Too Cold For A Night Out On The Town? 5 Awesome Date Ideas for a Wintry Night

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When it’s eighty degrees at 7 p.m. you can take your date on a long walk through the city, just strolling along and figuring it out as you go. You can hang out at the beach, go on a picnic, and go see a baseball game and sit in the sun. It’s not so easy when you’re covering up your awesome date outfit with a Michelin man jacket or a parka and it’s thirty degrees outside. We all want to hibernate in the winter, unless you’re a pro snowboarder or something. In that case, freezing days and nights are when you come alive. The rest of us tend to hole up.

If you find yourself facing a date on a cold, wintry night, you don’t have to postpone. There are plenty of things you can do spontaneously, without having to plan weeks in advance (like for that snowboarding trip). So embrace the season and try one of these ideas if you’re in a jam – they’re simple but always fun.

5 Live Music

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This doesn’t mean going to see Rihanna in a stadium somewhere. Like art galleries, there’s live music going on in most places seven nights a week. It can be a random band in a dive bar, live mariachi, or flamenco. Live music is always fun. You can have some drinks, be entertained, and it’s better than canceling the date right?

4 Art Opening

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Most cities and towns have art galleries, right? Someone is at the pottery wheel or facing a canvas – you just have to look and see when the openings are happening. Most have free (cheap) beer and wine; some are fancier and actually have food. The point is you’re doing something different, something cultural, and you’re out of the snow or rain. Check out your local weekly for openings, Thursday through Saturday are usually when they’re going on. Your date will be impressed with your fanciness.

3 Game Night

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You can do this one at home (board games, Wii, your pool table) or at a bar. You don’t have to plan it out and it’s a great way to really get to know someone. Are they a good sport or do they throw the puck across the room when they lose at air hockey? These are things you want to know. There are plenty of places that have all kinds of games – get some cocktails, roll up your sleeves and get fiercely competitive! Hopefully at the end of the night you’ll still like each other. If not – you’re dating the wrong person.

2 Movie Marathon

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You can do this one at someone’s place (see #1) or you can hit the theater. There’s always a movie playing, and sometimes it’s fun to be spontaneous and just pick a totally random movie to check out. If it sucks you can laugh about it at the bar later, and if it was amazing you can bond about how fantastic it was and how you think it’ll win an Oscar. Who doesn’t love movies? Well, I have one friend who doesn’t, but she’s a rare bird. Chances are, your date digs movies.

1 Cooking

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On a very first date you’re probably not going to do this one, unless you’re cooking in a public place. But maybe when you’ve gone on two or three dates the ‘cooking at someone’s place’ option will work just fine. It’s a cool way to have a casual, fun night that doesn’t have the added pressure of ordering the right wine at the restaurant or sitting next to a loud, screaming couple in the next booth. You can show off your skills and kick back. Give the meal a theme if you want to get fancy (Spanish or Italian or Southern cooking – make it up!).

Do you have any creative dates for a wintry night? Let us know!

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