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Good movies entertain. Great movie review sites enlighten as well as entertain. Bad movies… they make us complain, check the clock and even curse out loud at the characters on screen. Then there are those cringe-worthy moments when you wind up watching an inappropriate film you can’t enjoy with granny and the kids sitting next to you. Though you can avoid wasting two hours and a wad of cash on a must-miss flick with a little research through the best online film reviews.


Here are top 5 movie review sites

5.) IMDB

IMDB is one of the largest database for movies as well it's popular movie reviews

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IMDB is one of the most popular movie database and movie reviews website.

Although the website is not popular for its reviews it contains a few reviews from site users that gives movie lovers an insight into the movie.

They also have a rating scale that rate movies over time. The rating scale, however, is a bit flawed as the ratings are given by those who use frequently use the platform.


4.) Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is one of the most popular movie review sites for parents to filter the kind of content their children watch

Just because a film gets glowing reviews doesn’t mean you want to view it alongside your in-laws or the kiddos. Back in the day, the MPAA rating system was the only guide discerning parents had to help them determine what films were family-friendly.

Today, Common Sense Media offers reviews that note the amount of sex, violence, foul language and substance abuse on a 5-point scale. CSM even ranks appropriateness for specific ages from 2 through 17 and points out movies with positive messages and role models.

Although a popular movie review site, Common sense media also reviews other things like books, video games, and websites in order to help parents determine what kind of media content was appropriate for their kids.

CSM has their own ratings called the “Learning Ratings” to help access the educational quality within the different kinds of media.

With over 60 million users on the website, The organization prides itself as the “largest organization dedicated to improving kids media lives”

3.) Film Comment

Film Comment is a populr movie review site known for in-depth and scholarly reviews

For moviegoers who long to sound as informed on films as an amateur, Film Comment’s reviews are chock full of in-depth analysis and insider information.

Hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City, the Film Comment website began as the organization’s print magazine. Today, Film Comment is the premier website to find professional critiques of indie and art-house films, as well as intelligent reviews of Hollywood blockbusters.

The popular movie review site which was founded in 1962 during the era of the New American Cinema (this involved independently produced works) started out as a quarterly magazine before it started publishing on a bi-monthly basis.

Also, annually, Film comment organizes the annual Film Comment Selects at the film society of Lincoln Center.

2.) Roger Ebert is a popular movie review site created by Late film critic, Roger Ebert


Roger Ebert deservedly is one of the most popular movie review sites in the world as well as one of the most respected with the website rank currently in the top 10,000 in the world standing at #9,899 according to

Legendary film critic Roger Ebert may now be attending his own premiere in that great movie theater in the sky, but his reviews haven’t been lost to the ages just yet.

The Roger Ebert website has four decades’ worth of Ebert’s own reviews written before his demise in April 2013. Hosted by the “Chicago Sun-Times,” the site continues to update with reviews of new releases, too.

No, not via divine intervention—current films are critiqued by the website’s staff of writers who were handpicked by Ebert himself.

The website which was relaunched under Ebert Digital has one of the largest collection of expert popular movie reviews. Its collection has been regarded by experts like Dissolve’s Noel Murray as “an invaluable resource, both for getting some front-line perspective on older movies and for getting a better sense of who Ebert was.”

Also, the website contains some popular movie reviews that Ebert himself didn’t discuss publicly. Reviews of films like Chelsea Girls and Good times were said to have been written by Ebert while he was in his twenties.

In addition, one of the distinguishing features of the Ebert’s website is the diversified style of writing of the movie writers on the website making it one of the top favorites for movie lovers and experts.

1.) Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is the most popular movie review sites in the world

Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most popular movie review sites in the world.

The best place to go when you’d rather not rely on just one writer’s opinion, the Rotten Tomatoes website features a percentage-based rating system that averages ratings given by professional critics and ordinary moviegoers.

The way Rotten tomatoes does this is by compiling movie reviews from different top publications and calculating the average score for a movie. Also, Rotten Tomatoes collects reviews mainly from movie writers who are certified members of film-critic associations.

However, before being accepted as a critic on the website, your reviews must get a certain number of likes from users of the platform.

At a glance, you can determine a film’s standing via the logos of ripe tomatoes denoting positive professional critiques and a rotten green blob marking the negative ones, with corresponding fresh popcorn and spilled popcorn logos for the moviegoer reviews.

Along with the easy-to-understand logos, Rotten Tomatoes also provides basic movie facts, a film synopsis and quick links to the full reviews written by the professionals.

The website which was started as an after-thought by a student, Senh Duong, in the University of Berkley.

Duong, a fan of Asian Actor, Jackie Chan, was inspired to create the website after collecting all the reviews of Jackie Chan’s movies published in the United States.

It was an instant hit as it got media features on top websites like Yahoo, USA today and the first film to feature was “Your friends & Neighbours”
On the first week of its initial launch, the website had 600-1000 visitors daily and currently, the website records 23 million monthly.
Also, the site currently ranks in top 1000 sites in the world with the site occupying the #401 globally and #150 in the United States.





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