Can’t Think Of What To Give Your Wedding Guests? These Are Our Top 15 Favorite Wedding Favors!

After our twelfth birthday, most of us stop giving out party favors every time we throw a casual shindig. But the tradition is back when it comes time for your wedding. Why? We can’t figure it out. Either way, unlike in elementary school, anything goes.

You won’t lose your social standing if your mom fills the loot bags with healthy snacks. That’s mom’s fault. When it’s time for your wedding, it’s on you and you definitely do not want to be the one without memorable wedding favors.

The unlimited options can be a little overwhelming, but there are a few common categories you can start out with. We’ll help you to decide what areas to focus on when searching for the perfect favor for your guests.


15.) Shot Glasses


Image via Etsy

If you’re looking for a wedding favor that your guests will actually use, a wedding favor shot glasses are a great choice! You can use them as classic favors or treat them as decor when you pair them with illuminating votive or tea light candles. Or you can add your favorite type of liquid! Your guests will remember that they had a blast at your wedding every time they take a shot from this glass. There is multiple uses for this glass, and your guests will thank you later!