Freddy vs. Jason vs. Pinhead vs. Pennywise: These Are the Scariest Horror Film Villains of All Time

Some of the scariest horror film villains who have haunted the American horror film space are varied in origin, appearance, motivation and method, but they all have one thing in common: Keeping movie lovers in the United States captivated and frightened by their grotesqueness and cutthroat intent.

Most of these movie villain fiends have created names for themselves as some of the scariest horror film villains in the American horror movie hall of fame.

Here are five of the scariest horror film villains of all time:

5.) Pennywise (It)

If you have a fear of clowns – which is a condition called coulrophobia – this film might leave quite an impression.

The movie It, which is a screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel by the same name, features one of the scariest movie villains of all time in the character of Pennywise, which was played by Tim Curry.

In the movie, the character of Pennywise is either luring children into sewers or leaving threats in textbooks. He has a variety of powers that allow him to shapeshift into anything his victim fears and be unnoticed by adults, and he appears every 27 years in the fictional town of Derry to attack children.

On developing the character of Pennywise, Stephen King said the creation of one of the scariest horror film villains was based on the fear children had for clowns.

Meanwhile, in the first TV adaptation of the book in 1990, Tim Curry played the evil Pennywise, and we can rightly say that he delivered, as the film was bound to leave an impression on you after watching.