Test Your Knowledge of the Handy WiFi Hotspot Booster

Need internet, but can't find a WiFi network? A WiFi hotspot booster can help; it enables you to connect your laptop to WiFi via cellular data.

We recently told you why you need a WiFi booster, taught you how WiFi boosters work, and extolled the benefits of WiFi boosters for travel (especially if you’re a digital nomad). WiFi hotspot boosters, also known as cell phone signal boosters or cellular repeaters, can enhance the strength of a cellular signal and transmit a data connection to WiFi-enabled devices such as laptops and tablets. While most people are familiar with hotspots and have used them to access the internet on their computers, hotspots can be frustrating to use in areas with low reception. In such cases, a WiFi hotspot booster can amplify your smartphone’s incoming 4G or 5G signal up to 32 times stronger and rebroadcast it, providing your connected devices with a more robust and stable internet connection. Therefore, a WiFi booster can be highly beneficial if you frequently use hotspots, especially while traveling.

Here are the top five reasons everyone needs a WiFi hotspot booster (especially if you’re a digital nomad):

5. You Want to Work on the Train

WiFi hotspot boosters let you use your laptop on the train


If you use the train to commute to work in the mornings, getting some work done before reaching the office can be convenient. Although you can use your smartphone to check and answer emails, it may not be sufficient if you need to work on a PowerPoint presentation or a Google Doc. Since most trains do not have WiFi access, your laptop cannot connect. However, a WiFi hotspot booster can solve this problem.

You can create a hotspot and link your laptop to your smartphone but trains frequently pass through tunnels, and the cellular service may need to be better. This is where a WiFi hotspot booster can help. It enhances your cellular signal, providing your laptop with better and faster access to data.

4. You Need to Send a File from Your Laptop – But You Can’t Find a WiFi Network

WiFi boosters are beneficial because they let you connect your laptop no matter where you are

WiFi boosters can be beneficial when traveling since they enhance the signal and allow your device to connect to more WiFi networks. However, if you find yourself in a location without any WiFi network, a cellular tower nearby can still provide you with a working signal.

WiFi hotspot boosters are beneficial if you work remotely from remote places such as cabins in woods or islands in the Pacific. Though these places may not have WiFi networks, a cellular tower is usually nearby that can provide a working signal. The signal may not always be strong enough to stream movies or music, but a WiFi hotspot booster can help amplify it and enable your device to send and receive data much faster.

3. You’re Going on a Road Trip, and Your Kids Want to Watch Movies in the Car

Kids can stream movies in the car

If you were a ’90s kid, you likely remember bringing your Game Boy on road trips and being disappointed when it grew dark, and you could no longer see the screen. This was just one of the many “problems” only a ’90s kid would fully understand. Kids nowadays have the benefit of being able to watch movies on tablets or TVs, read Kindles, and more. While you can download options in advance, connecting when you want is always nice, which is what cradle boosters and wireless in-vehicle signal boosters enable. These WiFi hotspot boosters are ideal for cars as they hold your hotspot device while simultaneously boosting the signal.

These WiFi hotspot boosters send an amplified cellular signal to all cellular devices in your car. This way, the kids will stay entertained in the backseat, your spouse can stream new music, and you can take a call or two when needed – no matter how remote you may be. These boosters work by increasing your data speed for faster streaming, uploading, and downloading, but they also boost the cellular signal for your phone and give you improved coverage.

2. You Want to Stream Music (and More) to Your Boat

You can stream music to your boot with a WiFi hotspot booster

If you’re on a boat and want to connect to WiFi, you have a few options: Connect to the marina’s WiFi or use cellular data. If you’re 10 miles or less from shore, a WiFi signal booster will typically enable you to pick up on the marina’s WiFi. However, you must use cellular data if you want to go further.

As you’ll likely have multiple people on the boat wanting to connect to WiFi, you’ll want to ensure you have a WiFi hotspot booster with a large, omnidirectional antenna. These work well for large, moving areas such as boats, RVs, and trucks. They also reach cellular towers much farther away than most hotspot boosters, which – if you’re out in the middle of the ocean – is pretty critical.

1. You’re in the Mountains and Want to Watch Netflix

Get WiFi in your remote cabin

Mountain cabins are incredibly cozy; they’re typically small and rustic and always seem to have a wood fire roaring in winter. If you like to go on the weekends to disconnect and get away from the bustle of everyday life, perhaps you don’t want WiFi. However, you still need to make sure you have a working cell phone if you have an emergency. A WiFi hotspot booster will help deliver the cellular signal to your phone.

If you’re the opposite and enjoy going to a cabin to escape city life but still want to be connected via the internet, you’ll also need a WiFi hotspot booster. Whether the place isn’t used enough to justify investing in the internet or is too remote to make internet access an option, there’s likely a cellular tower within reach, and a WiFi hotspot booster will amplify the service from that tower and enable it to be received by your devices for a stronger, more consistent WiFi connection.

Have you ever used a WiFi hotspot booster? Could you tell us where and why? 

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