25 Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas (And Where to Find Each Item)

By Youmn November 3, 2018 View all posts (73)

Are you hosting turkey day this year? If yes, then you might wanna step up your Thanksgiving table decor game. Gotta make that turkey look good in more ways than one.

For one, we’re thankful for the cozy breeze of fall, the blessings of harvest season, the warmth of our covers and… one little thing called the internet, where we can read all about the latest Thanksgiving table decor trends, how to make them and where to buy thee materials.

If you’re on your quest to coming up with the best combination to fascinate your guests, we have more than a few ideas for you.

Read along and discover your favorite Thanksgiving table decor for your holiday celebration!

25.) The Thanksgiving Minimalist

thanksgiving table decor keep it simple white

Minimalism is in vogue, even on Thanksgiving. This year, opt for a refined look with all-white decorations. Delicate white porcelain dinnerware would match a lacy table runner perfectly.

For a discrete glow-up touch, put a small fake pumpkin on top of each plate, alongside a white and gold place card.