Become Healthy and Prepared for the Future

All of us need to become more healthy and prepared. Here are 12 suggestions to help keep you and your family healthy and prepared in the future. 

Below is the list of 12 suggestions to help keep you and your family healthy and prepared in the future.  These will help you with family security, better personal and family health.  In addition, will help you become more self sufficient.

1.  Apply for Up to $1 Million in Life Insurance Rates Start at $8/Month

Now’s a good time to start planning for the future by looking into a term life insurance policy.

You’re probably thinking: I don’t have the time or money for that. But your application can take minutes — and you could leave your family up to $1 million with a company called Bestow as long as you are approved.

Rates start at just $8 a month. Plus, the peace of mind of knowing your family can be taken care of is priceless.

If you’re under the age of 54 and want to get a fast life insurance quote without a medical exam or even getting up from the couch, get a free quote from Bestow.

Most people, should have some level of life insurance.  It is a great family protection thing to do as we begin to ease the lockdown.  Life insurance is a great way to be prepared for the future.

2.  Lose Weight for Better Health

Researchers looked at 3,615 patients admitted to their hospital from Mar 4 to Apr 4. The authors analyzed the body mass index (BMI) of the patients with confirmed COVID-19. A person with a BMI of 18 to 25 is considered normal weight, 25 to 30 is considered overweight, and over 30 is obese.  Patients aged less than 60 years with a BMI from 30 to 34 were 2.0 times and 1.8 times more likely to be admitted to acute and critical care, respectively, the authors said, compared with individuals with a BMI under 30. For patients in the same age-group with a BMI over 35, the risk was 2.2  and 3.6 times higher, respectively.

Have you heard about Fasting for your health?

Intermittent Fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. In other words, it’s a periodic energy restriction that accelerates weight loss and leads to various health benefits, such as reduced inflammation, regulated blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improved brain health and many others.

Most popular type of fasting is 16:8, which means eating during an 8-hour window and restraining from food for the remaining 16 hours everyday.

Check out the DoFasting App here.  It is a great app to help you fast.

There are many solutions to help you lose weight.  Here are three great options for you.

Remember, health matters is a great thing to do as we begin to ease the lockdown.  Get healthy is one of the many ways to become healthy and prepared for the future.

3.  Invest Spare Change to Build Back Your Savings

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: Spare change? How’s that going to help me build my savings?

Well, that leftover change from your morning coffee and evening grocery hauls could turn into more than $1,000.

The Acorns app’s round-up feature bumps each of your purchases up to the nearest dollar and puts the spare change into the stock market, which helps you mindlessly save  money.

Think of it as a virtual coin jar.

Plus, Acorns invests the money for you, allowing you to grow your savings without studying stock prices or managing trades.

Acorns is your guide to financial wellness. They’ll help you invest, save and spend smarter starting at just $1 per month.  sign up.  

This is a great tool to begin creating a nest egg and help you become better prepared financially for the future.

4.  Make Sure You Have Great Oral Care – It May Be Awhile Until You Can Get to the Dentist

As we are unsure when you will be able to go to the dentist, you need to make sure your teeth are heathy.  You need to remember to brush and floss.  The company BURST has an incredible deal right now for teeth health care.  You will receive a new Sonic Toothbrush, and two packs of Whitening Strips, a travel case (you’ll be jet-setting again soon!), and a bonus emergency replacement head just in case.

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Compare Toothbrushes

You can also straighten your teeth without going to the orthodontist.  Check out the Best Invisible Braces Companies.

This is a real easy thing to do and an easy way to become healthy.

5. This Month,  I Will Get In Shape

A Hong Kong study was performed on 24,656 Chinese adults who died during this outbreak. This study showed that people who did no exercise at all or too much exercise – over five days of exercise per week – were at greatest risk of dying compared with people who exercised moderately.

According to, here are some guidelines based on just the right amount – for most people.

  • Do perform mild to moderate exercise (20-45 minutes), up to three times per week.
  • Strive to maintain (not gain) strength or fitness during the quarantine period.
  • Do avoid physical contact during exercise, such as playing team sports, that is likely to expose you to mucosal fluids or hand-to-face contact.
  • Wash and disinfect equipment after use.
  • If you use a gym, find one that is adequately ventilated and exercise away from others to avoid droplets.

Below are some past Reviews we did on Exercise Equipment:

Also, if you are having a hard time getting health food to your home, there are alternatives with meal kits.

Make sure you are making the most for your health and become a more healthy person.

6.  Buy a Inexpensive Chest Freezer to Freeze Individual Meats

Now that you can get out, focus on being prepared.  Grab yourself a chest freezer and store a month or so of food.  What we found real helpful to to get your meat at Omaha Steaks, they individually seal each piece of meat you buy.  In addition, chest freezers saves trips to the market, allows you to go deep on your favorite space-hogging food and drink stuffs, and in general affords you the one thing that all cooks crave: flexibility. Plus, they’re cheap. Even higher-end models come in well below the cost of a decent fridge/freezer combo.

