How to Date and Make Friends as a Digital Nomad

The nomadic aspect of being a digital nomad can be the most appealing part about it. You could be constantly jetting off to new places, or you’re doing a stint in some of the most beautiful corners of the earth, or you’re creating a life you want where a mix of both is possible. That’s all great until the reality of being away from home and constantly in new locations kicks in. When it comes to being a digital nomad dating and fostering relationships can be tricky and can be downside to the life of a remote worker.

If that scares you then don’t fear, aspiring nomads. There are few things you can do to meet new people and build friendships in a new country. Digital nomad dating and friend-ing won’t be so hard or daunting with these five ideas.

1.) First Things First, Facebook is Your Friend

digital nomad dating

Tim Bennett

Privacy breaches aside, if you are one of the people who took part in the #deletefacebook wave, you may want to reconsider your decision. Truthfully, an entire article could be written on just Facebook groups alone. There are so many informational groups uniting people in the digital nomad world based on cities, interests and career fields.

Where To Start

The great thing about utilizing Facebook to meet new people is the fact that you already have a profile on the site and don’t have to create new profile on other forum websites.

Start off by searching ‘digital nomad’ + the name of the city or country and you’re bound to find a group full of other expats from all around the world. Most expat groups regularly post meet-ups or events in the local area which is a great place start meeting people. If you’re looking to make a new friend or a prospective boo, these Facebook groups are essential and easy.

Find your Niche

Digital nomad groups can be overwhelmingly large, with some groups containing over 30,000 members. Joining such groups is a great place to start, but finding friends who share your similar interests will most likely put you in a better position for digital nomad dating and making friends. Look for a local English-led yoga class or take up new salsa classes with other expats and locals. Use your passions and interests to help fuel your search for relationships in your new home.

Some great groups to join are: