Boo-tiful Halloween Kids Costumes That Will Trick Everybody Into Treating

The main ingredient for a happy Halloween is a kid who's happy with their costume. We've rounded up the best ideas for kids costumes so that you can pick from the best of the best.

To make your Halloween a treat (without the shadow of a trick!), you know that finding the right costume for your kid is key.

You’ve got it all figured out: You’ve already prepared your Halloween party essentials, including the most festive food and spookiest cocktails to serve. You even decided to step up your jack-o’-lantern game this season, but the most important thing’s missing. How will your kids dress this year?

Whether your kids’ costumes are spooky or funny, superhero-themed or career-oriented, the first ingredient for a happy Halloween is a kid happy with their costume.

The last-minute shopping frenzy and the doom of finding all the decent kids’ costumes racks empty are nightmares. We know. This is why we rounded up 30 amazing kids costumes that will blow your little ones’ minds and ease yours.

Get your cauldrons ready, for we are concocting the best costumes of the season!

Kids Costumes: The Life of the Party

Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

t-rex kids costumes
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $45-$50

Videos with kids and adults alike wearing this T-Rex inflatable costume had a roaring success as soon as they hit up the internet.

How could they not? They are absolutely hilarious! Your kid will have you in stitches this Halloween.

Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume

kids costumes unicorn rider
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $25-$30

Put some magic in the air with this funny (and somehow charming) inflatable unicorn costume.

Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

kids costumes yoshi
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $30-$35

Is your kid hesitating between a Yoshi costume and a Mario costume?

How about both?

Headless Costume

kids costumes | headless halloween costume
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $40-$50

Many said that this costume was a killer at their Halloween parties.

And many laughed their heads off when they saw this costume. Har-har!

Emoji Costume

  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $17.69

Is your kid a fan of The Emoji Movie? Perfect!

The costume is available in 11 different emoji forms. *Insert heart eyes emoji here*

Pirate Buccaneer Costume

kids costumes pirate
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $25

If your kid is all about pirate stories, this costume will rock their boat.

Items including a sword, eye patch, compass, earring, coins, purse, and medallion are part of the costume to help make your kid’s make-believe games more exciting.

Kids Blue Crayon Costume

kids costumes blue crayon
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $20 – $30

Does your kid carry a pencil case wherever they go?

Help them unleash their creativity by dressing up as their favorite crayon color.

In case your kid would like a more classic Halloween costume, keep on reading.

Kids Costumes: The Classics

Super Mario Costume

kids costumes mario
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $35 – $40

It’s me, Mario!

This costume comes with an inflatable belly that you can attach with straps for a spitting image of the portly plumber.

Ghostbusters Costume

ghostbusters kids costume for Halloween
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $40-$50

It’s Halloween. The ghosts and ghouls are out. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

This kids costume includes the classic jumpsuit and an inflatable backpack.

Star Wars Child’s Darth Vader Costume

kids costumes darth vader
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $35 – $80

Crossing to the Dark Side on Halloween truly makes sense.

This printed jumpsuit has built-in boot covers, a printed cloth belt, a cape and a molded plastic mask. The lightsaber and gloves are sold separately.

Kids Costumes: When Fantasy Takes Over

Jack Skellington Costume

jack skellingtonkids costume
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $25-$40

Channel your child’s inner Pumpkin King so that they can have the most fun in their trick-or-treating adventures.

Add spine-chilling makeup to spook out the outfit!

The Incredibles Costume

kids costumes incredibles
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $15

Is your child more of Violet, a Dash or a Jack-Jack?

Whoever they relate to, they will be thrilled to join the Incredibles family on Halloween.

Stormtrooper Costume

star wars stormtrooper kids costume
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $40-$75

The Star Wars trilogy left us with countless pop culture references and dozens of Halloween costume choices for grownups and kids alike.

Once your kid wears this stormtrooper costume, any adult handing them treats will be inclined to put in a few extra candies.

Groot Costume

kids costumes groot guardians of the galaxy
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $25

Is there any character as wholesome and pure as Groot? We doubt there is.

If your kid gets in character, though, you may not hear anything more than “I am Groot!” for the rest of the day. You’ve been warned.

KidsCostumes: The Everyday Heroes

Astronaut Costume

kids costumes astronaut
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $35 – $45

For kids whose eyes and minds are full of stars, an astronaut costume might be the perfect Halloween costume.

This realistic NASA-inspired suit isavailable in white and orange.

Master Chef Costume

master chef kids costume
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $25-$30

You introduced your kids to cooking, and now they can’t stay away from the kitchen, so much so that they asked to be a chef on Halloween.

This master chef costume will make their dreams come true.

Police Officer Costume

kids cop costume
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $25 – $30

It’s never too late to start a career.

With this police costume, your kid will feel like a real national hero!

Kids Costumes: The Foodies

Ball Park Frank Hot Dog Costume

kids costumes hot dog
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $10-$15

Relish a fun Halloween with this amusing costume and get a few giggles out of passersby when trick-or-treating.

There is only one downside to this costume: Anyone who sees it will instantly crave a nice, warm hot dog.

Banana Costume

kids costumes banana
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $35

Your kid will go bananas over this costume! It will a-peel to younger kids as well as preteens.

And definitely adults, too; we just need to find our size.

What do you think of these kids costumes? Did you already make up your mind on what to have your kid wear or not yet? Let us know in the comments, and as soon as you figure out what your kid will wear, it might be time for you and your SO to come up with your own costumes. Read the next article to get inspired!