Wedding Bouncy Castles Are Here: Jump On This Trend ASAP

From photo booths to food trucks to even oddly themed weddings, there seems to be a new wedding trend every season. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise that wedding bouncy castles are now a “thing.” Albeit, a slowly growing trend that is currently more popular in the UK than in the US, but, it’s a good trend, and one we hope will make its way across the pond and into a few celebrations over here soon.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons you should consider having a wedding bouncy castle at your wedding.

1.) With a Wedding Bouncy Castle, You’ll Be a Trendsetter

wedding bouncy castle

A Wedding Wonderland

Last night cheeseburgers? That’s been done. Cupcakes rather than real cake? We see that everywhere. Super cool, choreographed first dances? Yep, those have been around for years.

Wedding bouncy castle? We’ve never attended a wedding with one. We’ve never even heard of them! Have you?