13 Best CBD Products and How to Use Them

What’s CBD? It’s a powerful new form of marijuana but without the high and it’s popping up everywhere. This awesome, anxiety reducing extract isn’t just for stoners.  From gummies, to body lotion, and even pet care, CBD products are having a serious moment in the wellness world.

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a very popular natural remedy for a variety of ailments. While THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gives you a feeling of being “high”, CBD is it’s less intense counterpart with no high, but a lot of relief from pain. In a nutshell, CBD oil or hemp oil provide the same health benefits of the cannabis plant without any mind altering affects.

You’ll find CBD lotions sitting on the desks of wall street traders looking to calm down. On the faces of aging women looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Being rubbed onto cute puppies to stop them from chewing everything in site. And even being mixed in with a cup of coffee in the morning for a pick-me-up without a mid day crash.

Why are CBD products so universal? Because the list of ailments they help ease seems to be endless. And the side effects are next to none. CBD is known to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate cancer related symptoms, reduce acne breakouts, fade wrinkles, control epileptic seizures, regulate blood pressure, prevent diabetes, ease symptoms of schizophrenia, reduce substance abuse issues, and prevent the spread of tumors.

Here are the 10 best CBD products on the market right now. The best part is you don’t need a medical marijuana card to purchase any of them. Everything below is available for purchase online and for shipping across the country.

Chill out, without the high, with our favorite CBD selects below.

1.)  Sunday Scaries Gummies

Sunday Scaries original CBD Gummies feel like a giant hug to your nervous system. Using our proprietary blend of the highest quality broad spectrum CBD, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 their CBD Gummies are the perfect everyday treat to support a relaxed, focused & on track vibe no matter what day of the week it is. Each bottle contains 20 gummies that have 10 MG of CBD per gummy.

What makes your CBD Gummies different?

Unlike some of our competitors which get a lot of their CBD from China and other sources with loose regulatory requirements, our CBD is sourced directly from farms in the USA and grown in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. These farms are regulated by the states’ Agriculture Departments. This requires our CBD to be pesticide free.

And let’s be real. We’re funny. And that’s in our CBD too. Now that is a wellness hack.

Product:  CBD Gummies with Vitamins

Price: $31 for a box of 20 (10mg of CBD per Gummy)

2.) Lord Jones CBD Pain & Wellness Body Lotion

CBD products lord jones body lotion

Lord Jones

If Lord Jone’s product photos haven’t popped up on your instagram feed yet they’re coming! This CBD company is like the prada of CBD products. It girls everywhere seem to be obsessed with the Lord Jone’s Pain & Wellness Body Lotion. This CBD product provides an immediate feeling of relaxation after applying and actually alleviates more serious back and muscle pain.

The Lord Jone’s lotion gives you a nice cooling sensation after applying, followed by relaxed muscles and reduced feelings of anxiety. It uses an extra strength CBD formula that also soothes skin issues. If you’re new to using CBD this is the perfect gate way product.

Product: Lord Jone’s CBD Pain & Wellness Body Lotion

Price: $50

3.) Kana Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

CBD Products KANA Face Mask

KANA beauty

CBD oil in a face mask? Yes! CBD is an antioxidant more potent than vitamin C, A, E, and even omega fatty acids. That makes it ideal for soothing and repairing your skin whether you’re hoping to erase fine lines or clear a break out. It’s one of the most innovative face masks on the market. Slather it on before bed and it will also help you relax into sleep.

Products: KANA Lavender CBD Sleeping Face Mask

Price: $45

4.) STRAVA CBD Infused Coffee

CBD Products Strava Coffee

STRAVA sells a CBD product that mixed with a morning staple: coffee! The Peace & Wellness Elevate Blend combine 8 plant nutrients to give you a seriously good morning. This coffee blend helps you feel alert, calm, and focused throughout the day. It also alleviates pain and inflammation in your body. You won’t think twice about pouring a second cup of STRAVA.

