Too Cold for a Night Out on the Town? 5 Awesome Winter Date Night Ideas

We’ve got our top winter date night ideas that will make you never want to go outside in the cold and snow again. Find the perfect date idea!

When it’s eighty degrees at 7 p.m. you can take your date on a long walk through the city, just strolling along and figuring it out as you go. You can hang out at the beach, go on a picnic or go see a baseball game and sit in the sun. It’s not so easy when you’re covering up your awesome date outfit with a Michelin man jacket or a parka and it’s thirty degrees outside. Most of us want to hibernate in the winter, and sometimes this can be hard on our love lives. It’s hard to figure out perfect winter date night ideas.

If you find yourself facing a date on a cold, wintry night, you don’t have to postpone. There are plenty of things you can do spontaneously, without having to plan weeks in advance (like for a winter weekend getaway). So, embrace the season and try one of these winter date night ideas if you’re in a jam. They’re simple but always fun.


5.) Live Music

winter date night ideas live music

This is one of the winter date night ideas that can be customized to your individual desires and music tastes. This doesn’t mean going to see Rihanna in a stadium somewhere. Like art galleries, there’s live music going on in most places seven nights a week. It can be a random band in a dive bar, live mariachi, or flamenco. Live music is always fun. You can have some drinks, be entertained and it’s better than canceling the date, right?

Whether you are on a first date or out on the town with your significant other, going to see live music can be relaxing and fun. When you go to see live music, you will be able to strengthen with the connection you have with that person while you are supporting local or more popular musicians. If there are food and drinks at the venue, you have more of a reason to stay there and dance the night away. If you and your date are both music lovers, liking the same band can create an instant bond.

When you are planning your date, check out local venues to see what musicians are coming to a city near you. When there is live music playing, you can make a connection with a person because you both start dancing. You can explore how you can have fun together and whether or not you have chemistry. Also, going on a date with live music involved can make for the perfect winter date night because it is flexible. It allows for both parties to adjust their needs throughout the evening. The best part? Live music can be inside, and the dancing will help keep you warm!


4.) Art Opening

art gallery winter date night ideas

Most cities and towns have art galleries, right? Someone is at the pottery wheel or facing a canvas — you just have to look and see when the openings are happening. Most art galleries have free or cheap beer and wine; some are fancier and have food. The point is, you’re doing something different, something cultural and still staying warm.

That’s why it’s one of the best winter date night ideas for this season. If you are looking to walk around in a warm building and learn something new, then an art opening is for you! An art opening is one of the most affordable date nights because most of them are free. Many art openings suggest donations instead of ticket prices. If you have cash on hand, you can buy with what you can afford. If you look around on the internet, you can find free nights at certain art openings to walk around and admire all the beautiful art.

Art openings are also good to show off what types of art you are familiar with. It can impress your date and maybe even spark a conversation. You two can talk about certain art pieces and what you think they mean. Then you relate to different things you know about art to the piece in front of both of you. Do not worry, it’s okay to disagree about interesting art pieces. This means that you two are independent thinkers and you can both learn from each other. Your date will be impressed with your fanciness.


3.) Game Night

game night winter date night ideas

You can do this one at home or at a bar. You don’t have to plan it out, and it’s a great way to really get to know someone. Are they a good sport or do they throw the puck across the room when they lose at air hockey? These are things you want to know. Hosting a game night for a winter date night is the perfect idea when you do not want to leave or your house, or you want to have other people over. If you want to invite your date or significant other over with friends or just by themselves, there are so many options open!

Planning is simple. Just grab some games and some snacks. The snacks do not have to be gourmet at all. The only food you need is some popcorn, drinks and a few bags of chips. After you find the snacks, you need a few excellent games of choices that will be great for two players or more. The games should be interactive and fun. This will engage you, your date and any other guests that are playing with you.

A game night is a perfect way for everyone to get to know each other in a fun and safe environment. On the plus side, you do not have to dress up and go out since it’s freezing cold out. Get some cocktails, roll up your sleeves and get fiercely competitive! Hopefully, at the end of the night, you’ll still like each other. If not, you’re dating the wrong person.


2.) Movie Marathon

movies winter date night ideas

If you are looking for a lazy date night or to stay inside all day, this next section on our list of winter date night ideas is for you! You can do this one at someone’s place or you can hit the theater. There’s always a movie playing, and sometimes it’s fun to be spontaneous and pick a random movie to check out. If it sucks, you can laugh about it at the bar later. If it was amazing, you can bond about how fantastic it was and how you think it’ll win an Oscar.

Don’t make it your average dinner and a movie. Look at all of the show times. If you look at four or five movies you want to see, try to see them back to back. If one movie is terrible, you have another movie to look forward to! When you get to the theater, buy your tickets all at once. It will be easier than constantly going back to the front office to pay. If you plan it out correctly with the commercials and end credits, you can see them all back to back. After an entire day of movie watching, talk with your date what was your favorite movie and why. The plots of the movies may start blending together at some point.

Want to do it at home? You can choose comedy movies, romantic movies or whatever else you and your date will enjoy.


1.) Cooking

cooking winter date night ideas

On a first date, you’re probably not going to do this one unless you’re cooking in a public place. But maybe when you’ve gone on two or three dates the cooking at someone’s place option will work fine.  However, cooking is the perfect winter date activity if you are snowed in or you do not want to spend a lot of money. It’s a cool way to have a casual, fun night that doesn’t have the added pressure of ordering the right wine at the restaurant or sitting next to a loud, screaming couple in the next booth. You can show off your skills and kick back. Give the meal a theme if you want to get fancy (Spanish or Italian or Southern cooking – make it up!).

If you are too nervous to cook in front of your date or significant other, we suggest getting a meal delivery kit! One of the benefits of a kit is that you can choose from a variety of recipes. The ingredients will come for you already prepared! You do not need to go out of your way to go to the grocery store. If one of you is on a diet, Sun Basket offers a great option for people with diet restrictions.

When you are cooking with your date, you will start to feel more at ease with them. It will be a bonding activity that you both can enjoy. When you are cooking, you can learn more about each other and can talk about anything food related or life related. Food brings people together, and it’s super special!


Winter Date Night Ideas Are Unlimited

While we only shared five winter date night ideas, the possibilities are limitless. Use your creativity and your interests to find fun things to do on first dates or as romantic evenings with your significant other. (