Why Do I Need a WiFi Booster?

If you’re asking yourself  “Why do I need a WiFi booster?,” we’re here to help. There are multiple types of WiFi boosters. There are home WiFi boosters, WiFi extenders and WiFi antennas, among others.

At their core, these boosters improve your access to a WiFi connection by strengthening the WiFi signal, but they are also capable of doing much more, such as speeding up your WiFi connection, providing a farther range and enabling more devices to connect to one signal without losing signal strength.

Whether you’re home, traveling, working from a cafe or starting your journey as a digital nomad, these are the top five answers to your question, “Why do I need a WiFi booster?”

5.) You Have a Big House

why do i need a wifi booster range extender in house

If you have a big house, chances are there are a few dead spots where you just can’t seem to get WiFi. Maybe your router is in the family room but your office is located in the basement and your emails download much slower than you want. If this is the case, a WiFibooster can help.

The best type of WiFi booster to get for big houses is a signal booster. A WiFi signal booster “extends WiFi network coverage space by boosting or amplifying existing signals. It enables all wireless devices within that expanded coverage space to connect to internet or similar wireless network. It is a unique solution that works by pulling in an existing weak WiFi from transmitter. It then amplifies it before broadcasting the transmission to more spaces where needed.” Signal boosters can help get WiFi to your entire home, no matter how many floors it has.