The Ultimate Digital Nomad Guide To Canggu, Bali

You’re a Digital Nomad and looking for the ultimate home away from home? Consider taking your remote work to Canguu – the place to be for Digital Nomads, entrepreneurs and those leading a location-independent lifestyle. Here is all you need to know!

Imagine the following: you’re heading out for an early morning surf or yoga class before indulging in a lush gluten-free, vegan pancake breakfast. You’re then heading home on your scooter to the private villa you’ve rented for the month, there you’ll be working beside the pool until noon with high-speedinternet connection. Soon it’s time to meet your new Digital Nomad friends at the co-working spot down the street to have lunch and then get more work done before ending the day with a massage, followed by BBQ on the beach. And all that ends up costing you – on average, no more than US$1200… Welcome to Bali…

A digital nomad myself, I arrived to Canggu five months ago and was hooked immediately. All the rumors I’ve heard seemed true. All the online guides I’ve read before booking my flight  were correct. Canggu really is the place to be, if you’re part of the Digital Nomad club of remote workers and entrepreneurs. Bali is more than beautiful beaches, ricefields, mountains and drunken Australians.

There’s a lot to love about this town and I am happy to give youthe full guide on the Digital Nomad life in Canggu! Of course, all that glitters is not gold. So I will make sure to cover both pros and cons!

Canggu is situated about 10km North of Seminyak. The little beach town is not that little: It basically covers the area from the very chill Berawa over the busy main road in Batu Bolong and stretches all the way to Cemagi.

Could you live in Canggu, enjoy yourself and still be productive? Decide yourself!

Why choose Canggu as a Digital Nomad?

Visa – Options And Extensions

Digital Nomad

Visas are easy to obtain upon arrival, but can be a hassle if you want to stay longer than the 30 days granted with the free tourist visa. As a Digital Nomad you can stay in the country for two months, but you will have to choose the option “Visa on Arrival”, which costs US$35 and allows you to renew your visa to stay for a total of two months.

Renewing your visa is quite easy if you’re hiring an agent. The process looks like this: Seven days (preferably more to make sure no public holiday interferes), you take your passport to an agent who then takes care of the necessary documentation and schedules an appointment at the Immigration office. You’re then sent to the office in Denpasar, to give your fingerprints and answer a few simple questions. Expect a cost of $45 for Visa and agent services.

After two months, it’s a common practice to take a flight to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and do a short visa run. Most Digital Nomads leave and return on the same day (because why would you want to leave Canggu) and there are no questions asked.