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Stability balls are one of the essential items to keep in your fitness arsenal to help you strengthen your body, lose weight and work out your core. The beauty of this fitness tool is that it’s a low-cost investment with which you can do a variety of beginner to hardcore exercises. If an exercise ball is a foreign object to you, try out these stability ball weight loss exercises under the supervision of a trainer until you perfect your form.

5 Squats

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Squats will make your thigh and butt muscles feel like they’re on fire, but you have to resist the temptation to quit early. To stay motivated, think about how good you’ll look in a pair of jeans. If you’re going to do this torturous move, you might as well maximize it by using a stability ball to work your core muscles. When you do a squat with a stability ball, you place the ball between the wall and your lower back so your body holds the ball in place. As you do the move, the ball will move up your back. When squats get too easy, bring back the burn by holding weights in your hands, holding your arms out in front of you or doing them with one foot 2 inches off the floor.

4 Bird-Dogs

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When you do bird-dogs on a stability ball, you have to work more on your balance than when you do the same move on your hands and knees. As you lie face down with the stability ball under your belly, lift an arm and the opposite leg off the floor and extend them at the same time. Keep the opposite arm and leg on the floor so you can keep your balance. When you do this move, you’ll kind of look like a superhero flying around in gym clothes. As you alternate your arms and legs when you do this exercise, you’ll slim your hips, build definition in your back, work your core and tone the back of your thighs and butt.

3 Walk-Outs

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Walk-outs are a simple exercise and, if you do them right, you’ll feel it in your arms and shoulders the next day. To do this exercise, lie face down over the stability ball so it’s under your belly. Walk your hands forward so the ball rolls down to your ankles and you’re in a plank position. If your balance is so-so, walk your hands out slowly. It’s better to be slow and graceful than fast with a quick descent to the floor. Return to the start position by slowly walking your hands back until the stability ball reaches your belly again. When you’re the boss of this move, hold the plank position longer.

2 Supine Bridges

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If you have bad balance and trust issues with your stability ball, supine bridges will help with that, even though you’re mostly working your thighs, butt, lower back and lower abs. You start this exercise by sitting on the ball with your hands on your hips. You then slowly start walking your feet forward and let the ball roll up your back to the top of your shoulders. If you’re stability ball newbie, this move might make you feel like you’re going to have a close encounter with the floor in the near future. As long as you take it slow and center your body on the ball, you’ll be OK. Once the ball is at the top of your shoulders, squeeze your butt so your hips lift and align with your knees and shoulders so your body forms a tabletop. As you alternate between relaxing your butt and clenching it again, your gluteus muscles should burn.

1 Abdominal Tucks

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Abdominal tucks work your abs and other core muscles, and give you a burn that you’ll also feel in your shoulders. This exercise starts out in a pushup position with your palms on the floor, but the stability ball is under your knees. As you slowly bring your knees to your chest, the stability ball rolls to your ankles. Unlike pushups, there is no “girl” version of this exercise. Make it your goal to do smooth, controlled movements without rolling off the ball and looking like a dork.

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