Make Your Wedding Pawesome With These Wedding Cake Toppers With Dogs

It makes perfect sense to include your sweet companion on your big day by choosing a wedding cake topper with dog that will aww the guests and stay in your memories forever. We've got the best dog wedding cake toppers!

Your four-legged best friend played a big part in your life and is about to become part of your family. It makes perfect sense to include your sweet companion on your big day by choosing a wedding cake topper with dog that will awww the guests and stay in your memories forever.

Couples today take more liberty into adding their own touch to different elements of their weddings, and we’re delighted by the swam of creativity some of them are showing! From unique engagement rings to swooning proposals and gorgeous wedding backdrops; name it, and you will find someone who went the extra mile to make it better.

If you would like to celebrate your bond with your furry friend on your wedding day and create a fun conversation-starter amongst your guests, then pick one of these wedding cake toppers with dogs and get ready to dazzle!

15.) Customized Dog Cake Topper by TiaLovesArchie

wedding cake topper with dog two dogs



Do you and your partner have two dogs that you adore? Show them some love on your wedding cake with this adorable and realistic topper.

Our favorite part of this piece is the customizable roses that are painted next to the dogs. You can match your wedding colors with this beautiful piece.

14.) Black Lab Cake Topper by MoonlightWeddings

wedding cake topper with dog Black Lab


Black labs are a common breed in America. They are a wonderful companion and this cake topper would be a great way to thank your pet on your wedding day.

It is painted to perfection and it is has a realistic design. If you want to put two humans next to this cake topper, it will create the perfect family.

13.) Jack Russell Terrier Cake Topper by MorganTheCreator

wedding cake topper with dog jack russell


This adorable cake topper is perfect if you want the bride and groom dressed up like a Jack Russell. The sign can read “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Just Married.”

The groom is dressed in a bowtie, collar, and top-hat, while the bride is dressed in a white or ivory collar and veil.

12.) Clay Bassett Hounds Cake Topper by AlishasClayStudio

wedding cake topper with dog Basset Hound


Look how cute these clay basset hounds look! We are loving the tie on the groom dog and the flower bouquet on the bride dog.

For the artist to make your cake topper look perfect, they will need a picture of your dog in good lighting. From there, they will make it as realistic as possible. In the cake topper, the artist will try and capture the personality of your pet as best as they can!

11.) Corgi Dog Handmade Figurine Cake Topper by TheStarAndHeart

wedding cake topper with dog corgi


These cute corgis are looking for a forever home! This cake topper can be given as a gift, a totem, or a cake topper.

If you have a corgi or just love corgis, this would be a great addition to your special day. Plus, it’s affordable, which is a huge plus!

10.) Personalize Peg Cake Topper by LovecatsWeddings

wedding cake topper with dog Peg Cake Toppers


Do you have a family of dogs? Well, if so, this personalized peg cake topper is for you! With this cake topper, the artist will personally paint the pegs to make sure you, your partner, and your dogs look identical.

You can add as many pets as you want. The best part is, you can have your feline friend included in your special day.

9.) Wedding Cake Topper with Dog by The Knot Shop

cute wedding cake topper with dog and couple

The Knot Shop

If you have a Labrador retriever (black or chocolate brown), a bichon frise, a terrier, a black and tan dachshund, a shih tzu, or a pug, then you’re in luck. We absolutely love how simple and yet refined these figurine-like toppers look. The Knot Shop made these exquisite dog wedding cake toppers from hand-painted porcelain that you can easily add next to your couple cake topper.

If you or your SO have a cat, they also have a cat cake topper available in gray and white, black and white or orange and white. Sweet, right?

8.) Shiba Inu Wedding Cake Topper dogs by Kikuike

boho weddingcake topper with dogs shiba inus


Cuteness overload! Now, this is a wedding cake topper with dogs that will get your guests screaming: “Kawaii!”. You can choose between a large selection of toppers and personalize what elements you’d like to include and colors to chose.

The +1.000 positive reviews (with pictures of delivered product) of this small Japanese Etsy shop shows their professionalism and puts our minds at ease concerning delivery time and accuracy.

