30 Boo-tiful Halloween Kids Costumes That Will Trick Everybody Into Treating

By Youmn October 3, 2018 View all posts (80)

To make your Halloween a treat (without the shadow of a trick!), you know that finding the right costume for your kid is key.

You’ve got it all figured out: You’ve already prepared your Halloween party essentials, including the most festive food and spookiest cocktails to serve. You even decided to step up your jack-o’-lantern game this season, but the most important thing’s missing. How will your kids dress this year?

Whether your kids’ costumes are spooky or funny, superhero-themed or career-oriented, the first ingredient for a happy Halloween is a kid happy with their costume.

The last-minute shopping frenzy and the doom of finding all the decent kids’ costumes racks empty are nightmares. We know. This is why we rounded up 30 amazing kids costumes that will blow your little ones’ minds and ease yours.

Get your cauldrons ready, for we are concocting the best costumes of the season!

Kids Costumes: The Life of the Party

30.) Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

t-rex kids costumes
  • Where can you get it? Here!
  • Price: $40.22

Videos with kids and adults alike wearing this T-Rex inflatable costume had a roaring success as soon as they hit up the internet.

How could they not? They are absolutely hilarious! Your kid will have you in stitches this Halloween.