Why Digital Nomads Love WiFi Boosters for Travel

Why do remote workers and other digital nomads love WiFi boosters for travel? For speedier connection, connection to more WiFi signals and much more.

If you’ve decided to embrace the digital nomad life, congratulations! It’s not for everyone, and it can even be scary. There are a lot of unknowns: where you’ll live next, when your next job will come and how long you’ll be able to support yourself in this lifestyle. One thing that shouldn’t be an unknown? WiFi. Why do digital nomads love WiFi boosters for travel? Simple: WiFi boosters enable digital nomads to live and work remotely.

As a digital nomad, WiFi is your lifeblood. It’s what enables you to work, get paid and support yourself on this journey. While most hostels, apartments and cafes claim to have WiFi, it’s not always good. And there’s nothing worse than settling into a great cafe, ordering a tea, booting up your laptop, and then finding out you can’t get a strong-enough WiFi signal to work. Talk about anxiety! Thankfully, there’s a solution: WiFi boosters for travel. WiFi boosters are also known as WiFi extenders, WiFi antennas and WiFi repeaters. While they have subtle differences, they all work to enhance your internet, whether it’s to your home or while you’re on the go.

Here are the top five benefits of WiFi boosters for travel:

5.) You’ll Have Stronger WiFi Connections

wifi boosters for travel working on laptop

WiFi boosters work by amplifying the WiFi signal. You can get a home WiFi booster that plugs into your wall or a WiFi antenna that plugs into your laptop. A WiFi antenna is the ideal WiFi booster for travel.  While a WiFi booster for the home works by strengthening the WiFi signal, the WiFi antenna works by boosting your laptop’s signal detection range. This enables your laptop to find and connect to a WiFi signal more easily.

Oftentimes, cafes promoting free WiFi don’t have enough signal strength to support everyone who wants to connect. While the WiFi may work while just a few people are connected, as the day progresses and more and more people want to get online, the service slows and sometimes can even come to a halt. WiFi boosters can help to prevent that. You’ll be the envy of everyone in the cafe when their WiFi begins tobuffer but yours stays strong enough to stream the worst-rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes while you work.

4.) You Can Connect to More Networks

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If you’re a creature of habit, maybe you have one cafe that you like to work from. However, if you like a bit of diversity, perhaps there are a few in one area that you frequent. If you’re a digital nomad, we recommend the latter, not just so you can vary your locale but so you can get the passwords to more WiFi networks.

Why? Well, if you have a WiFi booster for travel, your WiFi signal strength will be bolstered, which means you’ll be able to access networks that would normally be out of range.

So, back to our initial example of setting up in your favorite cafe only to realize there are too many people connected to the WiFi and you can’t get a signal. Had you visited other cafes in the area, been granted access to their WiFi and have your WiFi antenna on, you might still be able to connect to these cafes, despite the fact that you’re technically “out of range.” Why? Thanks to your WiFi antenna.

3.) You’ll Have Faster Connections

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If you work out of your home, you likely have a fast internet connection. As a remote worker, you’re willing to pay for the fastest internet money can buy. When you work from a cafe, you’re at the mercy of what the cafe owners are willing to pay for internet. This means it’s not always the fastest, no matter how many other people are connected. This is where a WiFi booster for travel can come in.

WiFi boosters not only strengthen your WiFi connection, but they speed up the internet as well. If you have frequent video calls with clients, you’ll no longer have to worry about the screen freezing or the call dropping. You’ll also be more efficient, as your files will upload and download faster than before. If you work in a creative field and are continually downloading and uploading photos and other large files, WiFi boosters will speed up the process and likely save you a lot of anxiety.

2.) WiFi Boosters Are Small and Portable

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If you’re a digital nomad or frequent traveler, you know how to pack light. When you move around frequently, you become pretty adept at sorting through the nice-to-haves and the necessities. And, when it comes to the necessities, the smaller and more compact, the better.

WiFi boosters should be a necessity for all digital nomads as they greatly improve your ability to work. And – as if they could get any better – they can! They’re small, which means they won’t take up much coveted space in your suitcase or laptop bag. They’re light as well, so they won’t add weight to your bag, another key factor for digital nomad essentials.

1.) You Can Work Pretty Much Anywhere

The best part about digital nomad life is the ability to work wherever you want. Want to be a digital nomad in Bali? Go for it! There’s a great community there you can network with. Prefer city life to the tropics? You can be a digital nomad in Hong Kong. The world is literally at your fingertips, as long as it has WiFi.

With WiFi boosters for travel, you can pretty much work anywhere: not just in any city, but any location. WiFi extenders enable you to work in cafes, on the beach, on boats and more. While you’ll still need an internet hub to connect to, WiFi boosters make it easier than ever.

Confused about how a WiFi booster functions? We’ll teach you in this post: How Do WiFi Boosters Work?

Do you have a WiFi booster for travel? Tell us what kind and why you love it in the comments below.

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