7.) Mien Traditional Wedding Cake Topper with Dogs by Asia World

traditional wedding cake topper with dogs

Asia World

Do you or does your bride/groom-to-be have Mien origins? If the answer is yes, then you would be thrilled to discover the toppers of Asia World.

This 3-in-1 handmade topper includes a couple in traditional wedding attire and two cute dogs. You will have a ready-to-use solution to include your dog instead of purchasing the couple topper and dog separately.

Colors of attires, bouquet, and dogs are entirely customizable. The level of personalization and detail of this topper is truly amazing!

6.) Corgi Bride And Groom Topper by TwoCloudStore

corgi bride and groom dog wedding cake topper


Hey corgeous! Turn yourselves into corgis using this sweet-sweet corgi bride and groom miniature. No one will miss how cute this dog wedding cake topper with dogs looks. Each figurine is made using polymer clay, acrylic, and matte varnish.

We are head over heels about the minimalistic style and heart-warming colors. And if you want to take your corgi craze further, TwoCloudStore has an array of corgi figurines in all kinds of figurines for different occasions.

5.) ‘We Do’ Wedding Cake Topper with Dogs by theWRC

we do too wedding cake topper with dogs


When you tie the knot, you’re not the only one saying ‘I do’! Your furry companion has a say in the wedding and will be an unmissable part of the ceremony with this topper.

You can personalize this topper even further by choosing either a simple white base or add flowers, grass, a blanket, a heart, a banner, or your favorite furbaby’s toy. A dog wedding cake topper can only get this cute.

4.) Couple & Dog Silhouettes by SilhouetteWeddings

wedding cake topper with dog and couple silhouettes


If you’re going for a more sober, simple wedding cake topper with dogs, then this couple-dog silhouette is ideal. You will absolutely dig seeing this topper sitting on top of a multi-layered wedding cake.

It also has a vintage flair and is entirely personalizable. Send SimplySilhouette your couple pictures with the desired pose, and a photo of your pet from their eye level, and you’re set.

3.) Travel Wedding Cake Topper with Dog by Fairy Tales Handmade

travel wedding cake topper with dog

Fairy Tales Handmade

Calling all wanderlusters and dog-lovers, this is the wedding cake topper you’ve been looking for! To celebrate your love for each other, for travel, and for your furry companions, Fairy Tales Handmade concocted the perfect topper.

Personalized and super-adorable, we are sure you will wait for the end of the ceremony (or even before) to slip this clay figurine into your purse and keep it for many years to come.

2.) Cake Cuties by Enamor Weddings

wedding cake topper with dogs cute

Enamor Weddings

Wooden wedding cake toppers with dogs anyone? The eco-conscious brides and grooms will love this eco-friendly alternative and the charming colors that go with it.

This topper is 100% personalizable: skin tone, hair color and hairstyle, bride’s dress, groom’s suit, flowers, and of course dogs and pets. This couldn’t be more perfect: 100% personalizable and eco-friendly!

1.) Dalmatian Wedding Cake Topper by Sugarplum Cottage

wedding cake topper with dog

Sugarplum Cottage

Alright, who can deny this is the coolest wedding cake topper with dogs one can see? Realistic and majestic, we dig this dalmatian topper and would love to have one for each of the cakes served at the ceremony.

If you give extra attention to details credit, you will notice that the groom dog has a black bow-tie and black top hat and the Bride has a veil with a white rose tucked behind her ear, white pearl necklace, and lace garter. We told you it was the cutest thing ever!

Bonus: Edible sugar Scottie Dog & Bone Decorations by Sugarainbow

scottie dog edible creations


Having a wedding cake topper with dogs might not be enough for some dog lovers, and we completely agree. If you want to add a dash of awesomeness to your wedding cake or cupcakes, we highly recommend splashing one of these sugar Scottie Dog & Bone decorations here and there.

This is the perfect alternative to wedding cake toppers. Sprinkle your wedding cake with these sugar dog & bone decorations!

Hapawy wedding!

What do you think of these wedding cake toppers with dogs? Would you like to have one of them on your wedding or would prefer regular ones? Let us know in the comments and if you’re looking for further inspiration, make sure to check these 50 stunning wedding backdrop ideas in our next article.