Where Speed Meets Pavement: The Best High Performance Tires for Your Auto

When the time comes to get your car onto the track, or just prepped for speed, the right choice in tire is vital. These high performance tires will help you with your speed needs.

When the time comes to get your car onto the track, or just prepped for speed, the right choice in tire is vital. We want more performance than stock tires can provide along with increased durability and traction.

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Finding the right tire is essential, and finding a high-quality tire is even more important. You might sweat when you see how many tires there are out there to choose from, but never fear, we are here to help you with our list of the best high-performance tires.

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5.) Bridgestone Potenza RE050A

high performance tires bridgestone


Developed through Bridgestone’s partnership with Formula One, the Potenza RE050A is the most luxurious tire in the Potenza range. A true summer tire, the Bridgestone Potenza RE050A’s perform decently at the track and great on the road but you will need to change over to winter tires when temperatures get close to freezing.

These tires are great for beginners due to their habit of making up for many imprecise driver mistakes. This is due to their soft nature and their ability to handle wet conditions incredibly well. Bridgestone designed the Potenza RE050A’s tread pattern with a tread pattern that effectively removes water from the tire’s contact patch, therefore, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

These threads come stock on some BMWs and Benzes so it makes sense that they have been engineered for a broad spectrum of drivers. The Potenza’s will last around 50k miles, and if you are switching them out during the winter months, depending on how much you drive and how hard you drive, that’s quite a bit of road time.

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4. Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 StarSpec

high performance tires dunlop


A great tire for a variety of racing sports – the Direzza is a good choice for drifting, autocross, wheel-to-wheel and speed runs. It is also good for aggressive everyday drivers. These tires tend to work their temperature up fairly quickly, making them great for not only a variety of motorsports, but also for a variety of vehicle makes/models. The Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 are not intended for use on ice or snow so make sure you are switching them out during the winter seasons.

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3. Michelin Pilot Super Sport

high performance tires michelin


With a killer grip and decent handling, the Michelin Pilot Super Sports are a tire made to be a balanced tire for both beginners and pros. This makes sense since they have become stock on some Porsches and other high-end performance vehicles. They have the latest generation of elastomers with great wet grip to mold themselves to any irregularities in the road surface and break the film of water.

A comfortable and quiet ride makes them great for road driving, and a 30k mile warranty helps justify the high price. These tires have proved themselves at the Le Mans in 2010, so you know that the durability and integrity of the Pilot Super Sports are nothing to scoff at. Again, they come at a price, but there are reasons for that.

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2. Yokohoma AdvanNeova AD07

high performance tires yokohama


Looking for grip and powerful stopping? Then the Yokohoma AdvanNeova AD07 is your choice in tire. The YokohomaAdvanNeova’s are best on dry pavement and decent on wet (though they didn’t perform as well in wet conditions as the Eagle F1’s listed above). Even if you enter a corner a little too fast and begin sliding, the Yokohama will recover quickly and even cover up your mistakes. Although theAdvanNeova’s are fit for the track, they are great to use as a road tire.

A long time in production, Yokohoma has had plenty of time to fix the kinks and these tires will prove their worth at keeping balance and grip at high speeds. Drivers who have been using these tires for a while have found they wear well although they can get a bit noisy. Still, grip is the name of the game with AdvanNeova AD07’s.

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1. Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3


The Goodyear Eagle F1 uses a compound Goodyear calls AAtrax, utilizing a pattern on the tread which helps in eliminating hydroplaning and grants better handling in wet conditions. Additional design helps this tire grip the road better during cornering. They have the capability of infusing racing speed and spectacular handling into your car Even better though is that these tires are designed to keep their longevity even after plenty of races or bouts of hard driving.

While the F1’s are great during the summer and for wet roads, they will need to be switched out when the temperature drops. The F1’s are also are cheaper than many of the other high performance tires out there.

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When it’s time to get on the track, you want the perfect tire. These five options for high-performance tires will help you increase your lap times and performance. If you’re still looking for tire advice we’ve got a few articles for you: Best Off-Road Tires, Car Tires for Rain, Best Snow Tires.

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