Top 5 Plant-based Proteins for Vegans: So This Is Where Vegans Get Their Protein!

So what are the options for protein for vegans? Protein has been a misunderstood component of the human diet for many years — especially since the vegetarian, vegan and raw food movements took hold. Many vegetarians resent the question “But where do you get your protein?” and often remark that it’s the overweight and unhealthy people who ask this question. However, the reality is that humans do need protein, and each human’s body needs a different amount based on their genetics and lifestyle.

Some people do remarkably well with higher amounts of protein in their diets, while others fare much better with little protein. One does not need to consume animal protein, however, to fulfill their needs, and also does not have to subsist on tofu and faux-meat products at every meal, either.

Here are the top five sources of protein for vegans that move swiftly and easily through the body while proving to be satisfying and tasty.

5.) Broccoli

protein for vegans broccoli


Everyone loves steamed broccoli, so add whatever sauces or dips to these delicious bite-sized morsels to add a little flavor and fun. Nearly a third of the calories you consume from broccoli are protein-based. Broccoli has 5.7 grams of protein in only one cup, so it’s easy to get your fill simply by adding it to vegan broccoli salads, stir-fries, or casseroles. Or eat it raw with some healthy dip, or steam or lightly grill them to retain maximum nutritional benefits.

Broccoli also provides high amounts of plant compounds and flavonoids, like kaempferol. These can provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s also high in vitamins K, C and A; folate; manganese and fiber, so load up!