These Snow Tires Will Keep You From Sliding Off The Road

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When the white stuff starts falling, it’s time to replace those all-weather tires with something more specific. This is more important if you live in an area where the streets aren’t typically plowed and there is always a layer of snow and ice caked on the pavement. Winter is coming, but never fear, we will prepare you for it with our list of Top 5 Tires for Snow.

5 Michelin X-Ice Xi2

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Stepping down from even the Pilots, those in areas where snow is occasional or just lighter, will find a great deal with the X-Ice Xi2s. You won’t want these tires if you are hitting a hard long winter in the U.P. of Michigan, but those in maybe Northern Virginia/DC with light snows, yet heavy ice will love these long lasting tires. For the cost, you really can’t complain. You may hear many naysayers against these tires, but not everyone can afford Hakkas or Pilots, and that’s the truth. Throw these on your car for those winter months and you’ll feel a little bit more in control than having those stockall-terrain tires on your vehicle.

4 Michelin Pilot Alpin

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When comfort, cost, and messy weather driving are all an issue, the Pilot Alpin is a good middle-ground tire in regards to performance and cost. These tires, like the Hakkas, also claim to have low temp gripping too.The Pilot Alpin’s will do well on ice and snow, yet still be comfortable when you go through dry spells. These tires would seem ideal for areas where snow plows are often plowing and salting, and roads tend to be wet and slushy rather than packed with ice and snow year round. Most family drivers or commuters will probably do best with the Pilot Alpin’s as opposed to the insaneperformance and cost of the Hakkas.

3 NokianHakkapeliitta R

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Nokian pretty much makes the best snow tires out there. There is no better tire for grip on ice and snow or for cutting through slush. The design of the tread usesa zig-zag pattern which will also cut through wet and soggy roads quite well. The rubber compound of the Hakkas is supposed to be highly revolutionary to perform better grip at lower temps. To be blunt, this tire is an insane performer in the worst conditions. The problem? You’ll be paying top dollar for these tires, when most people will only need something a bit less intense. Of course, for those northernWisconsin winters, or snowy mountain driving, you might feel safer with a set of Hakkas on your car.

2 General Altimax Artic

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There are plenty of good things about General Altimax Artic tires. First off, they are fairly reasonably priced. In fact, they might be one of the highest quality and lowest costing snow tires you can buy. While amazing on ice and snow, the Altimax also do fairly well on wet, slushy and rainy roads. However, like most snow specific tires, the AltimaxArtics do not hold up the same high performance on dry pavement.

1 Bridgestone Blizzak WS-70

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With four main grooves to channel snow, the Blizzaks also do great on slush and ice. These tires excel when conditions are snowy, butof you happen to cross some cleared pavement, the Blizzaks will underperform. For drivers who beginto see ice and snow on the road in November, and see no end of it till March or April, the Blizzak’s are a necessity. The grip on these babies will astound you when you make the switch, however be warned, the Blizzaks tend to wear down fairly fast. This is especially true when you hit more pavement that is dry than a snow covered road. Still, the Blizzak’s have a great price on them for what you get.

Whether you’re driving in deep snow, packed ice, crazy slush, or just cold wet pavement, there are a variety options depending on what you’re willing to pay. You don’t always need the most expensive snow tire to get what you need and to match your driving conditions.

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