25 Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas (And Where to Find Each Item)

If you're hosting turkey day this year, step up your Thanksgiving table decor game with these 25 ideas to spruce up your tablescape!

Are you hosting turkey day this year? If yes, then you might wanna step up your Thanksgiving table decor game. Gotta make that turkey look good in more ways than one. For one, we’re thankful for the cozy breeze of fall, the blessings of harvest season, the warmth of our covers and… one little thing called the internet, where we can read all about the latest Thanksgiving table decor trends, how to make them and where to buy thee materials. If you’re on your quest to coming up with the best combination to fascinate your guests, we have more than a few ideas for you.

Read along and discover your favorite Thanksgiving table decor for your holiday celebration!

25. The Thanksgiving Minimalist

thanksgiving table decor keep it simple white

Minimalism is in vogue, even on Thanksgiving. This year, opt for a refined look with all-white decorations. Delicate white porcelain dinnerware would match a lacy table runner perfectly.

For a discrete glow-up touch, put a small fake pumpkin on top of each plate, alongside a white and gold place card.

24. Orange Is the New Black

thanksgiving table decor mason jars

You want your table to display all shades of orange, red and earthy colors. We gotchu.

First, start with a white, earthy stoneware dinnerware set. Pair it up with these orange cotton napkins, add two pairs of unscented orange candles and scatter an assortment of artificial maple leaves all over the table.

23. Pink Shades

thanksgiving table decor pink

If you want to go for a soft and warm color, pink is the color of choice.

We love the mix of pink shades on this Thanksgiving table. You can see hints of salmon, ballet slipper and watermelon here and there. To achieve this look, mix and match pink dinnerware from different sets and pair it with rose gold silverware and rose gold mercury candle holders. Exquisite!

22. Flower Goals

thanksgiving table decor flowers

One Kings Lane New York

Invite the colors of fall to your interior with a brilliant composition of fall flowers. Pick flowers from your garden or go on a hunt, looking for fiery celosia, dry purple fountain grass, smooth purple asters and mysterious dianthus.

All are in bloom this season and will make a spectacular centerpiece!

21. Power Pomegranates

thanksgiving table decor gilded-pomegranate-centerpiece

Brian Woodcock / Country Living

We’re living for these copper pomegranates by Country Living.

Using artificial pomegranates, adhesive and sheets of copper leaf, you can have a wonderful centerpiece in no time to wow your guests. Follow their tutorial to make it your own!

20. Get Lit!

thanksgiving table decor acorn lights


True fall ambiance is only possible with the right light game, so how about sticking a long string of LED lights in the middle of the table?

You can choose between these small acorn LED strings and create small bundles of light in different places on your table (you can even put them in small glasses), or you can scatter these medium wooden ball lights here and there. Your call!

19. Black, White and Gold Ambiance

thanksgiving table decor black white gold


We are smitten by this Thanksgiving table from GigglesGalore!

There are so many details on this table that you absolutely need to visit her website to catch up on them all. She even offers tips to make this holiday extraordinary.

18. Going Copper

thanksgiving table decor copper

Bless’Er House

It’s copper time!

We love how Bless’Er House turned her Thanksgiving table into an inviting and shining piece of art using a copper and green palette.

You can either follow the DIY tutorial of Bless’Er House to create some of the table elements and nail the effect, or you can buy them ready to go.

17. Count Your Blessings

Hymns and Verses

Remind everybody what this day is truly about as soon as they lay their eyes on your festive Thanksgiving table decor.

With this tutorial from Hymns and Verses, turn a plain tablescape into an elegant custom piece of decoration. Among many other things, Hymns and Verses artfully wrote “count your blessings” on one side of her tablecloth and “one by one” on the other, and the effect is dazzling! Click here to follow their tutorial.

16. A Coastal Thanksgiving

thanksgiving table decor blue-sugar

This year, we’re going blue.

Soothe your guests with a rich and refreshing palette of pastel blue. Carson Beach House nailed their aqua blue-huedThanksgiving table decor, and it’s honestly all we can think about now. Click on the link to access her charming, effortless Thanksgiving name tags!

15. Cool-Toned Chalk-Painted Pumpkins

thanksgiving table decor pumpkins chalk

Anderson + Grant

Let’s stay on that coastal mood for a second.

This tutorial by Anderson + Grant will make you want to turn all your pumpkins into pieces of art.

