Top 5 Spooky Essentials For Your Halloween Party

Is it your turn to throw the Halloween party this year? If so, we've got the spooky essentials you'll need to leave your friends screaming for more.

It’s that time of year to dress up and have some fun in October! Hosting a Halloween party will surely bring a festive crowd looking for a good time — and a satisfying fright! Here are our top 5 spooky essentials for your Halloween Party!

5.) The Right Lights

Setting the right mood is your first objective. If your party is brightly lit with sunny rainbows and unicorns, any other spooky decor you buy immediately loses its power. With the right lighting, however, even the most economic of decorations can look great. To emit some of the creepiest moods, try these hues:

  • Exchange your friendly incandescent lights for red lights in the bathroom to trigger scares about Bloody Mary!
  • Black lights in the main living room can make an excellent dance floor light, especially combined with some strobe lights. These lights will also change the look of your lighter-colored decorations and friends’ costumes!
  • Green is another good color to put in your lamps, especially when they’re combined with Zombie decorations.
  • Orange is the quintessential Halloween color that looks great when integrated into any room of your party! Check out these fun orange LED bulbs that can last up to 25,000 hours!

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4.) The Sounds of Halloween

Now that you have the lighting down, it’s time to set the right soundtrack. You should first compile a good playlist on your mp3 player or streaming radio account before the party so you’re not scrambling for spooky tunes.

You can also buy scary decorations that are motion-activated. Every time a guest passes by, it will let out ghostly sounds, witch cackles or screams that add a spooky ambiance to your party. This intermittent scare contributes to an overall sense of surprise and fun!

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3.) Creepy Decorations

If you are in need of some simple yet profound ways to make your humble abode a haunted hayride’s rival, decorations will be your best friend. Pinterest is loaded with incredible DIY decoration ideas that will scare the pants off your guests. Here are just a few ideas that stand out:

  • A life-sized figure of the girl from The Ring waiting at the end of a hallway (warning: this one’s very scary)!
  • Zombie hands reaching under doors, out of vents, or between fence posts.
  • Spider webs strewn around the house.
  • Scary dolls staring at passersby from your windows. For some inspiration, check out this one from Amazon!  Dolls are scary!
  • A murder-themed bathroom. All you need are some cheap white bathroom mats and towels and red acrylic paint.

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2.) Party Punch— The Halloween Edition

When a party’s in full swing, libations are in order. Instead of ordering liters of soft drinks, it’s time to get creative. Your food and drink are untapped wells of creativity where you can further immerse your guests in the spirit of the holiday.

A Halloween party punch isn’t your run-of-the-mill party beverage. Instead, it can be blood-red with floating hands and spiders just waiting to terrify your guests. You can get creative and go beyond blood and experiment with other colors too. For example, a green punch filled with floating eyeballs is quite festive, or a blue punch filled with gummy worms!

The right looking punch bowl can make your drinks perfectly fit your party’s theme. Try this festive purple spiderweb punch bowl to make your beverage look great among your other Halloween decorations! If you’d rathe imbibe on spooky alcoholic beverages, check out our Top 5 Halloween cocktails.

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1.) Spooky Food

Your Halloween party isn’t complete without the right victuals, and what better way to complete the mood than to have your food be scary too? Every detail you can add will enhance your party’s spooky status.

For example, you can insert scary edible eyeball candy into ice cubes for an added touch of horror to someone’s soda. You can also try these fun ideas:

  • Decorate a Halloween-themed cake.
  • Make witch fingers pretzels.
  • Bake chocolate cupcakes and add bug legs to them
  • Prepare chocolate covered strawberries that look like ghosts
  • Make some festive eyeball jello.

This list can literally go on forever, and the more you add to your table spread, the more fun you’re adding to the party. By sticking to these top 5 essentials for your Halloween party, your guests will certainly be immersed in the spirit of the season!

Other Great Items to Maximize your Halloween Party

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