Wedding Bouncy Castles Are Here: Jump On This Trend ASAP

Want to have the most memorable and unique wedding of all time? Jump on the trend of wedding bouncy castles! The kids and adults will be talking about it for years.

From photo booths to food trucks to even oddly themed weddings, there seems to be a new wedding trend every season. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise that wedding bouncy castles are now a “thing.” Albeit, a slowly growing trend that is currently more popular in the UK than in the US, but, it’s a good trend, and one we hope will make its way across the pond and into a few celebrations over here soon.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons you should consider having a wedding bouncy castle at your wedding.

With a Wedding Bouncy Castle, You’ll Be a Trendsetter

wedding bouncy castle

A Wedding Wonderland

Last night cheeseburgers? That’s been done. Cupcakes rather than real cake? We see that everywhere. Super cool, choreographed first dances? Yep, those have been around for years.

Wedding bouncy castle? We’ve never attended a wedding with one. We’ve never even heard of them! Have you?

Your Wedding Will Be More Fun with a Wedding Bouncy Castle

Wedding bouncy castles make weddings so much more fun


Depending on who the couple is, a wedding can be a traditional, slightly-boring event, or it can be something people will be talking about for years. Wouldn’t you prefer yours to be the latter? As wedding bouncy castles are so new, you’ll likely be the first of your friends to have one at your wedding and everyone will be shocked, awed, and amazed – all in good ways.

Start the trend. As trends are short-lived, this one won’t be around forever, so jump (pun intended) on it now!

Do a Wedding Bouncy Castle For The Grams

Wedding bouncy castles are great for photo opps


Photobooths are fun, but they’ve been around for years. You throw some accessories in: a feather boa or two, a few hats, maybe a few signs or chalkboards for people to write their own messages on, and poof: your guests get to create their own silly moments. But, isn’t that why you hired a professional photographer?

Photobooths are cool, but they’re not wedding bouncy castle cool. Up your Instagram game with a few snaps of your guests enjoying your wedding bouncy castle. We guarantee they’ll be a lot cooler (and memorable) than what you’ll get out of a photo booth.

The Kids Will Love a Wedding Bouncy Castle

Kids will love your weddingbouncy house


While we don’t recommend having kids at your wedding after seeing these hilarious pics of kids at weddings, we understand that sometimes, you have to have them there. And, if you’re going to have them there, what better way to keep them entertained (read: out of the way and happy) than with a wedding bouncy house?

Kids will love the wedding bouncy house and love you for having it! Want to be the favorite aunt? Here’s your key.

The Kids Will Stay Quiet (And You Won’t Need to Hire a Babysitter)

Kids will love thewedding bouncy house


A wedding bouncy castle is like a built-in babysitter for the kids: they’ll love it, and stay quiet so the adults can have fun, worry free!

Kids love bouncy houses and will love you for having one at their wedding! While the adults party away, the kids will be out of site, happy, and bouncy off their sugar highs. Of course, don’t forget to kick them out for at least a bit so the adults can join in on the fun. Just tell them it’s like summer at the pool: “Adult Swim” or, in this case, “adult bouncy time.”

You’ll Feel Like a Kid Again Inside a Wedding Bouncy Castle

wedding bouncy castle


Many people get cold feet before they get married because they suddenly realize they’re an adult. With adult responsibility. And about to start a real, adult life. The joke “your life ends when you get married” has been around for years and, while it’s not true (nor funny), people continue to scare the soon to be wed with those words!

The truth of the matter is, married life is great. It doesn’t mean your life is over. Yes, you’ll have more responsibility, but you can still act like a kid from time to time, so why not start at your wedding?

Get the wedding bouncy castle and have fun. Weddings are meant to be fun, and we want you to have the time of your life at yours. The wedding bouncy castle will make you feel like a kid again, and that’s a good thing!

Add Some Flair to Support A Theme with a Wedding Bouncy House

Have a fairy tale theme with this bouncy wedding house.


Themed weddings have been a trend for a long time, even if they’re sometimes pretty odd… Class-up your themed wedding with a wedding bouncy castle!

Always dreamed of getting married in a real castle, but budget can’t make that work? Get a castle-themed wedding bouncy house! You’ll feel like a real princess with this castle setting the theme.

Say “I Do” In The Most Unique Way — Inside a Wedding Bouncy House

Say your vows inside the wedding bouncy house


Want to exchange your vows in the most unique way ever? Consider saying them inside the bouncy wedding house!

Many people get nervous standing in front of a crowd, and weddings are no exception. But with a bouncy wedding house, if you get nervous, you can just bounce around a little to let some of the excess energy out.

Don’t Forget to Take Off Your Shoes in Your Wedding Bouncy Castle

Wedding bouncy castles are a shoe-free zone

While this should be “bouncy castle 101,” we feel the need to remind you: shoes (especially high heels) must NOT be worn inside the bouncy castle. Otherwise, that wedding bouncy castle will be shortlived!

Either go barefoot, in stockings, or in your socks. Just make sure to wear some cute socks!

Add a Little Color To Your Big Day with a Wedding Bouncy House

Candy crush themed bouncy house

telegraph uk

Wedding bouncy castles don’t have to be white; want to brighten up your color palate? Add some pink! Or green! Or yellow! You can order a wedding bouncy castle in whatever color you wish.

They’ll make your photos pop, and will be a fun backdrop to your wedding gown.

Add Your Team’s Colors to Your Wedding Bouncy Castle

Colored wedding bouncy castles are also available


Are you a super fan? Getting married during football season? Consider a bouncy house to support your team! As we mentioned above, not all wedding bouncy houses come in white. Request blue and yellow, red and black, or whatever color best support your theme!

Once you have that, you can even have your team’s mascot come to your wedding if you really want to get into the spirit…

What do you think of wedding bouncy castles… tacky, or would love to have it at your wedding? Tell us in the comments!

wedding bouncy castles