Top 5 Cocktail Party Essentials

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Recreating your favorite beverages at home is awesome when you perfect the recipe, but it can definitely be tricky to recreate that perfect drink.  More than likely you quickly realized that you need a few basic necessities.  Even if you don’t have a wet bar in your home, you probably already have the basics like beer steins, wine glasses, or shot glasses.  However, if you stock your home with a few more tools, you’ll have the ability to wow guests with your drink-making abilities. Here are the Top 5 essentials for your next cocktail party.

1.) Water Filter

Can tap water ruin the quality of your at-home beverages? Absolutely. It might not be the most obvious necessity, but a good quality water filter should be number one on your cocktail party essentials list. Whether you are brewing a pot of French roast coffee or making frozen margaritas, the quality of your tap water will affect the end result of your beverages.

Why does it matter?  While tap water is definitely safe to drink, it may not taste like a fresh mountain stream.  Did you ever notice that bottled water isn’t 100% just water? Look for the little print that says “with minerals added for taste.”  Likewise, getting a good water filter will remove the impurities but not the important minerals.  Look for a filter like the PUR filter that uses Mineral Filters to ensure that the flavor-enhancing minerals are never removed from the water. Buy yours at Amazon.

2.) Blender

A blender is a staple in a well-stocked kitchen, but the difference between a good blender and a great blender means you can execute far more cocktail recipes with ease.  A high-powered blender like the Vitamix means margarita night is that much easier. With a 64-ounce capacity, say adios to making batch after batch of margaritas – it will all fit at once.

Although it’s a bit of investment, this blender easily transitions from Pina coladas and margaritas to making soups and breakfast smoothies. Buy yours at Amazon.

3.) Silicone Ice Cube Trays



What’s more frustrating than trying to get ice cubes unstuck from a plastic tray? The plastic easily cracks and the ice cubes barely budge! Silicone ice cube trays are a must for every cocktail party. Not only can you make bigger ice cubes (which results in less watered down drinks), but you can make a lot of ice quickly.  By using food grade silicone, you’ll never have to worry about the questionable status of your plastic trays. Buy yours at Amazon.

4.) Whisker Dam

Sure the well-groomed beard is fashionable these days, but a mustache covered in beer foam isn’t ever in vogue.  The Whisker Dam, however, can save any ‘stache-wearing man from frothy embarrassment. The dam stops the head of the beer from sloshing onto the beard while he takes a sip.  As a bonus, it also works on other frothy beverages like root beer floats or mocha lattes covered in whipped cream. Buy yours at Amazon.

5.) Freezable Wine Glasses

Nothing slows down a dinner party like wine that isn’t properly chilled. Sure, there are many gadgets out there for cooling wine, but what’s easier (or quicker) than a wine glass that cools your wine to the proper temperature?

You know what else makes dinner parties more enjoyable? Not confusing your glass with someone else’s glass. Multi-colored silicone bands make these cooling glasses easy to keep track of your own cup – another reason why these cups make the list of top cocktail party essentials. Buy yours on Amazon.


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