The Best Running Shoes for Women in 2018

Ask any runner. They will all say the same thing: one of the best tricks to getting into the swing, or stride, of things is the shoe itself. Sure, there are non-measurable things that runners need: willpower, endurance, and establishing a good running base. But, without the right shoe, you’ll only be hurting yourself. You’ve really got to find the best running shoes.

As a runner, I have (painful) first-hand knowledge of running in plain out bad shoes. Shin splints, Achilles tendinitis and Runner’s knee. Trust me. You don’t want any of that. I also know how daunting it can be to walk into a specialty running shoe store–not to mention, difficult to schedule in an already packed day. That’s why I’ve done theresearch for us, ladies. Here is a list of the best running shoes for women.

This list takes different runner’s makeup and concerns into mind. I’ve looked up everything from best running shoes for bad knees to running shoes for wide feet and for those of us on a budget. Whatever your concern, I’ve got you covered!

Enough rambling. Are you ready to hit the pavement or blaze the trail?! Here are the best running shoes for women:

Best Running Shoes for Women with Bad Knees

Best running shoes for women bad knees


One of the most common questions runners wonder when browsing for the best running shoes for women is, will this shoe be okay for my bad knee? Not to worry, ladies. There’s no reason why your next run should be painful. Whether it was trauma to a knee, arthritis or what have you, rest assured, there are shoes out there that can ease pain and discomfort.

For the best running shoes for knee pain, look out for shoes that have enough padding to help take the impact out of your knee. Proper shoes should absorb most of the shock. But cushion is not enough. Look for a shoe that stabilizes the heel, a midsole that resists collapse which will keep the foot and knee in proper form and stop over-pronation ( a common cause to knee injuries). Hoka One One Bondi 5 is a great choice for bad knees. It offers stability, a wonderful cushion and a wide toe box for roominess. It’s also hecka cute, girls.

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