Omaha Steaks are carved from the best in grass-fed, grain-finished beef. Raising cattle on grasses and finishing them with highly nutritive grains creates the signature flavor of Midwestern beef – well known for exceptional marbling and sweetness.

Be prepared and your food stash is there.  Having some food storage will help you to be healthy and prepared for the future food issues.

7. Get Better Sleep

Things to Do As We Begin to Ease the Lockdown <strong>Best 5 Mattress for Better Sleep</strong>

Best Mattresses to Buy for Better Sleep

Although this does change depending on how old you are, eight hours is a general rule of thumb, and sleep plays an obviously important role in our lives. It helps us to recharge and, according to NIH, over time it will help protect our mental and physical health, quality of life and safety. If you are not sleeping the right amount of hours and dealing with immense stress, your body will start to shut down. Over time, lack of sleep will cause issues with controlling the way that you feel, being attentive at work, and even making ordinary decisions.

FOCL Night is a nice natural sleep aid if you have been having trouble getting that nice sleep.  Sleep is the number one best ways to destress every day. Do you sleep comfortably?  If not it may be time to get a new mattress.  Best Natural Products to

GET – Help with Stress, Sleep or Pain Management.

Best Twin Bed Under $500 – The Nectar Memory Foam plus you receive $499 of free gifts

8.  Get an Air Purifier if You are Unable to Air Out Rooms

Running an air purifier at home can be a good idea anytime, to help filter out indoor allergens and pollutants like fumes from cooking and cleaning products. And that’s especially true now, when so many people are stuck indoors 24/7 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But you may also be wondering if an air purifier can prevent COVID-19 by capturing virus particles that could be traveling in the air.  They can help when a person in the home is sick but no more than opening a window and airing out the room.  If opening a window is not an option then the air purifier could do the trick.

9. Learn to Make Your Own Food

The super markets have done a great job keeping the shelves stocked during Covid.  But there are a few sections at the store that often run out of supply.  And, I am not talking about toilet paper.  The Bread and Pasta sections have been run through quite a bit.  But both are easy to make on your own and at home. For bread, you will need;  flour, sugar, yeast, vegetable oil, salt.

Top 5 Bread Makers

For Pasta, all you will need is eggs, flour, olive oil and salt, and a Pasta Maker.

If you’ve always wanted to make your own pasta, now is the time. Creates effortless spaghetti, penne and fettuccini by automatically mixing, kneading and extruding the dough for you in under 20 minutes.  Be self reliant.  It is an important thing to become healthy and prepared for the future.

10. Build an Indoor Herb Garden

Starting your own herb garden has never been easier or faster.  Transform your kitchen into a botanical heaven  Nothing beats the fresh vibe of plants in your living space.  Fresh herbs & veggies year round – NO green thumb needed. Grow fast and easy with no soil! Easy to Use & Set Up. No Green Thumb Required. Anything Grows.

Surround yourself with green growing things and discover just how much you actually love planting.

11.) Hang an American Flag and Show Your Thanks For the USA or Your State

Things to Do As We Begin to Ease the Lockdown

Time to stop the fighting and unite.  Put an American Flag or State Flag outside your home to show support your country or state during this time.  Hang flag at the top of a pole either horizontally or diagonally from the wall with any other flags below it on the same staff or another staff at the same level or lower. When displaying the American flag with other flags, if all flags are the same height, the US flag should farthest to the left (on its own right).  I am a fan of flags out front.

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12. Start a Better Prayer Life

Things to Do While Stuck Inside Due to a Pandemic - Pray Life

If you’re looking for instant access to devotions and inspiration, then we’ve got you covered with these heartwarming prayer apps for your smartphone. This list of easy-to-use apps connects you with prayers about gratitude, healing, love, and more to help you grow your faith. Next time you find a moment of quiet, consider downloading one of these to help guide your way.

Echo Prayer

Echo Prayer is an application which will help you to pray. It often seems to us that it is difficult to reconcile life and prayer. This is a delusion, a complete mistake. Prayer is the companion of the soul of a Christian. Prayer is a time dedicated to God. This time should be every day and the Echo application will help you in it.


Laudate  is the classic, all-encompassing Catholic app. It offers daily readings, the Liturgy of the Hours, a Confession app, prayers, links to the Catechism and other Church documents, and so much more. It is a useful tool for any Catholic wanting just about anything related to your Faith at your fingertips.  is like Catholic Netflix. It offers studies, videos, audio recordings, ebooks, and a range of materials for kids. It is the perfect app for media-loving Catholics who really want to help their media consumption be more fulfilling and spiritual. While “” does require a monthly fee for access to all the materials, check with your parish, as many offer their parishioners’ free access to all the wonderful content.

PureFlix is a Christian “God-Honoring” entertainment platform.  Their mission is to create an entertainment platform that strengthens the faith and values for the entire family.