Product: STRAVA Peace & Wellness Elevate Coffee Blend

Price: $54.95 for 12oz bag

5.) CBD Immunity Vaporizer

CBD Products Wildflower Vape Pen


This CBD product is one of the most effective ways to get the immediate benefits of CBD. Wildflower’s CBD vaporizer is actually great to take a puff of when you’re feeling under the weather. The Immunity boosting vape pen provides relief from symptoms of the flu such as coughs, headaches and blocked sinuses. It’s taste of eucalyptus and cinnamon makes you feeling like your inhaling a sweat, healing tea.

Product: Wildflower Immunity CBD Vaporizer

Price: $59.99

6.) Life Flowerchild Bath Bomb

CBD Products Flowerchild Bath Bomb


Take a relaxing bath to the next level with Flowerchild’s CBD Bath Bombs. These handcrafted bath bombs are beautiful and provide excellent relief for sore muscles. Added bonus: the bath bombs come with a charged quartz crystal. This CBD product is the perfect thing to gift a friend in need of some r&r.

Product: Flowerchild Bath Bomb

Price: $15 for one (each bath bomb has 50mg of CBD oil)

7.) Irie CBD Pet Blend

CBD Products Irie Pet Blend


There’s even a CBD product for mans best friend. This pet friendly CBD tincture provides some amazing health benefits for your furry friends. It mixes CBD oil, omega fatty acids, vitamins A, and D to keep your pets hair shiny and their health in balance. It also gives pets a feeling of well being and can be used to curb anxious and hyperactive animals.

Product: Irie: Pet Blends

Price: $55.99

8.) Lulu’s Hemp Oil Chocolate

Lulu’s Chocolate

If you are craving chocolate, but need CBD oil, this next product will make your taste buds happy! This delicious chocolate is considered organic and vegan. It makes for the perfectly guilt-free indulgence that has the right amount of CBD.

Product: Lulu’s CBD Chocolate

Price: $12

9.) Herb Essentials Moisturizer

Herb Essntls makes one of the best CBD beauty products. Their cannabis infused face moisturizer is a miracle in a jar for your skin problems. This CBD product is unique because it uses cannabis sativa seed oil which happens to do wonders for increasing hydration and elasticity in your skin. Your skin will seriously look healthier and younger the more you use this potent stuff!

Product: Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Moisturizer

Price: $60 for 2 Fl oz

10.) Cibaderm CBD Shampoo

CBD Products Cibaderm Shampoo


Last but not least is a CBD product that will transform your hair, keeping it healthy and beautiful. This innovative shampoo combines hemp oil and organic botanicals that leaves hair shiny and bouncy. It cleans your hair while stabilizing your scalp health. Goodbye dandruff! It’s a great every day shampoo because it provides serious shine without weighing down your hair.

Product: Cibaderm Hemp CBD Complex Shampoo

Price: $19

11.) Made to Order CBD-Coffee

cbd oil coffee


If you’re more about getting your CBD infused coffee in a coffee shop, check out PK Coffee in Stowe Vermont — they infuse their delicious drinks with Mount Elmore CBD oils. You’ve got to try an iced Maple-Lemon-Coffee, it’s a perfect summer drink. In winter, try the turmeric latte with some CBD in it post skiing — it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long, active day.

Product: Made to order coffees infused with CBD

Price: $7.00-$11.00 with CBD infusion

12.) CBD Infused Dog Treats

cbd dog treats


Created by one of the barista’s at PK coffee, Lazy Bones makes CBD-peanut butter treats for your pups. Available starting June 15th only via DM on Instagram, and email, the treats are infused with Mount Elmore CBD Oil. For dogs, it’ll help with inflammation, arthritis, cancers and anxiety. A great option for the dog who’ll tear your home apart the moment you step out the door, we’re putting the treats to the test with our overzealous pup.

Product: 8 oz bag of 18 dog treats

Price: $25.00

13.) CBD Infused Peanut Butter

CBD infused peanut butter

Hemp Health

Want the ultimate PB&J? Add in the CBD infused PB from Hemp Health for the best afternoon snack. Giving you a boost and a bit of relaxation, the CBD in this peanut butter will help you make it through that Friday stretch we all dread.

Product: CBD Infused Peanut Butter

Price: $49.99

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