Make Your Wedding Pawesome With These Wedding Cake Toppers With Dogs

Your four-legged best friend played a big part in your life and is about to become part of your family. It makes perfect sense to include your sweet companion on your big day by choosing a wedding cake topper with dog that will awww the guests and stay in your memories forever.

Couples today take more liberty into adding their own touch to different elements of their weddings, and we’re delighted by the swam of creativity some of them are showing! From unique engagement rings to swooning proposals and gorgeous wedding backdrops; name it, and you will find someone who went the extra mile to make it better.

If you would like to celebrate your bond with your furry friend on your wedding day and create a fun conversation-starter amongst your guests, then pick one of these wedding cake toppers with dogs and get ready to dazzle!

15.) Customized Dog Cake Topper by TiaLovesArchie

wedding cake topper with dog two dogs



Do you and your partner have two dogs that you adore? Show them some love on your wedding cake with this adorable and realistic topper.

Our favorite part of this piece is the customizable roses that are painted next to the dogs. You can match your wedding colors with this beautiful piece.