preparing for a romantic dinner at home? Here are a few of the things that you should consider when planning your romantic meal for two.

Plan a Menu in Advance

You’re going to want to prepare when you’re looking at ideas for a romantic dinner at home. Planning your menu will help reduce any stress when cooking on the night of your romantic evening. You will also be able to prep all your food beforehand.

Make Some Simple Appetizers

When your date arrives, greet them with a drink and an appetizer that you prepared earlier. That way, you will both be able to enjoy a drink and a chat in the kitchen while you are finishing the meal and the food is cooking. Finger food is best as these options are simple and easy to assemble.

Choose Your Main

You don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen neglecting your date, so select a main course that is simple and doesn’t require hours of prep. If possible, do all your meal prep earlier in the day. Or, even better, get your date involved and do the prep together. There’s nothing more romantic than cooking together.

If you need help, consider using an awesome meal delivery kit to make the choice and execution simple.

Pick a Straightforward Dessert

The chances are that you won’t be able to squeeze in a dessert after you devoured the delicious appetizers and the main meal that you prepared. However, it’s always advised to have something in just in case. Prepare a simple dessert that you can keep in the fridge. That way, it can be taken out and enjoyed for when you are both not so full.

Have a Backup Plan

You will want your romantic dinner at home to be as enjoyable as possible, but sometimes things don’t always go as smoothly as planned. That’s why you should still have a backup plan to be on the safe side. Keep a ready-made pizza in the fridge or make sure you have the menu readily available for your favorite takeaway.

Sure, these options are nowhere near as good as a home-cooked meal, but it’s better than getting stuck with no other food options and a hungry date.

Set the Mood

This is a romantic dinner at home, so the mood needs to be set. If you have a set of tableware only used for special occasions, get it out — now is the perfect time to use it. Light some candles, put on some music and create a romantic atmosphere.

Spruce Up

It’s probably not the best idea to wear the same jeans you’ve been wearing all week for your at home dinner date. Dress up and make an impression. After all, this is a romantic dinner. Wear something casual yet still dressy without going over the top. Your other half will appreciate the effort, and it will make the night more special. Confirm the dress code for the evening with your partner, as you don’t want one of you dressed up while the other is in their jogging bottoms.

Now that we’ve covered how to plan a romantic dinner, you’ll need to decide what type of evening you would like. We’ve put together our top 5 ideas for a romantic dinner at home to help get you started.

5. A Formal Dinner

formal dinner table setting for a romantic night in

For the Traditional Couple

If the time you spend with your loved one is usually more on the chill, casual side, why not go all out and prepare a formal dinner? Create a special menu starter, main and a dessert that will spark some memories.

For instance, you could cook the same starter you had on your first date or a dessert you once shared on holiday. Make an effort, get out your best china, put on your on your best dress or suit and go out of your way to make each other feel special.

After some romantic dinner inspiration? Check out these five dinner recipes that you can whip up in 30 minutes. These recipes will give you some ideas for a romantic dinner at home.

4. A Meal to Share

loaded veggie nachos for an ideas for a romantic dinner at home

Cookie + Kate

For the Couple Who Likes to Share

A meal that is designed to share is a social experience and the most romantic way to dine. Sharing dishes will add some intimacy to your dining and create a topic of conversation. Sharing food from the same plate is one of the most intimate acts you can perform with your clothes still on.

Foods like nachos, tapas and baked camembert and chips are ideal sharing foods that will get taste buds tingling and conversation flowing.

Get the recipe for loaded veggie nachos from Cookie + Kate.

3. Cook Together

couple cooking a romantic dinner at home together

For the Couple Who Likes to Cook Together

Cooking together is one of the best ideas for a romantic dinner at home because it’s a way for couples to connect. Cooking is a way for you both to get creative and strengthen your relationship. Spending time in the kitchen will allow you to bond, get to know each other better and learn as a couple.

Cooking as a couple will spark conversations. You’ll find yourself asking each other questions like “where did you learn to cook?” or “what is your favorite meal?”. Take this time to learn more about each other on a deeper level, and of course, enjoy a tasty home-cooked meal.

One idea is to try out a meal kit delivery service to cook together at home. They have all the ingredients ready for you and the recipes to try are easy – many are new and innovative ideas!

Cooking at home will save you money, and it will also give you the joy of preparing and eating delicious food in the comfort of your own home with your loved one.

2. Movie and a Picnic

picnic at home is a great idea for a romantic dinner at home


For the Movie Fanatic Couple

An indoor romantic picnic can be had at any time of year regardless of the season and how cold it is outside. What is more romantic than lying on the floor surrounded by cushions and blankets watching your favorite movie with the one you love?

What you’ll need for the perfect romantic at home picnic and movie night:

  • Blankets: You’ll need more than one blanket to ensure maximum comfort. Use a blanket to place across the floor and a couple to get cozy and snuggle into.
  • Cushions: These are an essential part of an indoor picnic. Use a pillow to prop you up while you eat and lay your head on while you watch a movie and slowly slip into a food coma.
  • Tray: Use a tray to place your delicious selection of picnic food on as this will keep any unwanted crumbs and spills off the floor.
  • Romantic lighting: Create a romantic atmosphere by adding some sparkle to your evening by hanging some fairy lights or lighting some candles.

Then all you need to do is select a movie (if you’re not sure what to watch, check out the best movie review sites), press play and enjoy!

1. Chocolate Fondue Fun

a perfect romantic dinner date at home with chocolate

Sweet & Savory Meals

For the Chocolate Loving Couple

Romance your significant other with an impressive and mouthwatering chocolate fondue. The Swiss got it right with this age-old tradition. Chocolate fondue is more than just melted chocolate; its a fun and intimate way to share a dessert. Feed each other chocolate-dipped strawberries, bananas and marshmallows. Enjoying a chocolate fondue together is a perfect idea for a romantic dinner at home because it’s gooey chocolate goodness that will show your playful side and it tastes incredible!

Get the recipe for slow cooker chocolate fondue from Sweet & Savory Meals.

Which of these ideas for a romantic dinner at home would you choose? You could make having a date night at home a regular thing, and have a date once a week or once a month. That way, you’ll have plenty of nights to try some new ideas for a romantic dinner at home to see which you like best.

top 5 ideas for a romantic dinner at home