Top 5 Horror Movies You Need To Watch At Home This Halloween

Do you like a good scare? If you are a horror movie fan, then Halloween is definitely your time of year! Things that go bump in the night, green goo spitting demon girls, and everything ghostly and fun is what Halloween is known for. Celebrate by having a bunch of pals over to share in this ghoulishly delightful season. Vampires, werewolves, and movie monsters galore are just waiting to frighten you while you’re curled up on your couch with a bowl of popcorn and candy to munch on.

Here are the Top 5  classic horror movies you need to rent or buy on Halloween:

5.) Saw

Horror Movies - Saw

This is a film that launched a ton of sequels (number eight, Jigsaw, hits theaters October 27 just in time for Halloween). Before you run out and see it, though, you need to rent or buy the original Saw. It’s clever, suspenseful, and downright horrifying.

Get the Saw Collector Set from Amazon, which includes all seven of the films in the unrated format. The first film is obviously the best, but you may want to have a horror Saw movie marathon, if you can hack it!