14. Let’s Not Forget the Chairs

thanksgiving table decor chair

Brian Woodcock / Country Living

Nothing says fall better than seasonal embellishments.

Dress up any plain chair with this wheat horseshoe wreath from Country Living and be ready to see your guests’ eyes widen in surprise. Follow the tutorial.

13. Give Thanks

thanksgiving table decor give thanks centerpiece


As soon as you get your hands on this “Give Thanks” wooden sign, you will want to put one everywhere: on your dinner table, in your garden, on your nightstand.

The rustic effect created by the distressed wood is perfect not only for fall but also throughout the year. It’s a steal!

12. Rustic-Chic All the Way

rustic-thanksgiving table decor wooden

Elizabeth Ann Designs

Rustic vibes have never gone out of style. If you enjoy the colors of nature in fall and want to capture the elegance of this season, you should totally go for this style.

Elizabeth Ann from Elizabeth Ann Designs went for this mood on her wedding, and it’s so beautiful we think it can be replicated to many other occasions, including your Thanksgiving table decor.

11. Turkey Tea Light Candle Holders

thanksgiving table decor turkey tea light candleholders

Aww! These feathered candle holders are perfect to establish a cozy mood in the room.

10. Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

thanksgiving table decor wood centerpiece

The Idea Room

Harvest season is upon us, so let’s show it!

Get inspired by this simple DIY from The Idea Room to design your own centerpiece using only a wooden box and the gifts Mother Nature is offering us this season.

9. Kraft Paper Tablecloth for the Kids’ Table

thanksgiving table decor kraft paper tablecloth

Country Living

Do the kids have their own table? Country Living staff came up with a genius idea to make it enjoyable for everybody!

Simply spread a kraft paper tablecloth on the table and provide the kids with some crayons. They’ll have fun scribbling on it and you will clean up after them in no time. Absolutely brilliant.

8. Pump(kin) It Up!

thanksgiving table decor gold pumpkin


You have your pumpkin baskets from trick-or-treating season still laying around. Wondering if there is any way you can recycle them? You’re in luck! Hip2Save says you can!

A light coat of gold paint on them should be enough to spruce up your Thanksgiving dinner table decor.

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7. Place Cards That Rock

thanksgiving table decor thanksgiving place setting

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping came up with the simplest DIY to make kickin’ place cards!

Discover how they achieved this look here, using only a rock, gold paint and a metallic marker.

6. Fall-Inspired Mason Jars

thanksgiving table decor mason jars


The mason jar craze is still going strong (and we suspect it will stay this way for a very long time!).

Add this distressed tray of rustic mason jars to your decor to strengthen the autumn mood.

5. Terrarium Thanksgiving Centerpiece

thanksgiving table decor floral terrarium

CB2 Blog

Modern and easy to recreate, this sophisticated terrarium from the CB2 blog is a-ma-zing!

Tune in to their tutorial to see how you can make yours yourself.

4. Glass Candle Holders

thanksgiving table decor candle holders

Candles are mood-setters on their own, but their setup can always be enhanced.

Place your candle inside a glass candle holder and fill the space around it with dried lemon slices, dried corn grains or acorns. Be careful in case you light up the candle, though; you wouldn’t want the fire to touch the adornments.

3. The Full-On Thanksgiving Table

thanksgiving table decor tablecloth


You’re your happiest when basking in the colors of fall. You’re dying to splash its warm palette on every item you own, and Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to do it.

These Thanksgiving tablecloths will turn your living room into a movie-like fall scene!

2. The Thankful Tree

thanksgiving table decor thankful tree

Simply Vintage Girl

How about some light DIY?

The Thankful Tree will have guests spiraling around it, wondering what these little pieces of paper stand for. Well, they’re an opportunity for each one of us to reflect on what we are thankful for and inspire others to do so, too.

Follow Simply Vintage Girl’s footsteps to learn how to do it.

1. Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

thanksgiving table decor thanksgiving pumpkin centerpiece

Ella Claire

Yes, we had them before and we’ll have them again: pumpkins are the kings of this season, and we won’t back down on our fall pumpkin fever, ever!

If you’re anything like us, these mini pumpkin centerpieces and their leaf printables won’t leave you indifferent.

Follow Ella Claire’s link to get the free printables, and get the pumpkins below.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving table decor idea? Do you have any special item you absolutely need to have on your table on Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments! And since we know Thanksgiving can be a pretty intense time, we have five tips for you to survive the day in our next article!