Why Do I Need a WiFi Booster?

If you've ever wondered "Why do I need a WiFi booster?," we're here to help. Want to work outside? Want a fast connection, no matter how many devices are being used? Those are just a few things WiFi boosters can help you do.

If you’re asking yourself  “Why do I need a WiFi booster?,” we’re here to help. There are multiple types of WiFi boosters. There are home WiFi boosters, WiFi extenders and WiFi antennas, among others.

At their core, these boosters improve your access to a WiFi connection by strengthening the WiFi signal, but they are also capable of doing much more, such as speeding up your WiFi connection, providing a farther range and enabling more devices to connect to one signal without losing signal strength.

Whether you’re home, traveling, working from a cafe or starting your journey as a digital nomad, these are the top five answers to your question, “Why do I need a WiFi booster?”

5.) You Have a Big House

why do i need a wifi booster range extender in house

If you have a big house, chances are there are a few dead spots where you just can’t seem to get WiFi. Maybe your router is in the family room but your office is located in the basement and your emails download much slower than you want. If this is the case, a WiFibooster can help.

The best type of WiFi booster to get for big houses is a signal booster. A WiFi signal booster “extends WiFi network coverage space by boosting or amplifying existing signals. It enables all wireless devices within that expanded coverage space to connect to internet or similar wireless network. It is a unique solution that works by pulling in an existing weak WiFi from transmitter. It then amplifies it before broadcasting the transmission to more spaces where needed.” Signal boosters can help get WiFi to your entire home, no matter how many floors it has.

4.) You Work Remotely

why do i need a wifi booster laptop on table by water

Whether you’re a digital nomad or just have the option to work remotely, you’ll need consistent and strong WiFi. If you’re the only person in a cafe, chances are you’ll have a decent connection, but as the day goes on and more and more people connect, the WiFi will likely slow. This is where a WiFi antenna boosters for laptops comes in. In fact, they’re one of the most important tools a digital nomad can have.

WiFi antenna boosters can help boost your laptop’s signal detection range. Matthew Karsten, a full-time digital nomad otherwise known as The Expert Vagabond, understands that WiFi is the lifeblood of those who work remotely and knows how much of a difference a WiFi extender can make. “With my Macbook Pro’s internal WiFi card I can pick up eight different signals from a coffee shop in Thailand,” he says. “But with a WiFi antenna booster, I can see 38 networks!”

“Because the boosted WiFi signal is so much stronger,” he continues, “I’m frequently using it even when my internal card sees some of the same connections. A 20 percent strong network signal suddenly becomes a 99 percent strong signal after hooking up my external WiFi antenna. Sometimes that extra power can really make a big difference!”

3.) You Like Working Outside

why do i need a wifi booster person on laptop beside pond

One of the best parts about having a flexible job is being able to work wherever you want. The challenge? Getting WiFi wherever you want.

If you’re like us and enjoy working outside, then the answer to “Why do I need a WiFi booster?” is easy: it enables you to work in your backyard, front yard and other outdoor spots around your home. Simply plug the extender into an area of the house nearest the spot you’ll be working (if you have a back porch, this could be an ideal spot). The WiFi booster will then enhance your existing wireless coverage and transmit it to more spaces.

If you live in an apartment and have a communal outside area, this could work as well. Either invest in a WiFi signal booster for your apartment and transmit the signal outside, or invest in a laptop antenna booster and use it to connect to your building’s communal WiFi, if it exists.

2.) You Want WiFi on Your Boat

While many people set sail with the goal of disconnecting, others need to stay connected. If you fall into the latter category and want to get online while on the water, it’s easier than you think and perfectly answers your question, “Why do I need a WiFi booster?”

The two most popular ways to get onboard internet are to:

  • Connect to the marina’s WiFi
  • Use and amplify cellular data

The more preferable (and affordable) option is to connect to the marina’s WiFi. All you need is a WiFi antenna or extender, and you’ll strengthen the signal so you can stay connected even as you set sail.

Once you get too far away from the marina, you will unfortunately lose service, no matter how strong your booster. At this point, it’s typically best to operate via your cellular data and boost the signal with a cellular booster. This will enable you to access cellular internet up to 10 miles from shore. To do this, you’ll simply need the following:

  • SIM card with a large data plan
  • Modem that can read SIM cards
  • Marine cellular antenna
  • Cellular signal amplifier

Once the WiFi is connected, you’ll also need a router to route the internet to your devices. Most allow you to automatically switch between WiFi and cellular depending on where you are located and the strength of connectivity, and give preference to the WiFi network.

1.) You Want Faster WiFi

why do i need a wifi booster person browsing on tablet

We’ve come a long way from dial-up internet, but it seems the faster the internet, the more spoiled we get! If you stream a lot of videos, download large files or have multiple devices connected to your internet, you may find your connection slowing down. If this is the case, you could use a WiFi booster.

If you want faster WiFi, you can call your cable provider and upgrade your package. Or, you can get a WiFi booster, which typically does the same thing, but for a fraction of the price.

Do you use a WiFi booster? Tell us what kind and why in the comments!