Get Off the Pavement and Into the Mud: These Are the 5 Best Off-Road Tires for Your Money

To the real mudder, the off-roader, the ones who love to throw their trucks right into the sandiest, grittiest places, here are the 5 best off road tires.

These are tires for the real mudder, the real off-roader, the guys and gals who love to throw their trucks right into the sandiest, dirtiest, grittiest places on earth without getting stuck or caught without grip. These are the kind of tires made for roughneck driving, not commuting, but can still function on pavement to get you to that favorite mudding spot or dirt track.

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Good off road tires won’t just increase your performance off-road but it could also save you from getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. You can’t just pick it out the most oversized tire you can find. These are the best off road tires we could find on the market will help your decision. Read on, faithful off roading fanatic!

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5.) Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

best off road tires cooper


For both on-road driving and serious off-roading, the S/T Maxx is a good choice in tire. While they offer a quieter ride on the road than some other tires, they do fair climbing over rocks while cutting through mud and water soaked terrain. Even for their on-road comfort, the S/T Maxxs perform well on loose gravel and sandy surfaces. Their tread design helps to remove stones before they puncture the tire.

We swear this tire is tough enough and durable enough for a good off roading session and that it deserves to be on our list along with the Bajas and MadDogs.For those who take their trucks around town, but also every weekend for a trail ride, we recommend the S/T Maxxs -especially for the price.

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4.) Maxxis M8090 Creepy Crawler

best off road tires maxxis


Gotta love that name! If you rock climb, then the best off road tires for you are the Creepy Crawlers. Flexible, yet tough, with a great look, these tires are going to be able to chop through water, mud, and dirt, but are aching to tackle rocks. Their unique multi-edged knob design and sipe arrangement enhance traction on slippery surfaces and the stone ejectors provide protection against tread cap damage from sharp rocks

They are DOT approved but won’t provide much of a comfortable ride on the pavement – but that doesn’t matter when you see their performance when they tackle boulders. Besides, the reason you’re buying them is to go off road, right? The Maxxis is the apex of a heavy duty, long lasting, rugged, beast of a tire.

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3.) Toyo Open Country M/T

best off road tires toyo


If you’re looking for something that can go off road but still give you a decent ride on the road too, the Toyo Open Country M/T’s are a good choice. These Toyo’s come at a good price and drivers have found they wear well.

They’ll cut through mud, and they have a great look too. The special grooves help to shed mud from their treads. The Open Country’s also do well when it comes to grip on snow and powder so those who can’t get enough of snowy conditions should look into them. In addition, the deep siping in the tread blocks help maintain grip on wet surfaces

Drivers who have equipped the Toyo Open Country’s to replace their original stock tires have noticed an immediate difference when going off road with them.

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2.) BFGoodrich Baja T/A

best off road tires goodrich


This tire has a long history of being a classic off road tire. Time has given the Baja time to develop into a tire that is a solid choice when the need to cut through mud, dirt, loose gravel/sand and snow is the case. But most importantly, these are best off road tires for those high-speed off road drivers.

The Bajas can tackle rocky terrain too and while the PitBulls will work best for deep soggy mud and rock climbing, the Baja’s are long lasting treads that will last you through the apocalypse (we make no claims on that one, but we know they’ll prove their worth!). The downside? They’re a bit pricey.

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1.) PitbullMadDog Tires

best off road tires pitbull


Pitbulls are a beastly choice in off road tires, the MadDog’s are insanely hostile when cutting through mud and look powerful and aggressive. The tread design cleans out stones and packed snow with every rotation, and while they are designed for the most hardcore off road outings, they will service you on the road fair enough.

PitBull has packed on the tough rubber, creating a chunky tread that is long lasting and durableunder even the most intense conditions. PitBull prides themselves on making the toughest off road tires out there and the MadDog’s are proof of this.

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Whether you’re a trail rider, a mudder, a rock climber or like to get out a wheel in the snow, these five tire choices will help you cut through the slop, grip the rocks and keep better traction in a variety of off-road conditions.

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