Diamonds Aren’t Every Girl’s Best Friend: Inexpensive Alternative Engagement Rings For The Non-Traditionalists

Some girls (and guys) grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding: the proposal, the ring, the dress, the tux, the everything. Some girls even go to college searching not only for their bachelors degree, but their Mrs. Degree. And some, like this materialistic fiancé, criticize their future Mr. when he doesn’t deliver the 3-carat rock she’d been dreaming of since childhood.

And then there are those in the non-traditional category. The ones who elope, who have crazy themed weddings or even wedding bouncy castles. They don’t want diamonds, whether it’s for social, environmental, or political reasons or because they’d rather zig when the rest of the brides are zagging.

If you fall into this category, check out these alternative engagement rings:

1.) Family Heirlooms

Alternative engagement rings: family heirloom broach

Women have always loved jewelry,and chances are your mom, grandmother, or great aunt has a piece or two that was passed down from generations before. If you want to propose with a jewel, but can’t afford a diamond, ask your family if there is an heirloom you can propose with.

If there’s a ring, great. Just make sure to have it resized so it fits your future fiancé. If not, no worries! Vintage broaches can be made into rings, or gifted as a stand alone piece.

Sometimes families have old jewels that no one likes. Ask if you can take stones from those pieces and have a ring made out of them.