Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials You Need to Own

It's time to face the turkey again! Stock up on these Thanksgiving essentials on Amazon to prepare your Thanksgiving meal like a chef!

Thanksgiving Cooking Essentials

It’s Thanksgiving time. The kitchen is your battlefield. But you don’t need to be alone in this fight, for these Thanksgiving essentials are here to make this holiday. The best part? They’re actually an investment in your kitchenware that will last you way past Thanksgiving. Read along!</ much more

Electric Turkey Fryer

They make great electric turkey fryers these days.  they are much safer than the old school fryers so we highly recommend you buy electric fryer.  The only negative to the electric fryer is it takes a bit longer to heat up the oil.

Fried turkey, like most everything fried taste better than a baked turkey.  Fried turkeys tend to be moister and has that nice crispy skin.  Deep frying a turkey also seals in the juices.

This is also not a one day tool, you can use the fryer for a fish fry, french fires and other fried delights.

Turkey Roaster

thanksgiving essentials turkey roaster

It’s not called Turkey Day for nothing. The turkey is the star of the party, and you want everything to be flawless.

A reliable turkey roaster is of paramount importance to make the bird shine and your guests’ mouths water. Our all-time favorite is the Oster roaster oven. Thanks to its self-basting lid, you can bake, roast and slow-cook your bird, and the result will always be the same: a juicy and delish turkey to serve!

Turkey Smoker

The easiest way to cook a turkey is slow and in a smoker.  The smoked turkey is very easy to use and tastes great.  It also frees up the kitchen oven for dishes you need to bake or just keep warm.

You can also smoke some great sides and even desserts.

Smoking is a delicious way to prepare a whole turkey. All you need is the turkey, seasonings, time, and patience.


You will be cooking a number of different dishes on Thanksgiving.  An essential cooking tool is the mixer.  A mixer is used to blend, mash, mix and whip for longer periods.  This is essential while you are running around the kitchen  .  A mixer is a multi tool and a full kitchen essential.

Carving Knife and Fork

thanksgiving essentials turkey carving set

Get right in the turkey with one slice with a reliable carving knife and fork.

With this Wusthof Hollow-Ground carving set, carving will be a piece of cake. The knife’s blade is forged from high-carbon stainless steel to ensure optimal cutting, and the triple-riveted handles are here to make sure you keep a good grip.

Cast Iron Skillet

The greatest benefit to a cast iron skillet is that they heat remarkably evenly.
Cast iron skillets are the must have pan for baking and frying because you will not need to rotate your pan or turn up and down your heat.  The cast iron skillet will be your favorite pan for frying vegetables and meats.

Turkey Baster

thanksgiving essentials tureen with ladle

To avoid having your turkey drying up in the oven or the roaster, a turkey baster can do the trick easily.

Our all-time favorite is the Tovolo dripless baster. It will seamlessly fit in your hand and help you coat your turkey without the mess of post-basting cleanup. You can also easily clean it once you’re done with the cooking, thanks to its dishwasher-safe baster tip and cleaning brush.

Hard-Core Oven Mitts

thanksgiving essentials turkey gloves waterproof

Everyone wants to get their hands on the turkey, but the one person who should be extra careful is the one taking the turkey in and out of the oven.

To avoid any accidents, our first-choice oven mitts are these G&F Products BBQ gloves. Their waterproof neoprene coating can resist heat, oil, grease (no slip-ups!) and water. Not only are your hands kept out of danger, but the extra 13-inch sleeve length will protect your arm.

Soup Tureen with Ladle

thanksgiving essentials tureen with ladle

Planning on serving finger-licking add-ons this year? Give them justice and show your yummy sides, gravy, cranberry sauce or creamy dip in this gorgeous Lenox soup tureen.

Yep, you can use it even if you’re not serving soup! The tureen and its ladle will naturally find their place next to the glistening turkey for any creamy and gooey treats.

Meat Thermometer

You did everything you could: You followed your grandmother’s fail-proof recipe to the letter and made sure to slow-cook your turkey for as long as needed, but something isn’t quite right… Chances are, the culprit is the temperature.

To avoid under-cooked-turkey paranoia on D Day, keep a meat thermometer close to you. The one internet users are swearing by is the Taylor Digital Thermocouple Thermometer. With its instant reading feature, it can accurately show you the temperature within 4 to 7 seconds on a temp range of -58°F to 572°F.

Rolling Pin

thanksgiving essentials turkey rolling pin

Time to roll the dough!

Your pie will the be the crustiest on the block with this Fletcher’s Mill rolling pin. Get this 18-inch rolling pin and get baking!

P.S: Make sure you don’t soak it in water, as it can damage the wood. Wipe it with a clean cloth instead.

Gravy Boat

thanksgiving essentials turkey gravy boat

What’s better than gravy? Warm gravy!

Take your gravy game to the next level with a porcelain gravy boat and candle-lit stand to make sure every spoonful of the creamy sauce is a mouthful of delight. You can also use the gravy boat separately.

Disposable Plates

thanksgiving essentials turkey plates

Have fun and respect the environment? Sign us up, please!

If you’re hosting a big party on Thanksgiving, ditch your delicate fancy plates for these eco-friendly disposable plates. They’re made out of bagasse, a natural byproduct of sugarcane production. Bonus points: It contains no chemicals or bleach, and it can be microwaved. Everybody wins!

Plastic Wine Glasses

thanksgiving essentials turkey wine glass

Keep your rugs and couches clean when everyone is mingling around with a glass of wine in their hand.

Crystal clear, shatterproof, recycled and recyclable are our favorite words when describing wine cups. These TOSSWARE plastic cups will do the trick and be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Food Storage Containers

We’ll say it once and for all: Plastic containers are out. Glass containers are a much healthier—and more secure—option.

We like the glass containers from Prep Naturals for two main reasons: versatility and ease. They are microwave-, dishwasher-, oven- and freezer-safe. You can stack them up in your refrigerator in no time, plus they’ll stay put.

Dutch Oven

thanksgiving essentials turkey dutch oven creuset

Nothing can beat a good Dutch oven. This ultimate piece of kitchenware lets you cook a vegan mushroom gravy or a blended soup to stay warm this fall without the hint of a problem.

In terms of quality, we can’t seem to find a brand better than Le Creuset. The enameled cast iron of their Dutch ovens, the resistance of the sand-colored interior and their large handles (plus the exquisite color selection!) are what sells it to us, time after time. Tested and approved.

Ceramic Pie Plate

thanksgiving essentials ceramic pie

You baked the tastiest pie. Now you gotta show it off.

Opt for this nine-inch Good Cook ceramic pie plate to nail every guilt-free pie you bake this year.

Food Processor

Got some picky guests at your table this year? Fear not. This Cuisinart food processor can shred, slice and chop your potatoes and other veggies to accommodate any picky eaters.

The 720-watt food processor is truly intuitive to use, with simple on and off buttons to command it. Make way! Mashed potatoes coming ahead!

Folding Chairs

As in any holiday, unexpected guests can show up at any moment. To avoid the last-minute havoc of finding them a place to sit, better have spare chairs handy way early on.

These vinyl folding chairs are the perfect combo of comfort and elegance at an affordable price. Beyond Thanksgiving day, they would make great garden chairs!

Folding Table

thanksgiving essentials foldable table

If you need some extra space or decide to take the party outside, a folding table is the most optimal choice to make it happen.

Turn it into a display table or a garden table as soon as your guests leave!