The Best All-Terrain Tires Available: Get Equipped for Any Road Condition

If you love off-roading in your daily driver, you need a great set of all-terrain tires. Here are our top picks for the best all-terrain tires.

All-terrain tires provide excellent traction on various surfaces, both on and off-road. They combine the open-tread design of off-road tires with the exceptional handling of street tires. Remember that each tire type serves a specific purpose, so it’s important to consider which type suits your car and driving needs best.

Some of us just can’t resist veering off the beaten path. What I mean is, while cruising along, we stumble upon an old trail in the woods or desert, and that sense of adventure beckons us. Our vehicles, you see, aren’t just for off-roading; they serve as our workhorses, family haulers, and everyday commuters.

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We’re not settling for all-season tires. We crave something that can conquer both the pavement and the dirt. That’s precisely why we’ve curated this list of top-notch all-terrain tires. Perfect for the adventurous souls who thrive on versatility—or maybe even those who call a dirt road home!

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Check out our picks of the best all-terrain tires:

5. Firestone Destination A/T

best all-terrain tires firestone destination tires

Wet, muddy roads your thing? Then you should head in direction of the Firestone Destination A/Ts. These tires are for SUVs and pickups.

Like any of the best all-terrain tires, the Destination A/Ts provide great comfort on the road while tackling crazy conditions off-road. Noise reduction was one of Firestone’s main concerns while engineering the Destination. Drivers using these tires report experiencing long-lasting durability and even in some cases, increased MPGs.

While we can’t confirm any of these rave reviews as facts, we do know the destinations are great, basic, all-terrain tires for most vehicles and drivers.

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4. Falken WildPeak A/T

best all-terrain tires falken wildpeak

Falken claims that these tires are “engineered for adventure, any time and in any weather.”

These are some great-looking tires, but looks aren’t everything. First and foremost, the Falken WildPeaks are actually very quiet on the road. They conquer through loose sand and gravel, and they grip insanely well on ice and snow, too. The price for these tires is neither as high as some A/T tires nor is it as low as others.

One of the standout features of these Falken tires is their exceptional durability and long-lasting tread. They prove their resilience even after enduring continuous abuse over countless miles. Additionally, the wide range of available sizes makes it effortless to find the perfect fit to replace your stock tires on your current truck or jeep. Indeed, these tires are a solid choice, delivering outstanding performance and versatility across various vehicles, terrains, and driving styles.

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3. Yokohoma Geolander A/T-S

best all-terrain tires yokohoma geolander

Drive a lot on loose gravel and dirt? The Yokohoma Geolander A/T-S provides great traction in this sort of terrain, while still giving a solid performance when it comes to snow and mud. Drivers find these tires provide decent on-road comfort, and with their low cost, the Geolanders are a lot of bang for your buck. The Yokohoma Geolander is built for durability and a long life, with the ability it to deliver long mileage and less wear and tear.

Overall, consumers and reviewers love the Geolander as a solid option that deserves a place among the best all-terrain tires.

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2. Toyo Tire Open Country A/T III

The Toyo Open Country A/T III is a versatile all-terrain tire that excels in various conditions and surfaces, catering to drivers seeking a harmonious blend of on-road comfort and off-road capability. Its well-balanced tread design ensures excellent road manners, delivering a comfortable ride with minimal noise, addressing common concerns associated with all-terrain tires. Moreover, this tire prioritizes traction on wet and dry surfaces, featuring high-void areas and multiple biting edges that provide exceptional grip on muddy or loose terrains. Its robust construction enables it to conquer the challenges of off-road driving, offering the resilience needed for traversing rocky and uneven surfaces.

The Open Country A/T III stands out with its emphasis on longevity and durability. It features a specialized rubber compound engineered to resist wear, resulting in prolonged tread life without compromising performance. It excels in snow and wet surface performance, backed by its prestigious three-peak mountain snowflake certification. Overall, the Toyo Open Country A/T III is an all-terrain tire that combines longevity, on-road comfort, and off-road prowess, making it an unwavering choice for adventurous drivers.

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1. Nitto Ridge Grappler

Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Nitto Ridge Grappler offers a perfect combination of on-road performance and off-road capability, catering to drivers who seek a tire that can conquer challenging terrains without compromising comfort on paved roads. With its striking tread design and dual sidewall patterns, this tire not only looks impressive but also delivers exceptional functionality. Its carefully engineered tread pattern ensures optimal surface contact, providing enhanced stability and traction on both wet and dry roads. Moreover, the reinforced block foundations add rigidity to the tread blocks, minimizing flex and maximizing grip for navigating rocky or muddy terrains.

The Ridge Grappler stands out in the all-terrain tire market for its focus on delivering a quiet and comfortable ride on pavement. Nitto uses advanced sound equipment to create tread patterns that reduce highway hum and road noise, resulting in a smoother driving experience. The tire also features stone ejectors to repel stones and gravel, ensuring tread block integrity and longevity. With its durability, off-road prowess, and on-road comfort, the Nitto Ridge Grappler is an enticing choice for diverse conditions.

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You never know when you’re going to be taking your car off the pavement, and if you really want to make a difference with your car’s off-road performance, you have to start with your tires. These five best all-terrain tires should be able to take you from the smooth highway, to rough gravel, to muddy grass and back to the highway seamlessly without any kind of strain.

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