Top 5 Most Bizarre Wedding Themes

Historically, couples have worried about pleasing their parents with their wedding traditions. Church ceremonies followed by church venue, country club, beach venue, or other traditional reception locations were the norm. And, while these are still the more popular wedding choice, some couples are breaking tradition and going in the direction of themed weddings (many of them bizarre weddings) to make their big day unique, memorable, and as a way of expressing their personalities. We’ve seen a lot of bizarre weddings out there, but these five really take the cake:

5.) Underwater Weddings



Have you ever dreamed of getting married underwater? Unless SCUBA diving is your thing, this bizarre wedding trend probably never crossed your mind. And – unless your close friends and family are also avid divers, you probably want to stay on dry land so you can be surrounded by loved ones when you say ‘I do.’ Plus, can you imagine trying to dive in a traditional wedding dress? That being said, not everyone feels that way.

Underwater weddings have become a trend amongst the diving community, and companies around the world specialize in them.

Popular underwater wedding destinations include Polynesia’s Bora Bora Lagoon, Bahama’s Grand Bahama Island, various dive destinations in Thailand, and many more. If the wedding party is comprised of divers, these guests can be invited to attend the underwater bizarre wedding trend. If not, often couples will choose to celebrate the nuptials afterward on a boat or on the beach. If on a boat, often times the wedding an underwater videographer will be present and the video streamed to those aboard.

Couples won’t actually be able to say ‘I do’ underwater, so most use waterproof slates on which they can write ‘I do’ instead.

If this interests you but you want to take it a step farther, consider getting married underwater and in a shark tank, such as at Captain Steve Hogan’s Makena Coast Dive Charters in Maui.