Want To Update Your Bedroom Decoration on a Budget? Check Out These Ideas for Under $20

Make your space look brand new by adding a few new finishing touches to the bedroom. There’s plenty that can be done to create a stylish and inviting bedroom even on a budget. Start by picking one or two colors and then repeat the hues in quirky artwork, accessories and bold bedding sets. This will add colorful and cheerful accents to the bedroom decoration.

Who doesn’t want a relaxing and stylish space to rest their head at night? We’ve put together a list of 10 bedroom decoration ideas to help you revamp your bedroom. And they’re all under $20!

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10.) Aloe Vera plant

bedroom decoration aloe vera plant


The easiest way to add a touch of botanical décor to the bedroom is with houseplants. Houseplants can also improve sleep and help with overall health. Aloe vera is said to induce sleep by purifying the air. The plant emits oxygen at night, making for a more restful slumber. Keep it on a bedroom windowsill as it does need a lot of bright, warm sunlight. Currently only $16.99, this Aloe Vera plant is a great addition to any bedroom decor with a modern and contemporary style. Perfect for desks, tabletops, sideboard and many other places. Intended as an indoor houseplant, Aloe Vera can also be grown outdoors in arid, frost-free climates.

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