These Car Tires Make Driving In The Rain A Whole Lot Safer

You can’t always depend on dry roads and clear driving. No matter where you live, you’re going to have to deal with rain. If you live in someplace like the Pacific Northwest or Florida, rain is going to come more often than not. But you shouldn’t have to turn into a Sunday driver whenever it gets a little wet out there. There are plenty of car tires that are perfect for prime performance in the worst of weather. We hope our list of Top 5 Car Tires for Rain can help you select the perfect tire for rainy weather.

5.) BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW-2

Car tires for rain goodrich

There is a good debate between enthusiasts whether the BF Goodrich G-force T/A KDW-2 or the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 are better for the money. Regardless of the fanboy/fangirl opinions, both are good tires for around the same cost. Some drivers have found that the G-Force tires provide a bit of road noise, though it is an inconsistent complaint. These car tires operate amazingly in the rain and other wet conditions. However, they won’t work magic: if you are an inexperienced driver you’ll find yourself fishtailing all over the place. If you know how to drive in wet conditions, the g-forces will work in your favor.

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4.) Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3

Car tires for rain - goodyear eagle

The price tag on the Eagle F1 GS-D3’s is a little better than the car tires listed above, but still will cost you over 100 bucks per tire. Still, Goodyear’s Eagle F1 GS-D3’s are a favorite among motorist’s, with very few bad reviews across the board. For the price, the F1 GS-D3’s are cheaper but still just as good as higher priced options. They are not intended at all for cold driving or on ice and snow though, so be wary. These are a great choice for hard drivers in rainy regions, as their performance shines when the roads are wet. F1 GS-D3’s will wear quite quickly though, so be careful to check your treads a lot.

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3.) Bridgestone’s Potenza S-02 Pole Position

Car tires for rain - bridgestone

Probably the best car tire you can get if you want both peak dry and wet tire performance. These tires may break the bank, but it’s worth it for a summer tire that cannot be beat. Noiseless, great handling, and perfect for heavy commuters or track enthusiast, the Potenza S-02 are top notch. You’ll want to make sure you switch these tires out when the temperatures drop, as they are specifically designed for the summer months.

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2.) Continental ExtremeContact DWS

 Car tires for rain - continental

If you want performance in both rain and slushy winter conditions, the ExtremeContact DWS is going to be high on your list of car tires to choose from. With a 50k mile tread-wear warranty, and insane traction control, the ExtremeContact DWS tires will cost just a tad less than the Pilot Sport A-S +. Still costly but the price is worth it. The letters DWS printed on the tire tell you the following: When the S wears away and the letters DW remain. It means your car tires are still good for dry and wet conditions, but not snow performance. Once the W wears away and the D is showing, it means the tire is rated for only dry performance. This wear indicator is useful so you do not have to second guess your traction and tire safety.

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1.) Michelin Pilot Sport A-S +

Car tires for rain - michelin

For ultimate control in wet conditions, but still retaining great performance in dry conditions, the Pilot Sport A-S + is the best car tire you can get. However, road noise may be substantial for the first hundred or so miles. The Pilot Sports come pretty damn close to being perfect on both wet and dry roads. You may also find some under-performance problems on ice and snow, but then you’d be buying snow tires for winter months, wouldn’t you?

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No matter what tires you buy for the wet season, keep in mind safety and learn how to drive in said conditions. While your equipment is only good if you know how to use it, these car tires for rain can certainly help.


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