Top 5 Made-Up Languages in Film

Of course, all languages are invented, but in the cases of film and fiction, made-up languages are typically spoken by creatures living on other planets or in a fantasy realm in the story.

While there are plenty of instances where a “language” is created that consists of nothing other than a few lines of dialogue, some writers and filmmakers go the extra mile to create an entire language with its own rules of grammar and robust vocabulary.

Here are our top 10 made-up languages in film:

10.) Parseltongue

Harry Potter facing a snake - made-up languages

This is the language of serpents in the Harry Potter franchise. In the movie, those who speak the fictional language are known as Parselmouths and are descendants of Salazar Slytherin. Parseltongue is a collection of hisses strongly associated with Dark Magic and is used only by dark wizards to control snakes.

Parseltongue was created by Francis Nolan of Cambridge University. There’s a user guide for people who want to learn the language. Fluency in Parseltongue is rare within the series and is generally implied to have some association with Dark Magic.