Want to Gift a Precious Memory? Here’s Our Guide for Printed Photo Gifts

Take a classic gift idea and give it a fun, updated spin with these five types of printed photo gifts that could be great for anyone!

Photos have always served as timeless vessels for capturing cherished memories, preserving them in a way that keeps their magic alive. With the advent of smartphones, we can now seize these moments wherever and whenever, storing them predominantly in the digital realms of our photo albums. However, the allure of a printed photo remains unparalleled – akin to possessing a vintage work of art – and the act of receiving printed photo gifts holds a special place in our hearts.

Yet, when it comes to bestowing these tokens of memories upon our loved ones, the concept may sometimes appear somewhat ordinary. However, printed photo gifts need not be confined to clichés. Countless creative avenues exist for presenting your special moments to those who occupy a significant space in your life. While commonplace photo frames and scrapbooks may be customary choices, unearth the depths of your imagination to discover truly extraordinary methods of gifting your treasured photographs.

What pictures should you choose as printed photo gifts?

Not sure which photos make great printed photo gifts? Maybe we can help with that. Before we dive into some cool ways to present the gifts, it’s important to choose the right photos that’ll make the perfect gift.

Special Memories

Perhaps there is a special memory that you have with a special person. A great photo of a memory with them is a good one to choose. Choose a candid that captures the essence of that person or that particular memory. If it’s a group photo, choose one where everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. For newlyweds or someone expecting a child, a special photo of the couple could be a great gift idea. For collages or gifts with multiple photos, a series of photos over the years would be a creative and memorable gift to give.


For travel junkies or just people who are adventurous, picking a jaw-dropping photo from travel is an inspiring gift. Don’t just show off your travels on your Instagram account; collect them and make them into a great gift. Travel photos are great to inspire or memorialize an amazing trip that you may have taken with someone. Travel photo gift hack: Attach a plane ticket to the photographed place along with your cool printed photo gift.


Christmas cards, family reunions, family vacations… The list is endless. A printed photo of a beautiful memory is a great gift idea for the family. Take it a step further and put together a creativecollage with photos of the family over the years, from vintage photos of Grandma and Grandpa to present-day pics!


It’s always a special reminder of someone’s milestones when they see a photo of the day or event. It could be a graduation, a wedding, a first job or something else! Huge milestones are to be documented and celebrated, and there are so many ways to print out photos and gift them in a meaningful, creative way.

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Without further ado, our top ideas for printed photo gifts:

5. Canvas Throw Pillows

printed photo gifts throw pillow
  • Customizable pillows
  • Choose an image or pattern

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What cooler way to gift your loved one a precious memory than in the form of a throw pillow? A throw pillow can be a great addition to someone’s home. Whether your friend has just moved into a new place or you want to spruce up their home in some way, a cool canvas print throw pillow is a creative gift idea.

On Canvasdiscount.com, you can easily choose custom pillowcases to create. All you have to do is go to their website, choose the photo or photos that you want and then let Canvasdiscount.com, do the rest of the work. The pillows come in 18″ x 18″ durable canvas fabric, and the photo prints are vibrant. A photo pillow gift is a unique way to spruce up a room that may need a pop of color or style.

4. Pop Art Canvas Prints

printed photo gifts wall art

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  • 3+ photo effects
  • Customize prints with your own photos

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This may be a great idea for the artsy people in your life: an homage to the famous style of Pop Art. Try customizing a photo into a Pop Art canvas print. Simple Canvas Prints has a unique feature that allows you to “Pop Art” or comic-ify your photos and then buy them on printed canvas. Instead of a regular photo, you can bring the pictures to life by adding three different effects to them.

Making a Pop Art canvas print is an easy, funky and surprisingly inexpensive way to update a normal photo gift. On Simply Canvas Prints, choose the Andy Warhol effect, which gives your photo the classic mixed media effect that made the artist famous. Or trythe Pop Art effect, which gives it the famous Roy Lichtenstein dotted effect. And lastly, you can add the comic effect to your photos for a fun, vibrant type of image.

3. Double-Sided Photo Frame

printed photo gifts double-sided photo frames

The Apollo Box

  • Available in two sizes
  • Double-sided glass and wood

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Photo frames have always been a classic gift, but there are seemingly thousands of frames to choose from. While a photo in a frame is nice and simple, update the gift idea by getting a double-sided photo frame. Double-sided photo frames are cool and versatile (you don’t only have to put photos in them).

Slide in the same photo so it can be viewed from both sides, or put two different photos back to back for a change. The Apollo Box set comes with a set of two in two different sizes. Not feeling wood? Try this sleek metal tabletop photo frame.

2. Artsy Wall Displays

printed photo gifts wall display
  • Wide range of photo shapes and sizes
  • Customizable photos
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Do you have a friend who needs a special housewarming gift? Try a uniquely designed art wall display of some photos that are special to them. Easy Canvas Prints has an array of wall display layouts ranging in the number of photos, the choice of sizes and the options for placement.

This is the perfect gift for milestones, family photos and other important memories. Choose between three to nine photos for the display from your own collection of photos. The great thing about this idea is that it leaves a lot of room for creative expression.

1. Classic Large Canvas Prints

printed photo gifts large canvas


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There is nothing like a good-quality canvas print, especially if the photo is of high quality and holds a special meaning for the person. Choosing a quality canvas print is important because you want make sure to pick the perfect photo and also want to know that once it comes out, it will do so beautifully.

Amazon sells beautiful, museum-quality photo prints that will light up an entire room. When choosing a photo to print, make sure to choose quality photos with high resolution. On top of the high-quality printing and the handmade care, you will have the satisfaction of gifting something special to someone you love.

See any printed photo gift ideas that you love? What’s your favorite way to gift a photo?