The Best Couple Halloween Costumes: Superhero Edition

Everyone has thought about being a superhero: having superhuman abilities and being able to fly, kick ass and save the world from crazy power-hungry supervillains. The thrill of the superhero lifestyle is a draw for many, not to mention the cool AF outfits!

Unless you are an actual superhero, when would you get the change to wear an outfit full of such flare and splendor? The answer to that question, my friends, is only on one very special day of the year: Halloween. Halloween is a time to embrace your alter ego, dress up in masks and costumes and become a superhero, even if it is just for one night.

Check out these awesome couple Halloween costumes that you should be rocking this Halloween. Find out about each superhero’s abilities and strengths, from a flying Man of Steel to hooded vigilantes.

Which of these couple Halloween costumes will you choose?

20.) Superman and Wonder Woman

couple halloween costumes -superman and wonder woman


Superman, Man of Steel, is asuperhero sent in a spaceship to Earth from the planet Krypton. Superman’s human persona was Clark Kent, a clumsy but well-mannered man. Being disguised as Clark allowed Superman to mix with ordinary people without being detected.

Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince, is an Amazon sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and gifted with superhuman powers from the Greek gods.

Wonder Woman and Superman combined together make a superhuman power couple. They are the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, making this a kick-ass choice for the best superhero couple Halloween costume.

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